• Google RankBrain and How Google Works | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #3】
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    Google RankBrain and How Google Works | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #3】

    It shouldn’t be forgotten that Google integrates over 200 variables in its algorithm in order to sort the results as they appear in the search webpages. It is the duty of every good SEO specialist to consider and work on these factors. To give just a few examples, I mention the loading speed, the relevance of the title tag, the age of the domain, the quality of incoming backlinks, the extension of the domain, the social signals, the webpage content length and the performance of click through rate. Fortunately, not all SEO factors have equal weight, but there are some that matter more than others and this is why SEO…

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    Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-Google Webmaster Tools

    Alan Weinstein: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weinstein. So far, we covered the mobile friendliness of your website, and now most of you know how good or bad your site really is. I also shared with you ten things about your website that is stopping people from calling you to set up an appointment. From the feedback we received, about 85% of you have a website that does not rank high in the search results and have at least four of the ten things wrong that will stop people from ever calling you. Most of you are more like seven things wrong. Today, we’re going to talk about how to tell…

  • What Is The Deep Web? | Mashable Explains
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    What Is The Deep Web? | Mashable Explains

    did you know that there’s a huge portion of the internet the you can’t find simply by Googling it in fact search engines can only account for about 10 percent of the total internet what is the other ninety percent that’s out there? That’s what’s known as the Deep Web. The deep web is any website that cannot be indexed by search engine when you look for something on Google for instance you’re actually searching an index as much of the internet as Google has been able to find search engines use web crawler software sometimes known as spiders to find and index web pages. They start by finding a…

  • Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 1 – Theory
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    Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 1 – Theory

    What’s up guys this is Matthew Woodward and welcome to my ultimate guide to tiered link building. Today I’m going to take you through exactly what tiered link building is. The benefits of tiered linked building. How to use it to rank sites easily. And ultimately how to setup a tiered link building campaign So what is tiered link building exactly? It is a unique approach to link building in which you essentially build backlinks to your backlinks. That helps to give your first tier of backlinks more strength and authority. Over time your tier 1 backlinks will gain page rank and that link juice gets passed directly onto your…

  • How to Write for SEO
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    How to Write for SEO

    Hello, and welcome. My name is Ben Kessler and Iím an editor here at Mediabistro. Today weíll be discussing how to write for SEO. Weíll give you some practical, simple techniques that will ensure that your writing will find just the right audience. Start with the acronym itself: SEO stands for search-engine optimization. Letís face it: These days, most people who are curious about a certain topic arenít heading to their local library, at least not at first. Theyíre turning to Google and other search engines to find information and content on their subject of choice. The term ìSEOî refers to the process that we humble content creators can use…

  • Real Estate SEO | How to Rank on the Search Engines  [1 Hour Video Tutorial]
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    Real Estate SEO | How to Rank on the Search Engines [1 Hour Video Tutorial]

    – [Lori] All right, in today’s video, we’re gonna talk specifically about real estate SEO, ranking on the search engines for real estate, and I’m gonna tie in a little bit on generating web traffic as a general rule, where we tie in social media and pay-per-click advertising as well. I’m gonna be, I always do a what’s new in SEO at the beginning of the year, and that kinda covers the gamut of search engine rankings and search engine ranking factors and what we need to know. But today I wanna specifically focus on real estate SEO. So a lot of you guys are real estate agents, and you’re…