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    Verbs are better than backlinks

    hey welcome back rent Kazan back in Melbourne back from Vegas had awesome time went to the u.s. search reward spoke at PubCon did a couple of gigs there so much information I’ve taken away from it again and I’ll be bringing you that over the coming weeks Gary Isles from Google’s gonna get back to me about cruel or not melis in your Google search console in case you’re one of the people who’ve wondering what they’re about no one seems to know but we’ll have bring more about that and more about Gary’s presentation also some of the highlights will bring them to you in the coming weeks…

  • SEO & PPC News | 08-10-2018 | Google Algorithm, Search Console & More!
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    SEO & PPC News | 08-10-2018 | Google Algorithm, Search Console & More!

    Darren: In this video, you’re going to learn about some changes Google have made to the search console when it comes to the search results page. You’re also going to see something very sneaky that Google have snuck in to their new update to the Chrome browser, and in addition to that, there’s been yet more changes with the algorithm. This is search engine news coming up. [music] Hey there guys, Darren Taylor of the bigmarketer.co.uk here, and my job is to teach you all about search engine marketing. If that sounds up your street, you should consider subscribing to my channel. Today is about search engine news. Let’s get…

  • Herts Chamber Digital Boot Camp
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    Herts Chamber Digital Boot Camp

    Right, I would like a bit of audience participation please. Get you up on your feet. Let’s get some blood pumping. There’s a large proportion in the group here that believes that Google Ads doesn’t work. So this the outcome we want to come with, that Google Ads DOES work. And it is able to help to fill your book, fill your leads, fill your inquiries. That’s the outcome that we’re going to be looking to hopefully achieve. However, Google Ads isn’t for everybody. It works for some businesses but it doesn’t work for everybody. It is what you do with it, that is the bit that makes the difference.…

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    Schema.org Guide – What Does It Mean for SEO?

    Hi, I’m Mike Essex, the Online Marketing Manager here at Koozai. Today I’m going to talk to you about Schema.org and what that means for websites. Now today’s video came from a question that Richard Shove asked at OMD, which is, “What is Schema, and how can it help?”. Schema is a set of codes that you can add to your website to tag content. So we’ve had this before with Meta tags and vCards and rich snippets, and this is no different. The only element of this that’s changed is that Google, Yahoo, and Bing have worked together to create this code so you know that it’s going to…

  • Google SandBox: What is the #GoogleSandbox effect? Should you be Worried in 2019? #TejTalks E:007
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    Google SandBox: What is the #GoogleSandbox effect? Should you be Worried in 2019? #TejTalks E:007

    You should worry for that or not I guess you should not worry if you want to do all legitimate work Hi friends welcome to yet another TejTalks so today we are going to discuss Google Sandbox I assume you might heard of this thing before because this terminology started discussing since 2006 I guess somewhere in 2006-2007 but still Google yet not confirmed they are using this technique or this is kind of penalty so Google are yet not confirmed they are giving this kind of penalty but yes many many marketers feel there you can see tweet from Rand Fishkin about that and many marketers feel there is…

  • The 7x Types Of Keywords To Increase Search Traffic
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    The 7x Types Of Keywords To Increase Search Traffic

    There are 7x types of keywords that you can use to grow your search traffic strategically and each one of them comes with their own pro’s and cons. But it’s important that you pick the right types of keywords to focus on or you are going to loose a bunch of time and money, so I am going to tell you how to choose the right keywords for your business in a moment but first let’s take a look at the 7x types of keywords you can target. “Generic keywords” are general terms like “shoes” that aren’t really specific. These types of keywords typically have the highest search volumes but…

  • How to Promote a Website
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    How to Promote a Website

    Picture this: You’ve just published your website. Within minutes your site is flooded with traffic and it’s already paying dividends. Sound too good to be true? Good! Because it is. Getting visitors to your site doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes quite a bit of work. But promoting your site doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are four quick tips to start grabbing the attention your new website deserves. Content marketing means using the content you produce as leverage for engaging your audience. By creating a variety of useful content like blog posts, podcasts, webinars, infographics, newsletters, and videos, just to name a few you build credibility and…

  • SEO or PPC | Which One Is Best For You? | Hindi
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    SEO or PPC | Which One Is Best For You? | Hindi

    we start a business because we want to sell a particular product here we have two options to maximise our google ranking one way is Seo and another one is PPC (ads) if we search a particular keyword on goggle we see some ads on the topmost layer and the results we see below the ads are a part of seo or organic search so what should we do seo or ppc? in ppc we need to pay per click on a particular ad means we need to invest some money while on the other hand seo is free in ppc, results are instant if you tell me tonight you…