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    What hardware and software powers Googlebot?

    Today’s question comes from Cardiff, UK. Tristan Perry asks a fun question. “Hi Matt. Could you give any insight into the sort of hardware and/or server-side software which power a typical Googlebot– web crawler– server?” What a fun question! So one of the secrets of Google is that rather than employing these mainframe machines, this heavy iron, big iron kind of stuff, if you were to go into a Google data center and look at an example rack, it would look a lot like a PC. So there’s commodity PC parts. It’s the sort of thing where you’d recognize a lot of the stuff from having opened up your own…

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    You can learn Arduino in 15 minutes.

    Arduinos! I’m going to talk about what they are, what they can do, and the basics of how to set one up to do simple things like make an LED dimming circuit, control the speed of motors, and even make a simple oscilloscope. So what is an Arduino? I’m sure you’ve heard about these things a million times by now, and if you are confused you have every right to be, because the word Arduino refers to so many different things. Keep watching and I will explain all of them. Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that are basically tiny computers. They can run small, simple software programs. They are low powered…

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    #115: User-Focused IT at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with CIO John B. Owens

    Government IT, federal government IT is big and it’s bad. I don’t mean bad as in bad, it’s like bad as in bad-ass stuff especially when you have a CIO who’s focused on Dev-ops and connecting with users and the business. I am Michael Krigsman, episode 115 of CXO-Talk with my glorious and fabulous co-host, Vala Afshar. I think you should save the big announcement and your scream describing our extraordinary CIO’s who’s with us, John Owens, the CIO of the US Patent and Trademark Office. How are you John? Very good thank you. Thank you both. John Owen, CIO of the US Patent and Trademark Office. How are you…

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    Backlinks Overview Report

    Knowing how to analyze your competitor’s backlink profile is key to understanding their reputation. Backlinks can tell you what type of relationships websites have with each other, and they’re a huge factor in determining your search engine rank. SEMrush Backlinks give users the ability to clearly view where specific backlinks are going to the queried domain. With this knowledge users will be able to view the total number of backlinks, referring domains and referring IPs. You can analyze the domain and trust score of a backlink and you can also view the distribution by link type. The SEMrush Backlinks Overview can provide you with a snapshot of your competitor’s backlink…

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    SharePoint Search center overview

    Users in your organization enter search queries and view the search results in a SharePoint Search Center. As the administrator, you configure and customize the experience to enable your users to find the content they need in your organization with Office 365. In this video we’re going to give you an overview of searching in SharePoint online. An authorized user visits SharePoint and enters criteria to look for a document. The user finds the necessary document and continues on their way. Most users are unaware of the effort involved to make that magic happen. This is where you come in! Basically, this is how search works in Office 365. SharePoint…

  • SEMrush Backlinks Indexed Pages Report
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    SEMrush Backlinks Indexed Pages Report

    As an SEO manager it is an important idea to always be keeping an eye on your competitors and what other URLs they are linking back to. The SEMrush Indexed Pages report is the perfect way to do just that. The backlinks indexed pages report allows you to analyze a competitor’s most linked and least linked web pages, to gather an idea of what kind of content acquired links the best With this report you can also determine your competitor’s top landing pages. You can breakdown a domain’s backlinks by linked pages. and you can also determine the authority of a landing page. This report will list out the pages…