• BetterWeighâ„¢ Mobile Towing Scale  Smartphone Ready
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    BetterWeighâ„¢ Mobile Towing Scale Smartphone Ready

    Towing a trailer can be very rewarding, but it could be dangerous if the trailer is not properly loaded. However measuring vehicle, trailer, and hitch weights can be quite a process. Enter the BetterWeigh™. The BetterWeigh™ gives you towing measurements easily, quickly, and conveniently. The main measurement is Weigh. BetterWeigh™ measures the weight of the vehicle, anything in it, and anything attached to it. Weigh measurements are calculated by monitoring the drive force and acceleration as the vehicle takes off. The torque converter slip is used to calculate drive force, while an accelerometer measures vehicle acceleration. These measurements are used to calculate the weight. BetterWeigh™ also measures tongue weight…payload…and pin…

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    Find My Phone Android device cell – LOCATE / RING / LOCK / ERASE

    Well, crap. You can’t find your phone. Normally you would just use someone else’s phone or maybe the home phone, a landline, to call it to find where it is. But, those options aren’t available. Well, if you’ve heard of “Find My Phone” through Google, you can use your gmail account that’s associated with the phone to find it and even ring it. There are a couple different ways you can do this. First, let’s go into the desktop and sign into your gmail account associated with that phone in order to use these options. Okay, so the first thing you have to do is be on a desktop and…

  • How to reorganize and remove page and apps on Sony Xperia Tablet Z
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    How to reorganize and remove page and apps on Sony Xperia Tablet Z

    To add a page, Long tap the space on the home screen Slide to the first or last page and tap the “Add” icon To delete a page, Long tap the space on the home screen Tap the “x” icon on top right corner of the page you want to delete Tap “Delete” to confirm To make a page as home page, Long tap the space on the home screen Tap the “Home” icon on top left corner of the page you want To add a shortcut on home screen, Tap the “Apps” icon Tap and drag the icon to the top then the position you want Also, you can…

  • Rent.com Android App Demo
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    Rent.com Android App Demo

    Rent.com is one the most convenient ways to find the perfect place to live. Now you can search for apartments, rental condos, and townhomes anywhere right from your Android phone and it’s completely free. From affordable studios to luxury apartments Rent.com has a rental home to fit your needs. With the app you can check out any apartment listing, pricing, pictures, floor plans, and unit features. You can even claim your one hundred dollar reward card once you’ve signed a lease at an eligible property. You can even call directly from the app to get any information you need right from the apartment community itself. If you like the place…

  • ThunderTix Mobile App Tutorial
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    ThunderTix Mobile App Tutorial

    Today’s ThunderTix tutorial covers how our ThunderTix iOS App helps speed up your check in and your on-site selling processes. The app allows you to scan barcodes from both paper tickets and electronic tickets displayed directly from a smartphone. You can sell tickets on the go, either in cash or by credit card with ease. First, you will need to download the app from Apple’s App Store. Go to the Search tab and search for ThunderTix. Once it has downloaded, tap on it to open and enter your personal login information and tap login to continue. You will be brought to the scanning tab. Here you can tap on any…

  • How To Clear All YouTube History on Mobile 2020
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    How To Clear All YouTube History on Mobile 2020

    Welcome to a foxy tech tips tutorial on clearing your Youtube history from the Youtube app. This includes search history and watch history. If you find this video helpful please consider subscribing to my channel and liking the video! In the Youtube app, tap on the ‘library’ tab from the bottom of the screen. Select ‘history’ Now tap the 3 dots button at the top of the screen by the search bar and then select more options, followed by ‘history controls’. In the history and privacy controls you can clear your entire watch history as well as your search history on Youtube. You can also pause your history to stop…

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    How to use GARI

    GARI – is a project designed to help people learn about the accessible features available on different devices … and to find the device that best suits them The site is available at www.gari.info It allows you to search for phones … tablets … and accessible and assistive apps It also helps to explain what features might be of interest or use to those with hearing, vision, speech, dexterity or cognitive impairment To begin, a user selects the device they are interested in searching for … and chooses one of the three search methods … They can search for the best device by category … by a specific model ……

  • How to Download Images from Google to Gallery (Android)
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    How to Download Images from Google to Gallery (Android)

    hey guys in this video I’m gonna show you how you can download your google images directly to your gallery in your android mobile so without wasting any time let’s begin now before the update you could download Google images directly from the Google app but that doesn’t work anymore after the update so what you need to do is go to Google Chrome if you don’t have the google chrome app you can just download it from the App Store in here just search for the image you want to download go to the images section and open the image you like just press on the image for a…