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    Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived

    The Mars rover, Curiosity, is the latest in a long line of missions to Mars… Landers sent to scoop its soil and study its rocks, orbiters sent to map its valleys and ridges. They are all asking the same question. Did liquid water once flow on this dry and dusty world? Did it support life in any form? And are there remnants left to find? The science that comes out of these missions may help answer a much larger, more philosophical question… Is our planet Earth the norm, in a galaxy run through with life-bearing planets? Or is Earth a rare gem, with a unique make-up and history that allowed…

  • 10 Companies That Secretly Control The World
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    10 Companies That Secretly Control The World

    ten companies that secretly control the world number ten Nestle most of the products that you buy are owned by surprisingly small number of monopolistic companies take Nestle for example they own over 8500 different brands in 80 countries they start off of the kind of brands you’d expect arrow KitKat Milky Bar etc but then there are some products that you probably never imagined would be owned by the chocolate giant such as shredded wheat Gerber baby foods hot pockets and Purina pet food they also an approximately 23% of cosmetic powerhouse L’Oreal which cell phones huge brands Garnier Maybelline and The Body Shop and Nestle isn’t the only…

  • Doosan Crawler Excavator SPC | Doosan Equipment Europe
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    Doosan Crawler Excavator SPC | Doosan Equipment Europe

    New Smart Power Control (SPC) technology is a standard on all our models … … and is on, by default, in all power modes. The SPC can easily be deactivated by switching the buttons off. This technology, developed entirely by Doosan, monitors both engine and pump power … … and limits unnecessary outputs, depending on whether the work is light or heavy. The SPC is a money saver for you because … … tests have demonstrated that thanks to the SPC … … you save at least 5% fuel compared with the previous generation.

  • How To: Bear Crawl
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    How To: Bear Crawl

    What’s going on nation? I’m gonna Demonstrate for you guys how to do a bear crawl now a bear crawl is a really great exercise All you need to do it is your body weight and what it’s going to do is put your coordination Cardio and Muscular endurance to the test you might say this exercise used a lot when creating the various sports such as martial arts wrestling football rugby or even various mud races The most important thing to remember when doing this exercise is that as you’re moving forward You’re reaching with one arm while stepping forward with the opposite leg This is the coordination that…