• Do motorcycle helmets really save lives?
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    Do motorcycle helmets really save lives?

    MOTORCYCLE SAFETY, AND DANGERS– IT’S OUR DAYLONG COMMITMENT TO YOU. YOU WILL HEAR FROM A TRAUMA SURGEON AT UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL TO FIND OUT IF SHE THINKS HELMETS REALLY DO SAVE LIVES… CHERISH: There are now several states where helmets are optional. Dr. Linda Ding has seen first-hand that helmets can save lives– but she says it all depends on speed… PKG: It’s not uncommon to see motorcycles on the roads in the Gulf Coast area.. SHOW WEB STORIES WITH MOTORCYCLE CRASH HEADLINES” but unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see headlines like this… Dr. Linda Ding–Trauma Surgeon, University Hospital: SB0 “Down here because the weather is so nice, people are out…