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    Rich Snippets: Product Search

    Product markup is one of the most common types of rich snippet markup. It allows users to see detailed information about a product right within their search results. In order for products to properly display as a rich snippet, there are a few properties that you should mark up in your HTML, the name of the product itself, price, and availability. Here’s a simple product offer for a microwave. Using schema.org markup, start by indicating what type of element you’re marking up, in this case a product. Markup the name of the product and embed an offer element in the offers property in order to indicate price and availability. The…

  • Atom SEO Pack – Product Content Generator (PrestaShop)
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    Atom SEO Pack – Product Content Generator (PrestaShop)

    This is what your product looks like if it does not have meta-title, meta-description, meta-keywords. For example, we will choose a product without a description. There is no description, but there are product specifications. To create metadata and product descriptions, go to the Atom SEO Pack module page. On the module page, click the add template button. Next, we need to specify a name for the template, select the language and categories to which it will be applied. The next step is to create a dynamic template by which the text will be generated. Use the assistant to add multiple variations of text, each variation on a new line.

  • Product Search for Webmasters
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    Product Search for Webmasters

    >>OHYE: Hi webmasters, my name is Maile Ohye, and today I’d like to talk to you about Product Search. In today’s agenda, we’ll cover four main areas. First, we’ll talk about the benefits and background of product search. Next, we’ll immediately get into the best practices when submitting information. Third, I’ll answer some of your frequently asked questions, and last, the custom webmasters have discussed difficulty when creating or submitting feeds. We’ll talk about how to heal some of those pain points. First, let’s talk about the benefits of product search. Product search offers webmaster’s free submission, so there’s no cost to merchants to submit your product, and have them…

  • Mobile: Barcode Scanner – Search and Add Products in Surveys
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    Mobile: Barcode Scanner – Search and Add Products in Surveys

    Use the barcode scanner to quickly find a product inside a survey. If the product isn’t already available in the survey, then the barcode scan adds the product. Open a visit to check its surveys. Add a product to the list using the barcode scanner. The new product is added to the list. Scan the barcode of an existing product in the survey to quickly find that product.