• How to setup your Chromecast using an Android or iOS device
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    How to setup your Chromecast using an Android or iOS device

    You can enjoy online video, music and more on your TV with Chromecast! In this video, we’ll show you how to set up your Chromecast with your Android or iOS device. First, connect your device. Connect your Chromecast to the power cable. Then plug your Chromecast into an open HDMI port on your TV. If it doesn’t fit,  you can use the HDMI extender included in the box. Connect the Chromecast to a power supply. You can connect it to a power outlet with the power cable and power supply, or plug it into a powered-USB port on your TV. Switch your TV to the correct HDMI input. Use the…

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    Mobile Web Design Presentation : Have You Got A Mobile Website?

    when a potential customer visits your website on their smart phone what do the see? At the recent google think mobile presentation google reported a 400% increase in the number of searches being carried out on mobile devices compared to the same time last year This means that 1 in 5 google searches is now being carried out on a mobile device or smart phone and the news is even more alarming for a small business owner like yourself 1 out of 3 mobile searches is now local That is someone searching for a Business or a service provider like you in their local area In simple terms if you…

  • Quick fixes in mobile website performance
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    Quick fixes in mobile website performance

    MAILE OHYE: Hi. I’m Maile Ohye. I work at Google as a developer programs tech lead on our Webmaster Support Team. This video is about how to find quick fixes that you or a member of your technical staff can easily implement to improve performance on your mobile site. But before we talk about how to speed things up, let’s check out the statistics. It’s a fact that performance can affect profits. In an experiment run by Strangeloop, they added one second of additional latency to pages served to smartphone users. With just a one-second delay, they found over a 9% decrease in page views, not to mention over 8%…

  • Optimize the top mobile tasks on your site
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    Optimize the top mobile tasks on your site

    MAILE OHYE: Hi. I’m Maile Ohye. I work at Google as a developer programs tech lead. This video is one of several in our checklist for mobile site improvement. I decided to make these videos in Q4 of 2013, because I found the mobile web’s inefficiencies fairly disheartening. To improve matters, in this video, we’ll go beyond the basics of stop frustrating your customers and proactively work to optimize the top mobile tasks on your site. And interesting idea I learned about mobile users is that just by holding a mobile device, they’re expectation of time can differ from their desktop attitude. While site owners were well aware of mobile…

  • Page Filters for Mobile
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    Page Filters for Mobile

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Announcing page filters for mobile. This will enable users who are on the go looking to tell a story, or discover insights at the page level where the cards are all grouped together to filter in a quick and intuitive experience. Once a user navigates to any page, they can tap into the menu and trigger page filters. Here, you’ll see the newly released action sheet where you can tap to add the filter. I’ll tap in to select a category. Here we can see we are dealing with a big list, so I’ll resize the sheet to have more room to consume. From here, users can either…

  • APP STORE OPTIMIZATION (ASO): Harness the Power of Search with NativeX
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    APP STORE OPTIMIZATION (ASO): Harness the Power of Search with NativeX

    Did you know that 67% of mobile users say that the last app they downloaded was found through an App Store Search? Making search the #1 method for discovering and downloading new apps With the top 3 results delivering over 50% of the downloads. This makes ranking at the top your app’s relevant keyword searches a critical priority for your success. So what can you do to help your app rank higher? Apple and Google have gotten more sophisticated with their app ranking algorithms. So the first step is to understand App Store Optimization (ASO). Similar to Search Engine Optimization for the web, App Store Optimization is the process of…

  • Job seeking is going mobile
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    Job seeking is going mobile

    Like many aspects of life today, job seeking is going mobile. 28% of Americans and half of young adults have used their smartphone as part of a job search. For the most part these smartphones job seekers are using their phones in ways you might expect, like browsing jobs online, calling a potential employer on the phone, or emailing someone about a job. But some are also using their phones for much more complicated tasks, like filling out a job application or even creating a resume or cover letter. Those with a high school degree or less are especially likely to engage in some of these advanced tests on a…

  • Mobile Marketing News | Search Our Database for Articles and News About Mobile Marketing
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    Mobile Marketing News | Search Our Database for Articles and News About Mobile Marketing

    My name is Cindy Krum and I’m the CEO of Mobile Moxie. One of the tools we offer at Mobile Moxie is the Mobile Marketing News database. Which is a searchable database of mobile marketing articles that have been linked to on Twitter. Our tools always have instructions at the top of the screen. Either shown as text or hidden in a plux box. But the easiest way to use this tool is to just to put in a keyword and hit search. Then you’ll see results with all of the Tweets that we’ve indexed that include that keyword. Each of the tweets that we archive will include the original…

  • Can Your Customers Find You on Mobile Devices!?!
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    Can Your Customers Find You on Mobile Devices!?!

    (Music Plays…) (Male narrator speaking…) You’ve seen it; mobile phones are everywhere people just can’t put them down. In the grocery store, in line at the bank, you name it. If you look around right now you are likely to see someone using a mobile phone. And did you know? That these same people are using their mobile phones to search for businesses, just like yours? In fact one out of every five searches is now done on the mobile device and over thirty percent of those searches are done by people looking for a business or a service in their local area. And amazingly fifty two percent of local…

  • Mergent Intellect Part 1: Residential Search
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    Mergent Intellect Part 1: Residential Search

    If you’ve ever had a problem finding a phone number or address for a person, Mergent Intellect is the solution. In this video I will show you how to use Mergent Intellect’s Residential Search. Start by going to mobilepubliclibrary.org, choose eResources, then research databases, go to databases A-Z, jump to the M’s, choose Mergent Intellect, and click Connect Now. Once Mergent Loads, go to the Residential Search. The first option on Residential Search is a People Search. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Enter in a name and whatever location information you know to get phone and address information. I’ll search for “John Smith” in Mobile, AL. Here is a…