• Log File Analysis for Better SEO
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    Log File Analysis for Better SEO

    Hi, guys. Thank you for coming here today. My name is Omi Sido. And as most of you know I am very active online and I love talking about Digital Marketing and SEO. Today I’m gonna be talking about Server logs analysis and how understanding what the Googlebot does and what the Googlebot sees on your website can massively boost your digital marketing efforts. I’m gonna start with a short story. A few months ago – this is a real story by the way – a few months ago a guy came to me and asked me to teach him the basics of SEO so he can collaborate with his…

  • The Sunday Talk – It’s All About Love
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    The Sunday Talk – It’s All About Love

    Alexa, what’s the temperature today in London? In London, there is a flood alert in effect. The current weather is 2 ºC with clear skies and sun. Throughout the day you can expect more of the same with a high of 6 ºC and a low of 1 ºC. Hmm, I don’t remember such a cold winter in recent years. Why am I talking to a…? Yes, emotion is very important. On the other side, rewards feel good. Penalties feel bad. And that’s why they can both work well for motivating you and your team. With that in mind give your best friend or colleague £100 today. If you get…

  • OnCrawl – Unleash your SEO potential
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    OnCrawl – Unleash your SEO potential

    then is an SEO manager it’s not always easy for him to keep the overview of the on-page SEO status of its websites he has to analyze all the on-page SEO factors and he still doesn’t know what Google is actually doing on his pages but Ben has recently discovered the powerful trio for perfectly optimized websites with on crawl Ben runs Enterprise SEO audits and monitors his websites on a daily basis Ben uses the SEO crawler to detect errors in HTML content and linking structure that can compromise his rankings and even run semantic analysis with the log analyzer he can track and control how Google is behaving…