• Funeral home markups and upselling: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)
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    Funeral home markups and upselling: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

    ♪ [theme]>>David:This ismarketplace.Undercover inside Canada’sfuneral homes.>>The top level and the bottom level they start at $3,000.>>David:Can you trustthe people meantto help you the most?>>98% is mandatory.>>We’re still grieving. It’s only been a couple days.>>David:High-pressure sales.>>She doesn’t die in the next 90 days we still have to pay in full?>>Yeah.>>David:Hi costs.>>You could be looking at $12,500.>>David: marketplaceandthe Toronto Starinvestigate.Death Inc.What’s brought you here today.>>Well, I love Honest Ed’s. ♪ [super funky]>>David:We’re gathering to saygood-bye toHonest Ed’s.>>It is, in a way, about mourning, but I think it’s also about celebration.>>David:A celebration of life,but not for a person,it’s for amuch-loved bargain store.>>This weekend, for me, is a farewell.>>David:Where decades ofcheap deals and free…

  • Download WhatsApp Group PhoneNumbers
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    Download WhatsApp Group PhoneNumbers

    Hello, this is a Chrome extension which helps to download all group phone numbers from your WhatsApp. First install it from here You can find the Link in the Description section. Once it is installed there will be a WhatsApp Icon appear on your chrome dashboard. Click on the icon it will take you to the WhatsApp web page. Please scan the QR code to log into your WhatsApp web. If you are already login, you’ll be directly shown the web WhatsApp. Now choose any WhatsApp group to upload the phone numbers. Once you have clicked a group then you will see download info option here. Click on it then…

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    LinkedIn Video Tips: How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works | Nathanial Bibby

    …movement towards that communication yeah so about almost a year ago when LinkedIn introduced native video to their platform and since then the algorithms been picking up video content a lot more than written form updates and the articles are almost falllen by the wayside so if you want to get a lot of visibility then LinkedIn video is the most effective way do it you can only have as much as 10 minutes in a video on LinkedIn but we were finding that even the shorter ones do better anyway so you know three minutes long that kind of thing and it’s great to drive better engagement now the…

  • Amazon ASIN Analysis Tool
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    Amazon ASIN Analysis Tool

    The IFC ASIN Crawler Light Version makes product research on Amazon easy. It integrates with your Google Chrome browser to streamline your product research on Amazon. In this video I will explain the 3 simple steps you need to take in order to use our Amazon tool correctly. First of all, download the crawler from the Chrome Web Store and open the Amazon website. As the second step, type in the search term about which you want to receive more information. In this example, I will type in TV. Now click on the IFC ASIN crawler icon, which should appear in the toolbar after the successful installation of the application.…

  • The True Cost of the iPhone
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    The True Cost of the iPhone

    This video is sponsored by Brilliant! The first 200 to use the link in the description get 20% off the annual subscription. 2018 was a rollercoaster year for Apple. In August, its stock hit two-hundred and seven dollars, making it the first trillion dollar company in history. Then, in a dramatic few months, it lost $450 billion as Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet passed it by. And for the first time in fifteen years, the company announced it would make less money than expected. The problem? Fewer people buying iPhones. The reasons are many: China’s slowing economy, sticker shock, market saturation. But there’s also another big factor: Apple has a new…