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    Sensor Tower – App Store Optimization for iOS and Android

    You create a sweet app. You put it in the App Store AND nothing… it’s not going viral: and people are magically finding out about it so you open your wallet and spend a ton of money on advertising but at those prices getting thousands have users to sign up is it realistic and the users you get from advertising might not be the commitment type. That’s where Sensor Tower comes in Sensor Tower is the best bet to get your app noticed Our platform helps mobile companies make their apps standout Sensor Tower has just the right tools to help you grow your user base and get exposure and…

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    How to Prepare for Google’s Big Mobile First Index Update

    in this video I’m going to show you how you can tell if you’re ready for Google’s mobile first index it’s a big update that Google is currently testing and rolling out as we speak I’m also going to show you a free tool that you can use right now it’s very simple to use not technical it’s going to show you how your site stacks up compared to others in your industry for mobile and give you suggestions on how to improve your site you may be saying what the heck is a mobile first index it’s exactly what it sounds like Google is planning to have one index…

  • How To Keyword Research For Mobile SEO – Mobile SEO Guide
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    How To Keyword Research For Mobile SEO – Mobile SEO Guide

    SEO has its roots in keywords because keywords are how customers interact with search engines. However, Google continues to separate their desktop and mobile index and you will need to adopt new standards for keyword research on mobile devices. Keyword research for desktop customers tend to focus on specific keywords to communicate a pages relevant on your site. Many desktop SEO strategies focus on formal longtail keywords, but this approach is not as important on mobile SEO since the methods differ on how your customer is search for your information on desktop versus mobile devices. You need to consider how their search query is will change as well. Mobile consumers…

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    Mobile First Strategy For Better SEO | Hindi

    hello friends, my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we are going to talk about mobile first strategy and how it affects and how it will multiply your seo efforts if you make your website mobile friendly then it will spice up your seo ranking and it can be improved to a great level how? if your website is mobile friendly google will give an edge to it else is based on the basic of competition. lets talk about that first and what goggle does according to their algorithms and we have no clue about their algorithms and google looks at the dwell time…

  • Mobile SEO Strategies – Learn SEO In 10 Minutes
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    Mobile SEO Strategies – Learn SEO In 10 Minutes

    My name is Gordon Choi and I’m the founder of ChinaMobileSEO.com I Have previously written an SEO book. Search engine optimization is about ranking your website or web pages higher up Google’s search results. In the past SEO used to be easier because people “Googled” using the desktop computers or laptops. Now more than 50% of people are googling from their mobile phones. That’s why you cannot forget to optimize your websites SEO for mobile. Another reason mobile is more important than ever is Google’s mobile first index. What this means is Google takes what it sees of your website as it is through a mobile device. Google then decides…

  • More sites migrating to “mobile first” index – Digital Minute 04/04/18
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    More sites migrating to “mobile first” index – Digital Minute 04/04/18

    Hi, I’m Carrie and on today’s Digital Minute, we’ve got an update on the roll-out of Google’s mobile first index. Google announced last week that it was moving ahead with the next stage of its mobile first index this means that more sites will be ranked based on how well they perform on mobile ranking factors, rather than desktop. Google started moving a small number of websites to the mobile first index back in October, but this is the first time that the search engine has announced that a large number of sites will move to it. That, it would seem, is a sign that Google is pushing ahead towards…

  • denver mobile marketing video – Local Search Marketing
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    denver mobile marketing video – Local Search Marketing

    denver mobile marketing video – Local Search Marketing You Get More Than What You Pay Fordenver mobile marketing video – Local Search Marketing Chris waterman, mark coble, local internet, marketing,local search, marketing, mobile marketing,text marketing, google marketing, internet marketing, mobile seo, local seo, seo, mobile search, marketing denver, marketing agency, digital marketing, video marketing, littleton, local local internet, local seo, mobile, local, video marketing,littleton, highlands ranch, aurora, lakewood, centennial mobile marketing video – Local Search Marketing, littleton, castle rock, webmedia20, webmedia 20, craigslist, places, websites

  • Tip 48: Mobile SEO differs across search engines | 50 tips in 50 days
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    Tip 48: Mobile SEO differs across search engines | 50 tips in 50 days

    Be aware that mobile SEO means different things on different search engines. On Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages and mobile-first indexing are the latest mobile-related updates that you should be aware of. On the Russian search engine Yandex, webpages are classed as mobile-friendly if they feature vertical rather than horizontal scrolling, and exclude Flash, Silverlight and Java applets. Finally, the Chinese search engine Baidu has launched its own version of AMPs called Mobile Index Pages, or MIPs. These get special icons in Baidu’s search results, encouraging higher click-through rates, so they’re worth doing.

  • Struggling with your Mobile Search Optimization? Our Tools Can Help Your SEO for Mobile Today
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    Struggling with your Mobile Search Optimization? Our Tools Can Help Your SEO for Mobile Today

    Hi, my name is Cindy Krum and I’m the CEO of Mobile Moxie At Mobile Moxie we’ve developed a ground breaking tool set to help mobile marketers more effective. Mobile SEO is a newly expanding and complicated field that changes quite rapidly. Most people don’t realize it but they’re different moble indexes and you can get different search results when you do to the same search on different phones. So we’ve developed a tool to help a tool to help demystify it a bit. Like all of our tools instructions are included at the top either in text or in a plus box like this one. The Mobile SEO tool…