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    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (4/10) Movie CLIP – Princess Sophia (2003) HD

    (romantic music plays) Oh! Whoa. Mmm… (growls) Does princess sophia want to come out and play? Who’s princess sophia? (squeals) (grunts) No, no, no, no… No! Ow! (spluttering): Aw, yo-yo-yo-you… Whoa, whoa, whoa, y-you’re kidding me, right? Princess sophia? Little, big, little, big, I don’t know. We will find out! Ah, you know, hang on a second. Ah, no, no. (groaning) All right, listen. You can’t name my… My member Princess sophia. It doesn’t… Yes, I can. Listen. L-l-listen to me. If-if you’re going to name… My member, all right, You got to name it something hyper-masculine, okay? Something like spike or butch, or krull, the warrior king, But not…

  • SEO Anchor Text: Optimize Link Anchor Text for More Organic Traffic (Walkthrough)
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    SEO Anchor Text: Optimize Link Anchor Text for More Organic Traffic (Walkthrough)

    – What’s up everyone, so today we’re gonna talk about link anchor text. This is a super vital and important part of the entire search engine optimization equation. We’re gonna take a look at good anchor text, bad anchor text, how to pick the right anchor text for you, and all the different options you have when you’re doing this. So stay for the whole video, because we’re gonna go through the exact process that you need to follow to pick what’s best for you. I’m Tommy Griffith with ClickMinded.com, let’s get going. (booting up intro) okay, so link anchor text. So we’re gonna dive into this and really narrow…