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    Homepage SEO | Don’t Rank Your Homepage (Do This Instead!)

    It can be really hard to optimize your homepage for all the keywords that you want to rank for. But, so many websites try to do it anyway. When you do this, your homepage can become over-optimized and crammed with keywords. And this can have negative effects on your SEO. Which, of course, will cause your rankings and traffic to drop! So today, I’ll tell you the 3 largest risks of over-optimizing your homepage. Then, I’ll tell you what you can do instead of trying to rank your homepage for all of your target keywords. After learning these tips, you’ll be able to intentionally rank your website. Which will bring…

  • How to Rank on Google for THOUSANDS of Keywords (With One Page) – Data Study
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    How to Rank on Google for THOUSANDS of Keywords (With One Page) – Data Study

    How many keywords should I target per page? What should my keyword density be? What if I told you that these are the wrong questions to ask when it comes to getting more organic traffic from Google? Now, it’s not exactly breaking news that a page can rank for hundreds or even tens of thousands of keywords. But the question is how many keywords do top ranking pages rank for, and how can you get your pages to rank for more keywords? You’re about to find out in this video. Stay tuned. [music] What’s up SEOs? Sam Oh here with Ahrefs, the SEO tool that helps you grow your search…

  • STOP Paying for SEO Tools – The Only 4 Tools You Need to Rank #1 in Google
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    STOP Paying for SEO Tools – The Only 4 Tools You Need to Rank #1 in Google

    – When I got started in SEO, there were dozen of tools out there. They were all expensive, and, hey, unless you wanted rankings, you would have to pay for one of these tools. But times have changed. There’s not just dozens of tools now, there’s hundreds of tools. And because of that, there’s a lot of free ones as well. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel. And today, I’m going to breakdown why you should stop paying for SEO tools, and only use these four free tools if you want to rank number one on Google. (happy popping music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel.…

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    27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2019 + New Marketing Publications

    How to increase traffic to your website. Today I will teach you 27 techniques how you can increase website traffic. And I do show you other interesting publications that were published in the last week who don’t know me, my name is Anatolii ulitovskyi. I am from SEOTOOLS. TV. Hey guys, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video. I’ll start from Brian dean article and he highlights 27 techniques, how he increases traffic to his own website. And his first technique is guest posting. You know, it’s interesting technique because I remember one time I read other article from (Kim sola) and he highlighted in his…

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    25-minute Local SEO Audit That Will Crush Your Competitors

    if you want to drive more organic traffic to your website and beat your competitors so you can attract new customers, you need to understand where you stand in the search engine landscape and what you need to improve. The only way to do this is by conducting an SEO audit which will reveal, where you have problems that need to be fixed, gaps that need to be filled and will also help you create the perfect road map to crush your competitors. An in-depth local SEO audit can cost several hundred dollars, sometimes thousands, if you Commission an agency to do it for you. But today I’m going to…

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    SEO and the Pay Per Lead Model

    – Hi, everyone. Today I wanted to talk to you about SEO and how that marries with the Pay Per Lead model that we run as an agency out of the South of England here in the UK. So we have an ad up on Facebook at the moment which is getting loads of engagement, comments, and likes, and it’s definitely ringing true with a lot of people, because back in the day, probably about up to 10 years ago, there was this method called, a way of making money, called the Rank and Rent model in SEO. And what happened was the people would build a website and it…

  • Backlinks SEO – How To Get More Power From Links
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    Backlinks SEO – How To Get More Power From Links

    Hello and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer if you are brand new here welcome to Chris Palmer SEO. in today’s video We will discuss how you can increase the power and the quality of Backlinks that you already have or that you are going to establish for SEO. So I will walk through exactly the process on my white board here I’ll give you the SEO strategy so you can take it and you two can actually start increasing the power of SEO backlinks from one site to another Now this actually arises because I have continuously gotten questions about link building and Chris I Am able to acquire…