• How to find Missing Android phone using gmail ” Find My Phone”
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    How to find Missing Android phone using gmail ” Find My Phone”

    Hi everyone, welcome to adobe codes. Today I want to show you how to find your missing Android mobile phone location, for that you want to turn on your mobile location settings, nternet mobile phone is switch on mode and you should log in your gmail account in your phone Let’s see how it works ! It has 3 options: 1 When you click on play sound, your device will automatically rings even in silent mode also. 2 When you click on Lock, it will lock your device. 3 when you click on Erase, it will erase total data in you mobile phone so that no one can steal your…

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    Google Mobile Update – What EverWeb Users Need to Know

    In late April of 2015, Google made a change to its results algorithm for users searching on mobile devices. In this video, we are going to discuss the most important changes that took place, and what every EverWeb user needs to know about it. This new change, will alter the results shown in Google when users are searching Google on their mobile device. Web pages that are considered mobile friendly will most likely begin to outrank web pages that are not mobile friendly. Google will also indicate to the searcher, which of the pages in the results are mobile friendly, which may increase the click through rate for those pages.…

  • Google Demo Slam: 20ft Search
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    Google Demo Slam: 20ft Search

    SPEAKER 1: Maybe go to the left a little. Z: The plan is, I’m going to do a voice search into a phone from 20 feet in the air. SPEAKER 2: While you’re in the air? Z: Yeah. While I’m in the air. SPEAKER 2: OK. So close. SPEAKER 3: Let’s go, Z. You’ve got this. Z: Kick flip. SPEAKER 2: Did it read his voice? SPEAKER 4: What? That’s awesome. Z: It worked? SPEAKER 2: Check it out, man, it worked. Slam!

  • Mobile usage
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    Mobile usage

    Would you give up eating chocolate to keep using your cell phone? More than 85% of Canadians answered yes to that question! Ok, we made that number up… But all the rest of this video is 100% true, checked and double checked again. Mobile usage has never been so high, and it keeps growing. Smartphones are always with us, always on and always connected. We don’t go online. We are online. This is transforming the shopping experience, and is having major impacts on local businesses’ marketing strategies. Here’s what you need to know about smartphone usage in Canada, and what your local company should do to make the best of…

  • Seo austin (512) 900-3736 mobile website conversion is a must for any Search Engine Results
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    Seo austin (512) 900-3736 mobile website conversion is a must for any Search Engine Results

    A common question that digital marketing agencies get is, “do I really need a mobile web site?” The answer is yes! Now more than ever before having a mobile friendly version of your website is absolutely a must do! Here are some of the top reasons: 1. Since late 2015 searchers are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets much more than desktop computers close to seventy percent of customers looking for your website are doing so on mobile devices. If your site is not mobile friendly chances are they will find your competition instead of you. 2. Several times since early 2015 Google has warned website owners that if…

  • App Builder | Mobile App Builder for Small Businesses
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    App Builder | Mobile App Builder for Small Businesses

    We are an app builder creating mobile apps for Android and iPhone platforms. We pride ourselves in designing mobile apps for all types of small business. We are an app builder for attorneys, bars, restaurants, real estate agents and just about any business imaginable. We offer FREE mock-ups for you to review before purchasing. With our unbelievable prices, we can cater to any budget. Local Mobile App Marketing has helped and continues to help small businesses get customers by making them findable on the top search engines. Mobile apps are the future and the sooner your business has one, the sooner you can keep in touch with your customers. By…

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    Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

    So I think that this is the most expensive thing I’ve ever had on a desk here At Unbox Therapy Now, If you some sort of Unbox Therapy aficionado You can go back through the Inventory and you can tell me if there is something I missed But I don’t think anything is gonna beat this This, my friends is the $20,000 smartphone *Flabbergasted and grabs his cap* It is from a company called Sirin Labs And the phone is called The Solarin We are dealing with a very fine piece of machinery There is gold involved Maybe even diamonds and leather And all the wonderful materials that exist on…

  • How to setup your Chromecast using an Android or iOS device
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    How to setup your Chromecast using an Android or iOS device

    You can enjoy online video, music and more on your TV with Chromecast! In this video, we’ll show you how to set up your Chromecast with your Android or iOS device. First, connect your device. Connect your Chromecast to the power cable. Then plug your Chromecast into an open HDMI port on your TV. If it doesn’t fit,  you can use the HDMI extender included in the box. Connect the Chromecast to a power supply. You can connect it to a power outlet with the power cable and power supply, or plug it into a powered-USB port on your TV. Switch your TV to the correct HDMI input. Use the…

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    Mobile Web Design Presentation : Have You Got A Mobile Website?

    when a potential customer visits your website on their smart phone what do the see? At the recent google think mobile presentation google reported a 400% increase in the number of searches being carried out on mobile devices compared to the same time last year This means that 1 in 5 google searches is now being carried out on a mobile device or smart phone and the news is even more alarming for a small business owner like yourself 1 out of 3 mobile searches is now local That is someone searching for a Business or a service provider like you in their local area In simple terms if you…

  • Quick fixes in mobile website performance
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    Quick fixes in mobile website performance

    MAILE OHYE: Hi. I’m Maile Ohye. I work at Google as a developer programs tech lead on our Webmaster Support Team. This video is about how to find quick fixes that you or a member of your technical staff can easily implement to improve performance on your mobile site. But before we talk about how to speed things up, let’s check out the statistics. It’s a fact that performance can affect profits. In an experiment run by Strangeloop, they added one second of additional latency to pages served to smartphone users. With just a one-second delay, they found over a 9% decrease in page views, not to mention over 8%…