• SEO things to know as a web developer
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    SEO things to know as a web developer

    Knowing SEO or at least some basic tips is essential for a developer as SEO should be considered even before building the website it is more efficient to view the necessary serial components into the website’s design and architecture from this top but let’s start from the beginning and make the definition of SEO sear or search engine optimization is a process of improving positions in organic non-paid search results in search engines like here these are organic non-paid results these websites show up organically based on Google’s algorithm which ranks pages and these websites have the higher ranking that’s why more people will see them here is a huge…

  • How To Get Found on Google
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    How To Get Found on Google

    Hi, I’m Virginia with Bruce Clay, Inc. Today we’re gonna talk about how to get found on Google. This is gonna be endless, endless fun. OK. You have a business with a website, or you work with someone who does. So now you’re thinking how can I get found by people who are looking for me on a search engine like Google or Bing. In order to explain, first I’m gonna describe the makeup of a search engine results page and along the way will kind of describe how it all works. Sound good? Let’s go. So the typical search engine results page has, we’re gonna go with, like five…