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    Mobile-Friendly Advertising – (Google Ads) – Learn How To Show Up Higher In Search Results [2019]

    Hi everyone! In this video we will learn why it’s so important to advertise mobile-friendly websites and what tools are available for us to check their performance. Preview from the video: It might sounds unbelievable, but i have spoken to many business owners and they had no idea whether their website was mobile-friendly or not. With every tenth of a second your website is faster you’re making extra money. So this video will introduce you to some free SEO tools that can definitely help you to understand your website’s performance. So first of all in the Google Ads Help there is a good article called Optimize your website for mobile.…

  • How to Download Images from Google to Gallery (Android)
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    How to Download Images from Google to Gallery (Android)

    hey guys in this video I’m gonna show you how you can download your google images directly to your gallery in your android mobile so without wasting any time let’s begin now before the update you could download Google images directly from the Google app but that doesn’t work anymore after the update so what you need to do is go to Google Chrome if you don’t have the google chrome app you can just download it from the App Store in here just search for the image you want to download go to the images section and open the image you like just press on the image for a…

  • Why are mobile optimised websites important | Limitless Digital
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    Why are mobile optimised websites important | Limitless Digital

    The web and mobile. Obviously all, well, all websites are pretty much getting more visitors from mobile nowadays. You know, five years ago that wouldn’t have been the case but, if your website isn’t optimized properly for mobile device, then Google is ranking sites that are optimized for mobile higher nowadays, and by that I mean you know, on mobile device you need smaller images, you need, you need your code to load more quickly, you need a stripped-down version of your site and it’s normally called an amp page which is an accelerated mobile page. If your web designer has not built all of this in for you, you…

  • Should I use the Vary HTTP header on URLs that redirect based on user-agent?
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    Should I use the Vary HTTP header on URLs that redirect based on user-agent?

    MALE SPEAKER: Today’s question comes from Christian in Madrid, who asks, “What’s Google’s position about continuing to recommend the HTTP Vary User-Agent header for specific mobile websites after big players like Akamai said they don’t cache the URLs that include it? Would you still recommend using it?” OK, this is a pretty detailed topic, and it’s pretty esoteric, so let’s see if we can unpack it and try to explain what’s going on there. So first off, what’s caching? Well, if you ask for a web page, and then you ask for the exact same web page three seconds later, why do all the work to re-compute what that web…

  • How to Delete Flipkart Search History in Mobile App||Clear Browsing Data
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    How to Delete Flipkart Search History in Mobile App||Clear Browsing Data

    Hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Theta box”. Today I will show you how to delete your flipkart search history by using your Flipkart mobile application. Now a days this flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce website in India and also this flipkart is available in application format and works on both android mobile devices and Ios iphones. But when i try to search any product via this flipkart mobile app it has the lot’s of search results in my home page section and they recommend some products from my home page and this is based on my search history.Some time I didn’t like this products,…

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    Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about the tank hero, Hylos. Hylos has a good set of stun, area-of-effect, movement speed buff, and healing skills. Our Grand Warden, Hylos, is a tank hero. I consider Hylos as a ganking-tank hero, since his skills can definitely slow down and stun heroes for easy ganking. Not only that, his ultimate skill can boost his allies’ movement speed, and slow down enemies. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on how to use Hylos based on my experience. We will also teach you some combos and techniques on…

  • How to find Missing Android phone using gmail ” Find My Phone”
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    How to find Missing Android phone using gmail ” Find My Phone”

    Hi everyone, welcome to adobe codes. Today I want to show you how to find your missing Android mobile phone location, for that you want to turn on your mobile location settings, nternet mobile phone is switch on mode and you should log in your gmail account in your phone Let’s see how it works ! It has 3 options: 1 When you click on play sound, your device will automatically rings even in silent mode also. 2 When you click on Lock, it will lock your device. 3 when you click on Erase, it will erase total data in you mobile phone so that no one can steal your…

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    Google Mobile Update – What EverWeb Users Need to Know

    In late April of 2015, Google made a change to its results algorithm for users searching on mobile devices. In this video, we are going to discuss the most important changes that took place, and what every EverWeb user needs to know about it. This new change, will alter the results shown in Google when users are searching Google on their mobile device. Web pages that are considered mobile friendly will most likely begin to outrank web pages that are not mobile friendly. Google will also indicate to the searcher, which of the pages in the results are mobile friendly, which may increase the click through rate for those pages.…

  • Google Demo Slam: 20ft Search
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    Google Demo Slam: 20ft Search

    SPEAKER 1: Maybe go to the left a little. Z: The plan is, I’m going to do a voice search into a phone from 20 feet in the air. SPEAKER 2: While you’re in the air? Z: Yeah. While I’m in the air. SPEAKER 2: OK. So close. SPEAKER 3: Let’s go, Z. You’ve got this. Z: Kick flip. SPEAKER 2: Did it read his voice? SPEAKER 4: What? That’s awesome. Z: It worked? SPEAKER 2: Check it out, man, it worked. Slam!

  • Mobile usage
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    Mobile usage

    Would you give up eating chocolate to keep using your cell phone? More than 85% of Canadians answered yes to that question! Ok, we made that number up… But all the rest of this video is 100% true, checked and double checked again. Mobile usage has never been so high, and it keeps growing. Smartphones are always with us, always on and always connected. We don’t go online. We are online. This is transforming the shopping experience, and is having major impacts on local businesses’ marketing strategies. Here’s what you need to know about smartphone usage in Canada, and what your local company should do to make the best of…