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    Mazen for SEO specialists : how you can do in 1 hour what usually takes 1 day

    Mazen is the first SEO software that saves you a lot of time when doing your SEO work. When you use Mazen, you only need to use Mazen. You don’t need to use your Excel sheets, your CMS, or any other tool everything can be done in one unique and simple interface So the first step is looking for some keywords So for example, if I’m optimizing the website of a web agency in New York, I’m going to make some keyword research. The first step is selecting the keyword that I want to optimize. So let’s say that we like this keyword (for instance ) I add this keyword…

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    Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools – Get More Great Blog Ideas, Video Ideas & Podcast Topic Ideas

    hey Miles here milesbeckler.com. In this video you are going to learn the five free keyword suggestion tools you can use in order to come up with a limitless number of content marketing ideas you’ll be able to get blog post ideas video ideas podcasts topic ideas etc and in a second we’re gonna jump on my computer you’re gonna follow along I’m gonna share my screen so you can see where to find these tools and how to use them and again they’re all free tools now as a Content marketer right someone growing an audience and a brand in the business online there’s a direct correlation to how…

  • YOUTUBE SEO: Increase your views with these simple tips!
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    YOUTUBE SEO: Increase your views with these simple tips!

    In this video, I’ll be going over YouTube SEO basics and by the end of it, you will be able to rank your videos in YouTube search! Just by the way if you guys stick around to the end of the video I’m going to be giving you a secret tip to help you rank in YouTube search. Firstly, what is SEO actually? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website ,through organic search results. So we want to attract viewers to our videos that are genuinely interested in the topic that we are talking about and…

  • Miami SEO Expert: Search Engine Optimization (2018) | Call: (866) SEO-GUYS
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    Miami SEO Expert: Search Engine Optimization (2018) | Call: (866) SEO-GUYS

    Miami SEO | The Miami SEO Expert: Take your website to the top of the search engines with Miami’s number one search engine optimization service! The Miami SEO Guy knows that professional SEO can transform a small business into a huge success. From stellar web design, to social media marketing, optimized content and more, the Miami SEO Guy gives your brand the online visibility it needs to thrive! If you want customers, conversions and credibility – if you want to crush your competition and watch your business reach the top of the SERPs – and if you want a flood of targeted online traffic – contact Miami’s number one white…

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    How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippet Box

    In the past, getting the number one position in search results was the ultimate goal for ambitious marketers. But Google has reset the starting point. And now position zero — known as a featured snippet — is the one with the authority. So, what is a featured snippet? “A featured snippet is often or historically known as a quick answer box.” That’s Matthew Barby, HubSpot’s Director of Acquisition and resident SEO expert. “Featured snippets have impacted SEO quite a lot over the past couple of years. A lot more people are either, one, going through and just getting the result directly without ever leaving the search results which can mean…

  • What Are SEO Directories? | WEO Media – Dental Marketing
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    What Are SEO Directories? | WEO Media – Dental Marketing

    okay. directories are possibly the most important thing for local SEO I mean sometimes I’ll have a business that I’m working with and they start setting up their own directory listings and they’ve hired me to do it but they’re setting their own up too and and I’m trying to fix the mess that they’re creating and you know I’m I gotta say I’m fine but I’m not fine to ask you how you are you you just have to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine hi I’m Evan from Leo media and today we’re going to be talking about directories. directories start off way back when…

  • How to Get Your Website Ranked in Google News
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    How to Get Your Website Ranked in Google News

    You want more traffic from Google, but it takes forever to get ranked. What if I told you that you can get ranked instantly? Hey, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you how to get into Google News. The first thing you need to know about Google News is, if your content isn’t news related, you’re not going to get in. So if you’re trying to figure out what kind of news articles you can end up writing, go to Google.com/trends, and you can see what’s hot and what’s happening right now. If you write articles related to that or related to any news related…