• How to Get Sitelinks on Google | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #43】
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    How to Get Sitelinks on Google | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #43】

    They are not widespread, but you should know that sitelinks are an additional section directly integrated into the snippet of your result in a SERP and it consists of a series of links with descriptions. This sort of navigation menu is designed by Google to help the user in choosing the pages to visit of a site and this is why sitelinks generally appear on the homepage and not on internal pages. These links may include static pages, categories or other content directly chosen by Google. We now have no choice, unlike some time ago, when the Demote Sitelink setting still existed on the Google Search Console. How do we…

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    SEO İçin Site Mimarisi Nasıl Oluşturulur? Silolama Yöntemi Nedir? [WPOKULU 2019]

    Hello this section is about how should the appropriate site structure for SEO? I’ll tell you all this. The site structure is also used as a site architecture. What is a site structure? What is site architecture? Let me talk about this a little bit. As you know a site and links between these contents. In this section we will learn the organization of the site content. I will also tell you how to link these contents together? And what will we learn here? How will it affect our site? If we build the site architecture properly, When search engine bots come to our site you can easily browse all…

  • What does SEO Mean? | CRO | Build your Powerful Links | Analyze your competitors
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    What does SEO Mean? | CRO | Build your Powerful Links | Analyze your competitors

    Who are we? We are Seo Service provider What does SEO Mean SEO is used to Enhance Search Visibility Increased User Experience Improve Revenues and Profits Building a reputable Brand How do we do it? Audit your website and provide a list of changes you should make Write your amazing Content A copy for your site with increased Audience Engagement Build you Powerfull Links We create link strategies with a higher level of up-take Perform usability Analysis And then increasing engagement levels Increase Conversion Rates CRO enables us to understand how visitors click through your site Analyze your competitors We really do big deep to see what they are doing…

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    Can I place multiple breadcrumbs on a page?

    Today’s question comes all the way from Tokyo, Japan, and the question is, many of my items belong to multiple categories on my eCommerce site. Can I place multiple breadcrumbs on a page? Do they confuse Googlebot? Do you properly understand the logical site structure of my site? So that’s a really interesting question. It turns out if you do breadcrumbs we will currently pick the first one. So I would try to get things in the right category or hierarchy as much as you can. But that said, if an item does belong to multiple areas within your hierarchy it is possible to go ahead and have multiple breadcrumbs…

  • How Do I Add an XML Sitemap to My WordPress Site
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    How Do I Add an XML Sitemap to My WordPress Site

    how do I add a XML site map to my WordPress site hello and welcome I’m going to show you quickly how you can add XML site map to your website that is built on WordPress simply log into your dashboard and on the left hand side you have plugins here simply press on all you have to do to add site map to WordPress is search plugins that allow you to quickly and easily install site maps now I’m not going to tell you to choose a particular one I’ve used this particular one here and I had no problems with it okay one thing that I can suggest…

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    Should I use rel=”nofollow” on internal links to a login page?

    MATT CUTTS: Today’s question comes from Christian in Madrid. Christian asks, does it make sense to use rel=”nofollow” for internal links, for example, to link to your login page? Does it really make a difference? So let me give you the rules of thumb. I’ve talked about this a little bit in the past. But it’s worth mentioning it again. Rel=”nofollow” means the page rank won’t flow through that link as far as discovering the link, page rank computation, all that sort of stuff. So for internal links, links within your site, I would try to leave the nofollow off. So if it’s a link from one page on your…

  • Help for hacked sites: Server configuration
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    Help for hacked sites: Server configuration

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Lucas Ballard. I’m a software engineer at Google, and I work on Google Safe Browsing. I’d like to provide more information for site owners who are notified that their site was infected with malware, specifically with the type “server configuration.” So that we’re all on the same page, if your site is infected with malware, you can see sample infected URLs and the type of infection when you verify ownership of your site in Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools can be found at google.com/webmasters. When Webmaster Tools indicates the malware type “server configuration,” it often means that the hacker is redirecting visitors from your good…

  • Finding your site on Google
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    Finding your site on Google

    >>Jen Lee: Hello, I’m Jennifer and I work on Google search quality team. A really common question we hear from new site owners is, “How do I get my site to show up in Google search results?” Well, the good news is, Google has likely already found your new content. You can easily determine if Google is displaying your site in our search results by doing what we call a site search. To do this, from a Google search bar, type the word site colon and your domain name without any spaces. If something comes up then congrats! You’re in Google search results. If there are fewer pages displaying than…

  • Help for hacked sites: Request a review
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    Help for hacked sites: Request a review

    Hi. I’m Maile Ohye. We’re now on the last significant step in recovery of a hacked site– request a review. The goal of this video is to request a review through Google and be approved so your site’s pages are no longer flagged to users. Reviews are approved if we determine that your site shows no signs of being possibly harmful or deceptive to searchers. How do you know if your site is ready for review? Prior to requesting a review, it’s recommended that you have verified ownership of your site in Webmaster Tools, cleaned your site of the hacker’s vandalism, corrected the vulnerability, and brought your clean site back…

  • Should internal links use rel=”nofollow”?
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    Should internal links use rel=”nofollow”?

    Today’s question comes from AntonioSo in Montreal. AntonioSo asks, “Should ‘back to top’ links have rel=’nofollow’?” The answer is no. My general answer is, if you are linking from one page on your site to another page on your site, don’t add nofollow. There’s been this whole little mini-kerfluffle where people are talking about doing pagerank sculpting. And then Google made changes a while ago to make it so that trying to sculpt your pagerank doesn’t really work that well. So if you’re linking out to an external site, a third party site, that you don’t necessarily trust or endorse, or it’s a blog comment, or for some reason you…