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    Breaststroke/Butterfly Stroke Instruction (swim technique lesson) #swimlesson #breaststroke #fly

    Alright breaststroke, the first thing about breaststroke it is by far the slowest stroke So your streamline your speed, all the momentum that you can get in breaststroke is really at a premium because the stroke itself is so slow. The stroke is not dominated by the upper body like it is in all three of the other strokes. It’s dominated by the lower portion of the body–from the kick The kick provides almost all the thrust So you’ve got to have that in your mind going into the stroke in order to really become a successful breaststroker You’ve got to get the focus off of providing a whole bunch…

  • Live Mermaids Swimming in Our Pool!
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    Live Mermaids Swimming in Our Pool!

    [MUSIC PLAYING] -It’s summer time, and in our house, that means lots of outdoor activity, because if the kids are inside all day long, I will go crazy. Rylan is the huge swimmer in our family, and this year for her birthday, she got a mermaid tail. And she’s been having so much fun with it and the other kids have been stealing it so often that we finally got them each their own tails, and now we have mermaids in our pool. And I forgot to mention the shark that trolls the waters too. You’re looking way too comfortable their, Bailey. -We were just reading our books and then…

  • Improve your Butterfly swimming (5 Stages) technique for beginners
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    Improve your Butterfly swimming (5 Stages) technique for beginners

    this is a guide to help you swim butterfly without getting tired. It consists of 5 phases. I’m not saying that you will watch this video and you’ll immediately go to the pool and swim hundreds of yards without breaking a sweat. No no, on this video I will show you a series of progressive exercises that you can do to that if done well and often will help you create muscle memory for a smooth easy butterfly. Along with muscles memory you will develop endurance that is basic for all things swimming. I did a video a while ago about exercises for core muscles for dolphin kick. If you…