• Imaginary Warzone – S1: EP 2 – The Legend of Mason Alexander
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    Imaginary Warzone – S1: EP 2 – The Legend of Mason Alexander

    you ready ready let’s do this why so I’m tired we’ve only been here for hasn’t even been an hour yet eat come on I’m hungry it’s still the morning time all right yeah all right Lunchables snack pick chocolate all right squeeze it well what’s that uh so got Lunchables I with the Subway sandwich kind and snack pack that’s chocolate and I got squeeze it red what hmm do you have do you maybe have she’s made out for rope I’m not I’m not today all right okay no that’s fine that’s cool all right all right you runnin oh no no yeah I’m fine I find it…

  • Toy Master’s Escape Room Challenge
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    Toy Master’s Escape Room Challenge

    – [Narrator] Tic Tac Toy! (upbeat music) (phone rings) – Who could be calling so early on a Saturday morning? (phone rings) – Oh, this better be good. Coming, coming. Hello? – Hello? – [Toy Master] Good morning. This is the Toy Master. I’m a little bored so we’re gonna play a game. – What kind of game? – [Toy Master] An escape room game. I’m locking you both in your bedrooms. (lock clicks) In order to get out, you’ll have to each follow a unique set of clues that will lead you to an escape button. Press that button and your doors will unlock. – How long will this…