• SEO For WordPress On Page SEO Tip
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    SEO For WordPress On Page SEO Tip

    all right and welcome my name is Chris Palmer if you are brand new here welcome to Chris Palmer SEO in today’s video I wanted to discuss something that has came up numerous times helping some of my partner’s client sites and that is on page SEO with WordPress and I want to let you know a mistake that I continuously see with WordPress and that is do not use um heading tags and bold and italic for design features okay and what I mean by this is a lot of times went on helping my partner I see that within the design that they are using numerous h1 tags…

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    On Page SEO Guide | SEO for Beginners

    What’s up people? I’m here to tell you some secrets of driving more traffic to your website. Gaining visibility on the web is not easy these days, but I will help you to promote your business quickly, easily and without spending a fortune. So fasten your belts and let’s roll into your ultimate marketing guide right now. You may already know that in terms of on-page SEO it’s really important to optimize your website content. Yeah, it matters a lot. But it’s not the only precaution you should take. Make sure you take enough care of the internal links on your website. If your pages are accessible from the main…

  • Master On Page SEO In 10 Minutes (with page 1 rankings)
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    Master On Page SEO In 10 Minutes (with page 1 rankings)

    hello and welcome to this video about on-page SEO today we’re going to be covering on-page SEO and how you can become a master in this very very quick video we’re gonna be keeping this extremely basic extremely simple at the end of this you are literally going to be an on-page SEO master and you are going to know how to do it more effectively than anybody else because you’re going to understand the core core aspects of on-page SEO so without further ado let’s jump into the video let’s talk about the four main pillars of on-page SEO so before we get into this I just want to…