• Ultimate Product Search & Filter App for Shopify stores
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    Ultimate Product Search & Filter App for Shopify stores

    Almost every online buyers start their shopping journey with a keyword search. If the search system within your store is unable to understand your user intent and get them a “zero search results” page or irrelevant results your eCommerce will hit a dead-end. Ultimate Search & Filter is the perfect solution empowers the search and navigation experience of many online retailers and stores by leveraging Advanced semantic search Natural language processing Dynamic Filtered Navigation Digital merchandising Ensure customers quickly find what they are looking for on any device. Built with AI and machine learning technology, the engine becomes smarter over time. It can understand user purchase intent and contextual meaning.…

  • Site Search 360 – Search made simple
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    Site Search 360 – Search made simple

    So you want your website to have an internal search, a fast and reliable one that shows relevant and complete results and ideally you want an ad-free solution that won’t cost you a fortune… Meet Site Search 360: a smart, powerful, easy-to-implement search engine and when we say easy, we mean it! Simply enter your domain name and our crawler will index your web pages right away. Use our search designer tool to make your search box look and feel like it was tailor-made for you. Now just copy a snippet of JavaScript to your site and you’re good to go! But if you want to take your search to…

  • Is Site Search Still Relevant on Mobile? | Klevu | Shopify Plus Experts
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    Is Site Search Still Relevant on Mobile? | Klevu | Shopify Plus Experts

    Yeah for sure, when we’re doing a discovery with a client, mobile is- we talk about that a lot, how we can get people using search on mobile, how we can make sure that the navigation on mobile isn’t too clunky and it provides a really seamless fast experience. So one of the areas we always look for is like expanding the search bar mobile to drive traffic through there, as we mentioned conversion rates soar through search so you really want to be capitalising on that as a retailer. Yeah we can also make other improvements like pushing a full page search results page and just making the whole…