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    How I Made My Own Android Phone – in China

    Uh-Oh Did I buy a locked board? The problem here is that I haven’t used Android so long. I don’t really know what to do about this. I set out to build my own iPhone a couple of years ago and it took me down this crazy rabbit hole into the Chinese cellphone markets and ever since people have been asking me “Okay, when are you gonna build your own Android?” and I kept saying I didn’t want to make that same video again Just building a different phone But I keep thinking about it and I realized that I learned so much building that first iPhone and there’s entire…

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    Jung Rok & Yun Seo – Falling into love

    Do you perhaps… hate women? Did I do something wrong? What? Ms. Oh Jin Sim. I said it’s Oh Yun Seo! Why are you staring at me like that? Why are you staring at me like that? Let’s go for dinner. I didn’t doge this time. You did well. I just told to stop smiling. If comes a time when you feel like you’re alone in this world… and that there’s no one to take your side again, I’ll be there for you. Let’s date. I like you. I like you. A lot. Can I kiss you? Can I hold your hand? I missed you. Stay away from my girl.…

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    How to succeed at SEO on Naver | Need-to-know

    If you’re targeting South Korea, then you need to focus your SEO efforts on the country’s most popular search engine, Naver. However, that’s easier said than done, as SEO works very differently on Naver compared to Google. This means that SEO can be a challenge to people who are only familiar with search engine optimisation for Google. Don’t panic! We say that every week – don’t panic! This video will explain the most important things you need to bear in mind when doing SEO on Naver. First of all, let’s be aware that Naver is seen as a community platform and its search results contain many different types of content.…

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    Brian Dean – How to Crush It with SEO

    I want to say thanks to everyone, this has been an awesome event, let’s give a round of applause to everyone at Zeo for putting on an awesome event. This has been great, it’s been so fun. I have a ton of actionable stuff to go through today, so let’s just dive right into my material. A couple years ago I published a blog post on my blog called ‘how to get high quality backlinks without guest posting’, and like every post on my blog, I optimized it around a keyword. In this case the keyword was ‘high quality backlinks’, so I published the blog, promoted it, got social shares…

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    How To Use SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing For Increasing Profits – Scott Cowley

    hello everyone welcome to another Stukent Expert Session my name is Trevor Ericsson and I will be the webinar organizer today we are extremely lucky and privileged to have Scott Cowley with us he comes to us from the sunny state of Arizona where he is a marketing strategy instructor and PhD student at Arizona State University he’s researching social media and digital strategy there before he moved down to Arizona he was the head of SEO at a industry-leading mobile accessories company called zag you probably have a few of their products on some your mobile devices and we’re just excited to have him with us and without any…

  • Node.js Now with Dan Shaw
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    Node.js Now with Dan Shaw

    [APPLAUSE] DAN SHAW: How’s everybody doing? So before we kick off into my talk and my janky graphics, is this on? Can you hear me? AUDIENCE: Yeah. DAN SHAW: Great. I’m going to kind of lay out where we’re going this evening. So we have a very interesting kind of eclectic mix for you, and that very much represents the world of Node. We’re in the enterprise, in embedded devices, in mobile, all over the place, so I’m going to share some of my experience, some of what I’ve been helping grow in the Node community. And then after me, we’ll have Trevor Norris, Node core contributor, and we’re going…

  • What is Google doing to provide support to webmasters?
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    What is Google doing to provide support to webmasters?

    Today’s question comes from the United Kingdom. Phil asks, “When will there be official Google support for webmaster questions? I only ever receive automated responses after submitting reconsideration requests despite going to length to write in detail with regards to my issues and what I have done.” So the problem is fundamentally a scale issue. There’s 250 million domain names. I think the most recent data that we’ve provided says that we took action on 400,000 sites to the degree that we sent them a manual message in January of 2013. And we get about 5,000 reconsideration reports each week, so about 20,000 a month. And the problem is our…

  • How to Get Unlimited Free High DA Backlinks (Only 10 Min. of Work) | Tyler Horvath
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    How to Get Unlimited Free High DA Backlinks (Only 10 Min. of Work) | Tyler Horvath

    what’s up everybody Tyler Horvath here and in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can build backlinks for completely free using help a reporter out so if you aren’t familiar with what help a reporter out is it is basically a place to connect journalists with sources so you’re gonna sign up as a source and journalists are gonna send out questions every single day asking for answers from these sources so it’s a really easy way to get a backlink because your going to answer the question that these journalists have and you’re going to include a link and who you are and a lot of…

  • Using Beautiful Soup – Data Wranging with MongoDB
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    Using Beautiful Soup – Data Wranging with MongoDB

    Okay, we’re in the home stretch here. Let’s figure out how to build the HTTP request such that we can pass all seven of these form elements. Now, the question is where do these elements come from? In most cases when you see form elements showing up that aren’t obviously part of the form itself, and by that I mean aren’t part of the user interface. Now what’s gotta be going on here is that we have hidden form elements. So, let’s figure out where they’re at. So, here’s the start of the form. If, we look down through, I don’t obviously see any other elements. So, I bet it’s…

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    How to Fix a FREE CAR that Cranks but Won’t Start

    Hey guys! ChrisFix here, and today I’m going to show you how to diagnose and fix an engine that’ll crank but won’t start. So when you turn the key, the starter will engage, the engine will spin, it’ll turn over, but it just won’t start. And this is a situation that most people who drive will encounter at least once. But don’t worry, because after watching this video, you’re going to learn everything you need to know on how to figure out what the problem is, and then hopefully you’ll be able to fix that problem and get your vehicle running. And this car is the perfect example of that.…