• What role does being in DMOZ play in rankings?
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    What role does being in DMOZ play in rankings?

    Hi, everybody. It’s Matt Cutts. We are now recording two days worth of webmaster videos, so we can answer as many as possible– some that are really meaty, so we need a white board, and some that are a little quicker. So we’re just knocking a bunch out. And let’s go in and look at one. We have a question from Flo in Spain, who asks what role does being in DMOZ play in rankings? I see some websites in my niche ranked number one. And the only reason is because they are in DMOZ, as their content is, at best, poor. Getting into DMOZ is impossible nowadays. So why…

  • Can switching to HTTPS harm ranking?
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    Can switching to HTTPS harm ranking?

    Today’s question comes from Roelant in the Netherlands who wants to know if a website goes SSL, that’s like https, secure, entirely, can it harm ranking even if done right? No speed loss, http does 301 to https. Existing incoming links would still be http and it’s assumed that forwarding-links are valued less by Google than links to the page itself. So essentially this person wants to know can I go https and be able to rank with no major problem. Well if you go to Google and you do a search for PayPal, I believe PayPal has switched to https. So that’s a good example I like to show…

  • When I change domains, how long should I leave the redirects in place?
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    When I change domains, how long should I leave the redirects in place?

    Today’s question comes from Jacob in Denmark. Jacob wants to know, if I get a new domain and want to 301 redirect www.olddomain.com to www.newdomain.com, how long do I have to keep the redirect up before I can start using the old domain for something else? Just until it has been crawled once? Well, this is something where search engines can change their policy over time, because we might see the web evolving, or we might see how webmasters either have issues, those sorts of things. I can tell you about my experience moving from mattcutts.com to dullest.com and then dullest.com back to mattcutts.com Whenever I decided to move back,…

  • Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 254
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    Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 254

    Unknown Speaker 0:00 Alright, I think we’re live. So Hey everybody, this is Bradley bender with Semantic Mastery Today is September 18 2019. This is Hump Day hangout Episode 254. Unknown Speaker 0:16 quite a feat where we’re approaching our What is it five year anniversary? just about right 260. So I think we’re six weeks away from that. Five years, man five years. I’m going to have to miss one next week. But I won’t be missing our our five year anniversary no matter what. Unknown Speaker 0:35 And that’s quite an accomplishment, man. Unknown Speaker 0:38 Five years of coming here for an hour and talking shit every…

  • Using Piggyback SEO to Get More Leads
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    Using Piggyback SEO to Get More Leads

    Welcome back, this is John Locke. Today we’re talking about a concept that you’ll hear people in SEO talk about. Sometimes it is referred to as Barnacle SEO. Sometimes it’s called Parasite SEO which is kind of sketchy — I don’t know about Parasite SEO. For the purposes of today’s video, let’s call it Piggyback SEO. Because that that is closer to what it actually is. Barnacle SEO is a good description though – I like that one. Basically what this is, we’re using the search ranking power of another platform in order to elevate your own visibility. Wow this works, and especially in local SEO, you’re going to find…

  • Tree Analogy | YouTube SEO Strategy
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    Tree Analogy | YouTube SEO Strategy

    Welcome back. Do you want a much easier way to do keyword research for YouTube? Seriously, there’s a way better way. I’m going to take all the confusing part of YouTube SEO and keyword research. Set it aside. And I’m going to teach you the tree analogy. If you learn the tree analogy, you’ll never have to stress about this again. I know what you’re thinking. SEO can be confusing, it can be overwhelming. Keyword research, all of that. Okay? Just please just set that aside just for a moment. Just for the length of this video and just open your mind to the possibility of you picking a topic,…

  • How do I know which links to remove when I get an “unnatural links” message?
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    How do I know which links to remove when I get an “unnatural links” message?

    MALE SPEAKER: Today’s question comes from dbizzle in Los Angeles, who wants to know “Google Webmaster Tools says I have ‘unnatural links,’ but gives little help as to which specific links are bad. Since I have never purchased links, I don’t know which ones to have removed, and I’m scared of removing good ones, which will hurt my traffic. Suggestions?” Excellent question. So we’ve tried to become more transparent. And when we were saying links were affecting our reputation of the entire site, we would tell people about that. More recently, we’ve been telling people and opening up and saying, hey, we still like your site– your site overall might…

  • Should I build links using article directories?
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    Should I build links using article directories?

    Today’s question comes from India. Deepika asks, “Links from relevant content in article directories– is that seen as good or bad? For example, I link my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery article on, say, Ezine. Would you do that?” So I think over time, article directories have gotten a little bit of a worse name. So just to refresh everybody’s memory, an article directory is, basically, where you write 300, 400, or 500 words of content, and then you’ll include a little bio or some information about you at the bottom of the article, and you might have, say, three links with keyword-rich anchor text at the bottom of…

  • SEO Zen Review: Alex Becker and Company’s SEO Zen
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    SEO Zen Review: Alex Becker and Company’s SEO Zen

    Today, we’re going to be discussing a product called SEO Zen by guys named Alex Becker, Alex Cass and Mo Miah. This is one of the most low quality, scummiest products that I have reviewed at a long time. We’ll talk about all the reasons why in today’s review from NoMoreBSReviews.com. This video review has been edited for the sake of brevity. But if at any point during this video you’d like to read the full, unedited review complete with screen shots, you can click the logo in the bottom right hand corner of this video and you’d be taken to the full review that you can skim through at…

  • SEO For EverWeb Video Course – Keyword Research
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    SEO For EverWeb Video Course – Keyword Research

    Before optimizing your website, the most important thing you will need to do is keyword research. What this entails is determining what keywords you are going to target on your website. Choosing the right keywords can be the difference between ranking 1st and not ranking at all. But what do I mean by the right keywords? Well first let’s take a look at an example of a wrong keyword. I have Google open here so I am going to do a search for a keyword that would be very popular – computers. As you can see, there are a lot of results for this keyword, several hundred million. You can…