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    My Exact Match Domain Spam Sites – SEO Experiment

    -Hey there guys, today’s video is all about the bit of a confessional on my part. My confession is, I am an SEO spammer. Yes, I said it, I spam, and I create spam websites for SEO purposes. Few years back I created an additional number of websites in order to test some theories I had around exact match domains. I’m going to talk to you guys about specifically what I did why my spammy websites are ranking when they’re full of AdSense ads and what businesses can do to capitalize on scenario as well coming up right after this. [music] Hey there guys, Darren Taylor of thebigmarketer.co.uk here and…

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    Jon Earnshaw | Why we shouldn’t forget about voice search | SEO in the Shed

    Welcome to episode 4 of SEO in the shed with me, Jon Earnshaw, the Chief Product Evangelist at Pi Datametrics. Today I’m going to be talking about voice search or, to be more precise, I’m going to be looking at why we shouldn’t forget about voice search. Now, I’ve divided this video into three sections. In the first part I’m gonna look at what’s happened to voice, and particularly interest in voice search. Secondly, I’m going to discuss some brand new research that we undertook over the summer and then, finally, I’m going to discuss some super interesting conclusions that we came to. So, three years ago I remember standing…

  • SEO Quick Wins – Chloe Bodard at BrightonSEO
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    SEO Quick Wins – Chloe Bodard at BrightonSEO

    Hi guys so I’ll talk about quick wins that you can get from just running a few technical checks on your site. So first thing, I’m not a dev so these checks and their implementation will be actions that pretty much any kind of SEO can implement themselves. Quick wins so by quick wins I mean stuff that you can implement quite quickly that you can spot quite easily so it’s not something they will take months to implement and you’ll be able to see the results really promptly. So your go-to tools will be Deepcrawl, obviously Screaming Frog, Analytics and Search Console so tools that you can use very…

  • Website Optimisation for SEO & Website Performance
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    Website Optimisation for SEO & Website Performance

    Website performance is something that SEOs, Google ad managers, web developers are really starting to focus a lot of their attention on. And I’m going to show you in this video exactly how to improve your SEO, your Google ads performance, and your web design by improving the performance of your website. My name is Brody shepherd. I’m the owner of sight center here in Australia. And. We’re going to cover pretty much everything. There is not exactly how to, I’ll cover that in another video, but everything that you need to know to be able to analyze your website correctly and things to implement to give you instant results.…

  • SEOMoz Review – How To Increase Your Rankings
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    SEOMoz Review – How To Increase Your Rankings

    Hi guys Matthew Woodward here and welcome to my SEOMoz review and tutorial. Today you are going to learn how to setup SEOMoz properly and get a full tour of the backend over my shoulder as I work to improve my own blog. You’re going to learn how to use the various tools to improve the rankings of your websites. How to automatically identify SEO problems and fix them easily. How to monitor a range of factors including links, social signals and rankings in multiple search engines and how to build, schedule and automate awesome reports. So this is what the SEOMoz website looks like if you’ve not seen it…

  • What is SEO and How Does it Work in 2019?
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    What is SEO and How Does it Work in 2019?

    What if I asked you, where can I get a pizza? Most of you would know where to go. But what if I asked you, where can I find cars to rent and at what cost? This is a more complicated questions and you would pull out your phone out of your pocket and start Googling. In fact, we handle most of these questions by using Search Engines and Google accounts for a huge bulk of searches across the world. Naturally, I’ve come to believe the top results that Google feeds me are the ones that are most relevant and accurate. And this is true because users keep coming to…

  • Log File Analysis for Better SEO
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    Log File Analysis for Better SEO

    Hi, guys. Thank you for coming here today. My name is Omi Sido. And as most of you know I am very active online and I love talking about Digital Marketing and SEO. Today I’m gonna be talking about Server logs analysis and how understanding what the Googlebot does and what the Googlebot sees on your website can massively boost your digital marketing efforts. I’m gonna start with a short story. A few months ago – this is a real story by the way – a few months ago a guy came to me and asked me to teach him the basics of SEO so he can collaborate with his…

  • SEO for Dummies in 15 minutes (2019)
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    SEO for Dummies in 15 minutes (2019)

    Hi I’m Fiona from DIY Digital and yesterday I stumbled across Google’s own Search Dngine Optimisation starter’s guide and I thought that’s really interesting hearing it from Google themselves what are they saying we need to do as business owners to optimise our website. Well I went there and it’s 8,500 words and if you print it out on a Word document it’s 33 pages. 33 pages and it’s a starter’s guide. That’s phenomenal! We can’t get through that. So here it is here’s the SEO for Dummies in 15 minutes based on Google’s own articles so I’ve taken the lead from what they’re saying. I’ve summarised it, digested it…