• Google Demo Slam: 20ft Search
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    Google Demo Slam: 20ft Search

    SPEAKER 1: Maybe go to the left a little. Z: The plan is, I’m going to do a voice search into a phone from 20 feet in the air. SPEAKER 2: While you’re in the air? Z: Yeah. While I’m in the air. SPEAKER 2: OK. So close. SPEAKER 3: Let’s go, Z. You’ve got this. Z: Kick flip. SPEAKER 2: Did it read his voice? SPEAKER 4: What? That’s awesome. Z: It worked? SPEAKER 2: Check it out, man, it worked. Slam!

  • How To Spot A Fake iPhone
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    How To Spot A Fake iPhone

    So, I received this box it looks like an iPhone, you take a glace around here, iPhone 6s, the back looks the same I mean it looks like an iPhone, But it ain’t an iPhone This my friends is a high quality, high caliber chinese iPhone knock off Lets go ahead and find out what the differences are! Maybe there are none, Maybe they all fool me, completely Maybe we should all be using it now, I highly doubt it So, the first thing, being a guy who has unboxed a number of iPhones The first thing that’ll tip you off that you got a fake is this little bag…

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    Totally Clear Razer Phone 2!! – Some are better than others…

    Not all clear phones are created equal – some turn out way better than others. And this is a story of one clear Razer Phone that didn’t turn out so well. Let’s get started. [Intro] So usually when I get brand new phones, like this Razer Phone 2, I’m one of the first people to try and take them apart. Since manufacturers generally frown upon dissecting phones, or fixing your phone yourself, there is zero instruction on how it’s done. Initially I thought that this year’s Razer Phone would be similar to last year’s Razer Phone, and we would initiate the teardown from the large earpiece. Turns out, that earpiece…

  • This New ‘Perfect’ Battery Has Experts Stumped
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    This New ‘Perfect’ Battery Has Experts Stumped

    The Lithium ion battery has made our modern phones, laptops, and electric cars possible. The secret is its ability to cram a lot of power into a tiny package, but for its inventor John B Goodenough, that wasn’t good enough. Nearly 40 years after he helped create a battery that would change the world, Goodenough and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have announced they’ve invented a new battery that sounds too good to be true. Goodenough has a few issues with his old lithium ion battery. It’s still too weak, too expensive, and has the pesky habit of exploding from time to time. If a battery is…

  • Tubebuddy (Pro) Review
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    Tubebuddy (Pro) Review

    hello I am Wanderer001 and this is my review and/or look at Tubbuddy Pro yes I have done a Tubebuddy free review in the past but I had several opportunities to try out free upgrades to the pro and the pro level is one that I was considering and well here we are I’ve put down some cash and we are looking at pro Tubebuddy and the features that you get with this as opposed to the free video I will link the free video in the upper right hand corner using card but these are the things that you that you get with the pro version first being I’m…

  • Never Stop Searching | Google SVP of Search, Amit Singhal | Google Zeitgeist
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    Never Stop Searching | Google SVP of Search, Amit Singhal | Google Zeitgeist

    My professional journey in Search started in 1990 when I came to the United States from India as a young computer science graduate student to study Search with some of the pioneers of the field and today I am responsible for Search at Google. It has been an incredible journey and after 25 years of working in Search the question people ask me most often is ‘What keeps you going?’ Now before I answer that question let me tell you a story Somewhere in the United States a young couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter. Soon after their child was born she developed severe allergies to most foods When…

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    Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

    So I think that this is the most expensive thing I’ve ever had on a desk here At Unbox Therapy Now, If you some sort of Unbox Therapy aficionado You can go back through the Inventory and you can tell me if there is something I missed But I don’t think anything is gonna beat this This, my friends is the $20,000 smartphone *Flabbergasted and grabs his cap* It is from a company called Sirin Labs And the phone is called The Solarin We are dealing with a very fine piece of machinery There is gold involved Maybe even diamonds and leather And all the wonderful materials that exist on…

  • Tubebuddy Star Review
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    Tubebuddy Star Review

    hello I’m Wanderer001 and this is my review of Tubebuddy star in the past I have done a review a review of Tubebuddy free and pro I will link to the playlist in the upper right hand corner for the longest time I did use Tubebuddy Pro and shortly well not shortly a year ago I did upgrade to the pro version finally paying for Tubebuddy which is an awesome tool regardless of if you pay for it or not but at the end of last year I upgrade it to the star because there were certain features that I wanted that star offered that I did not get with…

  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phone
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    Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phone

    (slow music) This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. You know the Note, right? It was the first big phone, but now every phone is big. Then, it was the most powerful big phone. But nearly all big Android phones have really great specs now. So what’s left for the Note? Samsung will tell you that there are a bunch of things. But really, there’s just one thing: the S Pen, the stylus. See, the Note starts at $1,100, which is hundreds of dollars more than comparable phones, even phones that Samsung makes. So you have to ask yourself: how badly do you want this stylus? (upbeat music) Now,…

  • Internet Systems Consortium’s SIE & Google Protobufs
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    Internet Systems Consortium’s SIE & Google Protobufs

    >> …and SIE as a security information exchange, which is kind of a more or less freeish way to get Paul and Jim later, to get access to a bunch of data, which includes things like passive DNS and spam feeds and things like this. Eric Ziegast is an ISC…>>ZIEGAST: It’s a program manager for SIE. >>[INDISTINCT] job.>>Okay, good. And Paul Vixie is, you know, one of the ISC founder folk and [INDISTINCT].>>[INDISTINCT]. >>VIXIE: You mentioned.>>ZIEGAST: Okay, all right. So, SIE, Security Information Exchange, people are familiar with different kinds of exchanges. You have exchanges of money on–like NASDAQ, you have Internet exchanges which Paul actually founded one of them,…