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    Mazen for SEO specialists : how you can do in 1 hour what usually takes 1 day

    Mazen is the first SEO software that saves you a lot of time when doing your SEO work. When you use Mazen, you only need to use Mazen. You don’t need to use your Excel sheets, your CMS, or any other tool everything can be done in one unique and simple interface So the first step is looking for some keywords So for example, if I’m optimizing the website of a web agency in New York, I’m going to make some keyword research. The first step is selecting the keyword that I want to optimize. So let’s say that we like this keyword (for instance ) I add this keyword…

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    Romu: Rand, thanks for being here. Well, these are your offices, so thank you for having us. I have some questions I want to ask you. The first is about the CTR, okay? Because there is a kind of fashion in Spain, in which some SEO Influencers are talking on handling of CTRs as a technique to rank, What do you think about this? Rand: I’ve seen some of these organizations, and indeed, I have done some testing myself and I could see the results. So I can confirm that sometimes, at least in the short term, if you have a large enough group of people who are real users…

  • SEOMoz Review – How To Increase Your Rankings
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    SEOMoz Review – How To Increase Your Rankings

    Hi guys Matthew Woodward here and welcome to my SEOMoz review and tutorial. Today you are going to learn how to setup SEOMoz properly and get a full tour of the backend over my shoulder as I work to improve my own blog. You’re going to learn how to use the various tools to improve the rankings of your websites. How to automatically identify SEO problems and fix them easily. How to monitor a range of factors including links, social signals and rankings in multiple search engines and how to build, schedule and automate awesome reports. So this is what the SEOMoz website looks like if you’ve not seen it…

  • SEO Moz – Great SEO Training Resource, Cheat Sheet 3
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    SEO Moz – Great SEO Training Resource, Cheat Sheet 3

    hi guys just found a resource I thought would be really really handy for your its on what was SEO Moz which is now just Moz.com but they’ve now got a web developers SEO cheat sheet versions 3. And if we scroll down here shows you what kind of things would be in this cheat sheet now this is great for SEO training or if you’ve got new person starting with your company that really doesn’t know much and need a little teach you like this but it’s it’s great for anybody to start an online to get there the basics SEO training under their belt alright I will put…

  • How to Get Unlimited Free Website Traffic w/ Britney Muller
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    How to Get Unlimited Free Website Traffic w/ Britney Muller

    – I’m Britney Muller, Moz’ Senior SEO Scientist, and you’re watching 100 Days of SEO. – What’s up y’all? Brendan Hufford here rockin’ the shades and the tank top, ’cause it’s summer. I got my kids’ playground in the background. I don’t know, I’m really feelin’ myself today. So I’m excited. I’m so happy today I get to share with you an interview I did with Britney Muller. She’s a Senior SEO Scientist at Moz. One of the smartest SEO people I know. Without further ado, let’s check that out. (whistles) Nailed the whistle that time. I never nail it! I always (blows air), nailed it (rolling tongue). (whistles) Nope,…

  • What the New MozBar Brings to the Table – WebDesy.com
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    What the New MozBar Brings to the Table – WebDesy.com

    Hey there, this time around I’d like to show you what kind of features come with the new version of the MozBar extension for Google Chrome. Just go to Google Webstore and search for MozBar there. Once you’ve found the extension you can just click it and install. Ok, once you have the extension installed and once you search something in Google, you should see the following options over here. And by the way you can toggle on and off the extension by click this M icon. Just like that. Now, once you search for something, for starers, you’ll notice this grey bar over here. And by the way, first…

  • 40 SEO Tip Quotes From the Pros [Infographic]
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    40 SEO Tip Quotes From the Pros [Infographic]

    Hello everyone, it’s Ileane from BasicBlogTips.com and I’m over on Blab and I’m doing about an Infographic that was posted on my blog today and it’s called, 40 SEO tips from 3 best minds. And the three best SEO minds are Neil Patel, Brian Dean from Backlinko and Rand Fishkin from Moz, who is also known as The Wizard of Moz. So I just want to first, read out the 40 tips, and we’ll try to go through these quickly. Neil Patel “I’m kind of a big deal” that’s Neil’s quote – Customize your 404 Error page, create an interactive Infographic, create a 3D Infographic, use buzzwords in your heading,…

  • Best SEO Article Generator – How To Get Unique High-quality Content For FREE
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    Best SEO Article Generator – How To Get Unique High-quality Content For FREE

    every experience SEO knows that unique high-quality content always works best especially after the Google quality updates the problem is that the human written articles cost a lot of money not mentioning the time you need to spend on writing them in this short two-minute video I’ll show you how to get the high quality articles for free so you can use them for your PBS web 2-0 articles videos and websites you want to rank if you’re not interested in this then skip this ad now still with me great let’s create an article using the article master here we have our tool it works on both Mac and…