• The Heartbreak Of Not Having A Vagina | BORN DIFFERENT
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    The Heartbreak Of Not Having A Vagina | BORN DIFFERENT

    KAYLEE MOATS: I’m still trying to accept myself, accept what I have and not dwell on it. KAYLEE MOATS: I was about 18 when I discovered I had MRKH, when I didn’t get my period but my 12-year-old sister did. We decided to go to the gynaecologist where they did an ultrasound and discovered I didn’t have a uterus or a cervix and vaginal opening and that I wouldn’t be able to carry my own children. LAURA MOATS: That was disbelief. It was a feeling of ‘Why? What happened? Why doesn’t she have a uterus?’ KAYLEE MOATS: Seeing how my mom reacted, it made me sad that I wasn’t able…

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    5 ‘Teen Mom’ Weddings We’re Still Not Over 💒 | MTV Ranked

    – Taylor and Maci have consented together in holy wedlock and I witness the same before God. I pronounce that they are husband and wife in the name of the Father, and of the Fon, and of the Holy Ghost. Taylor, you may kiss your bride. (gentle music) (guests applauds) – [Leah] Jeremy and I are going to get married in a chapel right by the courthouse and our families are meeting us there, but first we have to get our wedding bands. Go get our rings. – gonna get our rings. – Happy days. – Hello. – Hi. – [Female] How are you? – Good, how are you? –…

  • Fix Your Focus | The Other Half | Pastor Steven Furtick
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    Fix Your Focus | The Other Half | Pastor Steven Furtick

    Thank you so much for coming today it’s been a great couple of weeks for me. I’ve been travelling maybe more than I remember travelling in a long time to preach. Preachin’ my little head off and God has been faithful. I’ve been in the last four weeks to Sydney, Australia. Preaching in London, England. Preaching and… this week Seattle, Washington preaching and New York City… or actually I was in Brooklyn. I don’t wanna be offensive, because you know, if you say it wrong people get all upset. And I was… I was in Brooklyn, technically speaking. And it’s been crazy! But God has been faithful and you haven’t…

  • UML Use Case Diagram Tutorial
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    UML Use Case Diagram Tutorial

    Hi, my name’s Chloe and I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about UML Use Case diagrams. We’ll start with a high-level overview. Then we’ll talk about Systems, Actors, Use Cases, and Relationships. And finally, we’ll build an entire use case diagram together and go over examples to explain all these concepts in depth. Have you ever had an idea that makes perfect sense in your head, but when you try to explain it to someone else they’re completely lost? Maybe your idea is for a new app, and every time you talk about it people don’t really understand how they’d interact with the app or what it…