• GIMP Clone Tool
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    GIMP Clone Tool

    hey everyone and welcome to another SEO tutorial this one is about GIMP and that’s g.i MP dot org is the actual website where you can download it and it is a free video excuse me it’s a free image editor that you can go ahead and grab and it really works well for small businesses especially ones that are just getting started are on a budget because again it is free and it really will rival Photoshop you can do practically anything that Photoshop wants to do right inside a gimp okay so let’s get started today we’re gonna talk about a simple thing that a lot of businesses…

  • SEOquake – Quick SEO Audit with Diagnosis Tool
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    SEOquake – Quick SEO Audit with Diagnosis Tool

    Understanding the health of your domain is one of the most important aspects of SEO optimization. SEOquake gives users the ability to run a quick page audit diagnosis straight from our tool. This video will demonstrate just how easy it is to run a quick SEO audit with SEOquake and how you can use this to optimize your sites SEO. In this video you will be able to identify your errors and warnings. You can determine the solution to your webpages issues and you can review your pages mobile and desktop compliance. There are two ways in which you can access the SEOquake diagnosis tool. The first way is by…

  • Module 2. Lesson 1. Intro
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    Module 2. Lesson 1. Intro

    welcome to the technical SEO section far too many digital marketers ignore the technical aspects of SEO which is a big mistake technical SEO is the foundation to your entire SEO strategy if your site isn’t built or structured correctly search engines will have problems crawling and indexing your content in a worst case scenario your entire site might be rendered invisible to search engines so it’s vital to have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of SEO the web is a technical platform and there are correct and incorrect ways of building websites this section of lessons teaches you about these and how search engines interact with the…

  • SEMrush Backlinks Referring IPs Report
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    SEMrush Backlinks Referring IPs Report

    Let’s say you are an PPC manager and are looking to isolate a new campaign to a specific region. By accessing the Backlinks Referring IP’s report you can clearly see which IPs and countries are hosting your backlinks. This can help you when it comes to determining which country you may want to focus a campaign on based on the backlink popularity for that country or IP. You can also view anomalies in your backlink profile by viewing suspicious links from another country. The SEMrush referring IPs report lists every IP address of the backlinks pointing to a website. The Referring IPs report can also help with understanding the distribution…

  • Module 1 Lesson 4 – Organic Traffic Insights
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    Module 1 Lesson 4 – Organic Traffic Insights

    Hi! In this lesson, I will tell you about SEMrush Organic Traffic Insights. It is based on real data taken from SEMrush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This tool offers a solution to the Google’s “not provided” issue, helping you discover the keywords that generate traffic to your website. Let’s see what kind of information the tool will open up and what to do with it. To set up the tool, go to the Project Dashboard by clicking the ‘Projects’ section and choosing the ‘Organic Traffic Insights’. Keep in mind that in order to be able to use this tool properly, you need to have access to your Google…

  • Module 1 Lesson 5 – Traffic Analytics
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    Module 1 Lesson 5 – Traffic Analytics

    Hello again! In this lesson we will take a look at the Traffic Analytics report. This report provides you with insights on your competitors’ traffic sources based on clickstream data. In a way, SEMrush Traffic Analytics is like looking at your competitor’s Google Analytics, to see their direct, referral, search and social traffic. Let us take a closer look at the report. After typing any domain in the search bar you can see its monthly traffic trend broken down by the traffic source. For SEO purposes, we’ll concentrate on the traffic driven by search. However, keep in mind that there are also reports available on other traffic sources. We’re going…