• Jeep Wrangler Magnaflow MF Axle-Back with Polished Tips (2018 3.6L JL) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install
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    Jeep Wrangler Magnaflow MF Axle-Back with Polished Tips (2018 3.6L JL) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

    Hey, guys. Today, I’m here with the Magnaflow MF Series Axle-Back Exhaust, fitting all 2018 V6 JLs. This is gonna be for you guys out there looking for a deeper exhaust note while you’re at an idle or at a takeoff, thanks to the straight-through muffler design, while also keeping it quiet inside of the cab, and while you’re cruising. You’re also gonna get some horsepower and torque gain out of this, since you are freeing up a lot of that restricted airflow. Not to mention you’re getting a very aggressive look with this dual tip design. I would however like to mention that this does hang a little bit…

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    Link Emperor Review & Tutorial – An Easy To Use Link Building Service

    Hi Guys Matthew Woodward here and my Link Emperor review and tutorial is going to teach you how to use the much talked about link emperor link building service which you can use to build high quality links with minimal effort. I’m going to take you through setting up and fine tuning your campaign along with the setup of a tiered link building campaign. You will also uncover new keywords to rank for whilst improving on page SEO for more traffic. So if you haven’t heard of link emperor before it is a full link building suite and SEO campaign management tool that can be used to create high quality…

  • Hound – Best Voice Search Android App? #Must have App
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    Hound – Best Voice Search Android App? #Must have App

    “Hound Voice Search” App Test. Besser als Google Now, Siri und Cortana? Zeige mir Hotels in Berlin für dieses Wochenende, welche weniger als 200 Dollar kosten und WLAN haben Wo kann ich günstig Haare schneiden in New York? Wie ist das Wetter in München? Wo ist der Eiffel Turm? Wie groß ist der Zeitunterschied zwischen München und New York? Starte ein Timer mit 60 Minuten Laufzeit Wie heißt das Lied, welches ich gerade singe? La lalaa lalalaaaa, blaaah blah, oooooouuuh…. Spiele “Love me like you do” von “Ellie Goulding” Wieviel Vitamin C hat ein Apfel? Wieviel sind 10 % von 200? Wieviel sind 200 Dollar in Euro? Was bedeutet “good…

  • UCLEAR Bluetooth Helmet Communication System – Product Overview
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    UCLEAR Bluetooth Helmet Communication System – Product Overview

    Hey everyone, I’m Wendy with UCLEAR here to talk to you about the UCLEAR Bluetooth Helmet Communication Systems. UCLEAR is going to be the only communication system on the market without the boom microphone and no wired microphone either and it’ll pair up with all of your gadgets, pair up with your phone for hands free phone calls, get your GPS turn by turn in your helmet or listen to your favorite Best motorcycle helmet under $200 tunes as you’re riding down the road. How’s it going to work? Well, its advanced military technology. The microphones are built into the speakers of the UCLEAR system. The installation is very easy.…

  • Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2019?
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    Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2019?

    hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and in 2019 Apple has a fairly robust yet somewhat confusing lineup of iPhones and so I want to try and help you decide which one is best for you now if you don’t follow Apple regularly this can be fairly confusing even if you do follow them regularly their lineup has been pretty confusing lately so we have five different offerings or styles of iPhone currently available we have the iPhone 7 we have the 8 and 8 plus so we still have the 7 and 7 plus I just don’t have both of those here we have the 8 and 8 plus…

  • LEGO Spider-Man Molten-Man Battle review! 76128
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    LEGO Spider-Man Molten-Man Battle review! 76128

    hello this is the molten man battle set from the upcoming spider-man far from home movie now to kind of set things up properly and give us a good base for checking this out let’s first take a look at what we’ve seen up to this point in the trailer for a far from home of molten man now let’s see some other toy companies renditions of the same character in another guy’s art now let’s look at a Legos version again so based on that context it’s difficult to take this seriously but fortunately I don’t have to take it seriously because it’s a toy and it doesn’t even…

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    DON’T Buy The iPhone X

    It’s time to make… …a very highly anticipated video. I’ve been compiling some ideas. I’ve been doing my job. Because a little while back, I made a video called: Switching to the iPhone 10 And you probably noticed that in front of me, there’s an iPhone X right here. When a new smartphone comes in here, I don’t always switch over to it exclusively. I don’t always put my SIM card into that device. But you see this device here, this is a flagship, this gets a lot of attention. The notch, the lack of the home button, the lack of the fingerprint scanner. So because of that, I had…

  • DIY Atomizer – Squid Industries Peacemaker XL RTA 28mm – Recenze (CZ)
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    DIY Atomizer – Squid Industries Peacemaker XL RTA 28mm – Recenze (CZ)

    Hello guys, Mike Godwin´s here, today is Tuesday, setup, that you wanted. Peacemaker 28mm Dual-coil from Squid Industries, and Asmodus Amighty. Now, we´ll talk about the Peacemaker. We had one here before, single-coil 25mm. Here is 28mm, huge, crazy capacity. It is massacre. The package. The 8ml capacity is really crazy, plus, I can have more with this glass. I have some tools here, O-rings etc. Postless deck. I don´t really like postless decks, they are not my favourite. But the flavour is good, we´ll add some Watts. 45W I don´t really need this, it´s too much for me. The flavour is really good. The building is pretty easy, atomizer…

  • Dog Harness Review – Help ‘Em Up and Ruffwear Web Master
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    Dog Harness Review – Help ‘Em Up and Ruffwear Web Master

    Hi! I’m Joe, this is Duke. He’s our Belgian Malinois rescue that we got about seven years ago. He loves to go everywhere with us. The problem is. Now that’s he’s about 11 or 12 years old. He has a lot of trouble getting in and out of our Jeep. We started looking around for harnesses. We found two of the best harnesses out there. The Ruffwear Web Master and the Help ‘Em Up harness. In this video, we’ll talk about both harnesses. What Duke really likes about them, how he uses them, and how we get him in and out of the Jeep. To get started. Duke and Joe…

  • How To Spot A Fake iPhone
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    How To Spot A Fake iPhone

    So, I received this box it looks like an iPhone, you take a glace around here, iPhone 6s, the back looks the same I mean it looks like an iPhone, But it ain’t an iPhone This my friends is a high quality, high caliber chinese iPhone knock off Lets go ahead and find out what the differences are! Maybe there are none, Maybe they all fool me, completely Maybe we should all be using it now, I highly doubt it So, the first thing, being a guy who has unboxed a number of iPhones The first thing that’ll tip you off that you got a fake is this little bag…