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    How to use GARI

    GARI – is a project designed to help people learn about the accessible features available on different devices … and to find the device that best suits them The site is available at www.gari.info It allows you to search for phones … tablets … and accessible and assistive apps It also helps to explain what features might be of interest or use to those with hearing, vision, speech, dexterity or cognitive impairment To begin, a user selects the device they are interested in searching for … and chooses one of the three search methods … They can search for the best device by category … by a specific model ……

  • How to Download Images from Google to Gallery (Android)
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    How to Download Images from Google to Gallery (Android)

    hey guys in this video I’m gonna show you how you can download your google images directly to your gallery in your android mobile so without wasting any time let’s begin now before the update you could download Google images directly from the Google app but that doesn’t work anymore after the update so what you need to do is go to Google Chrome if you don’t have the google chrome app you can just download it from the App Store in here just search for the image you want to download go to the images section and open the image you like just press on the image for a…

  • Reverse Phone Lookup (Fast Reverse Phone Lookup)
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    Reverse Phone Lookup (Fast Reverse Phone Lookup)

    You are watching Reverse Phone Lookup Video discover who’s calling whether you’re researching a phone bill tracy in unwanted color or verifying and address reverse phone detective makes it fast and easy to conduct a phone search now you can find out who owns a cell phone or landline number sort results include owner name and address phone type landline or mobile al people search results household members and more this is caller i_d_ for the twenty-first century most cell phone numbers art available in free whitepages directories are people search websites we specialize in these hard to find numbers which makes our leading website far more useful than a…

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    How I Made My Own Android Phone – in China

    Uh-Oh Did I buy a locked board? The problem here is that I haven’t used Android so long. I don’t really know what to do about this. I set out to build my own iPhone a couple of years ago and it took me down this crazy rabbit hole into the Chinese cellphone markets and ever since people have been asking me “Okay, when are you gonna build your own Android?” and I kept saying I didn’t want to make that same video again Just building a different phone But I keep thinking about it and I realized that I learned so much building that first iPhone and there’s entire…

  • Android Market – Google Search – Multi Tasking Tips – Droid Snack
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    Android Market – Google Search – Multi Tasking Tips – Droid Snack

    In order to switch quickly from app to app on your Droid phone, or what is called “Multi Tasking” you can use the Recent Apps screen When you long press on your Home key (that’s on the very bottom), you see a pop-up screen that shows you the apps or widgets you have been recently using called the “Recent” screen. In the past, it only showed 6 items, now it shows the last 8. Press on an app or widget displayed here to quickly jump from one to the other. No need to return to the home screen and hunt for an app or widget, just long press the home…

  • Google Search by Image comes to Windows Phone
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    Google Search by Image comes to Windows Phone

    well guys how are you doing selling his video i would like to demonstrate and your future it has been painted to match searcy its recent updates and just for this if you have to know what net ruchi is it’s simply eg google search application for windows phone that you can use to search the web cues and images using the concerts of course the occupants application is really quickness paulson and for the images results you have the possibility to save the pictures to your phone or shaded by your favorite networks unfortunately i’m not going to present the whole occupation this video company already done that in…

  • How To Spot A Fake iPhone
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    How To Spot A Fake iPhone

    So, I received this box it looks like an iPhone, you take a glace around here, iPhone 6s, the back looks the same I mean it looks like an iPhone, But it ain’t an iPhone This my friends is a high quality, high caliber chinese iPhone knock off Lets go ahead and find out what the differences are! Maybe there are none, Maybe they all fool me, completely Maybe we should all be using it now, I highly doubt it So, the first thing, being a guy who has unboxed a number of iPhones The first thing that’ll tip you off that you got a fake is this little bag…

  • Traffik Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers
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    Traffik Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

    You have been nothing, but a positive force in my life She’s the one. Happy birthday Vee! It’s your dream car. It’s amazing Let’s get away from the city It’s miles away from everything. It’s a celebration! I did not know you guys were coming! I’m trying to create a moment. I want to give her something she could remember for the rest of her life What are you looking at? You! That is a hot drive! Build it myself. Where did you learn that, in the prison auto shop? Sweet ride, and smoking piece in the store, are you a ballplayer? I’m not looking for any trouble. Trouble? Can’t…