• Guide to On Page SEO Elements – for Google and Bing
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    Guide to On Page SEO Elements – for Google and Bing

    Hello, my name’s Alec. I’m a search specialist here at Koozai, and today I’m going to be walking you through a few basic SEO on page elements. As you can see from the diagram behind me, I’ve a basic web page that contains all of the on page elements that you’d expect to see or could see on a web page. I’m going to walk you through what these are, how to use them, a few dos and don’ts and the relevancy of this to optimising your website. If we look at the top of the page, we have the company logo. This is normally situated in the top left-hand…

  • Content Site KPIs: Scroll Depth, Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate
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    Content Site KPIs: Scroll Depth, Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate

    If your site earns revenue from advertising, you might want to know how ads are seen on each page. Scroll depth measures how far down the page a user actually scrolls. If we know that a user scrolls down to, say, 75% of the page, they’ve most likely seen most of the ads on that page and we have success. Your developers can track these interactions as hard-coded events with Google Analytics. They can also track this with Google Tag Manager and the scroll depth trigger. Let me show you what that looks like Google Tag Manager. So here we are in GTM and I have set up an event…

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    (‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’ /2018) I’m better than you think. Why? Am I too charming for you? Talking about the most popular actors these days, Park Seojoon is sure to be the first that comes to mind. With his good looks and unparalleled acting, Park Seojoon achieved an all-kill not only in TV dramas, but also on the big screen. (‘Parasite’ / 2019) What do you mean? Tutor a rich kid. It pays well. She’s a nice girl. Look after her while I’m studying abroad. Appearing in 2019’s top box office smash hit, ‘Parasite’, he plays Minhyuk, the best friend of the film’s main character, Kiwoo. The black comedy…

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    What should I do if my competitors are using webspam techniques?

    Today’s question comes from Hood River, where lisawilliams wants to know, “White hat search marketers read and follow Google guidelines. What should they tell clients whose competitors use black hat techniques such as doorway pages and whom continue to rank as a result of those techniques?” So first and foremost, I would say do a spam report. Because if you’re violating Google’s guidelines in terms of cloaking or sneaky JavaScript redirects, buying links, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, all those kinds of things, we do want to know about it. So you can do a spam report. That’s private. You can also stop by Google’s Webmaster forum, and that’s more public.…

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    Are Google SERPs the same on all browsers?

    Matt Cutts: We have a question from Land Lubber in Colorado. We’ve had a few from Land Lubber but you know these are kind of interesting so I enjoy answering them. The question is, Do your SERPs, Search engine result pages, return the exact same results on all browsers? That is, the same results on IE6, IE7, Firefox2, 3, Opera, Chrome and so on. The answer is, usually they do but not in all situations. So let me give you a couple of situations where it could differ. If you um, you know, personalization is based on who we think you are. So if you’re logged in versus not logged…

  • The Heartbreak Of Not Having A Vagina | BORN DIFFERENT
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    The Heartbreak Of Not Having A Vagina | BORN DIFFERENT

    KAYLEE MOATS: I’m still trying to accept myself, accept what I have and not dwell on it. KAYLEE MOATS: I was about 18 when I discovered I had MRKH, when I didn’t get my period but my 12-year-old sister did. We decided to go to the gynaecologist where they did an ultrasound and discovered I didn’t have a uterus or a cervix and vaginal opening and that I wouldn’t be able to carry my own children. LAURA MOATS: That was disbelief. It was a feeling of ‘Why? What happened? Why doesn’t she have a uterus?’ KAYLEE MOATS: Seeing how my mom reacted, it made me sad that I wasn’t able…

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    How are site: results ranked?

    Today’s question comes from Pratheep in Bangalore who wants to know, Hi Matt. If you do a site colon website dot com on Google, on what basis are the results ranked? Is this the order in which Google gives importance to each and every page in the website? Because most of the time the top listed pages get more search traffic. Great question. In general, we don’t promise that site colon queries will rank in the exact same order that other pages would rank in. So we do use a few different factors. We do use some version, roughly, of page rank, but it’s not exactly in page rank order.…

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    [CC/FULL] Remember EP01 (1/3) | 리멤버

    (Execution Chamber) Jin Woo! Tell them that I didn’t do it, Jin Woo. Jin Woo, you promised that you’d get me out. Please get me out of here. Jin Woo, you promised. Get me out of here! Jin Woo, get me out of here! – Please, save my father. – Jin Woo! Jin Woo! – Don’t do that! – Jin Woo! Jin Woo! Get me out of here! Stop this! Jin Woo! No! I’m sorry, I don’t remember you. I apologise if this isn’t… the first time we meet. My name is Seo Jin Woo. I am… your attorney. I’m defending you at your rehearing, which took four years to…

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    How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippet Box

    In the past, getting the number one position in search results was the ultimate goal for ambitious marketers. But Google has reset the starting point. And now position zero — known as a featured snippet — is the one with the authority. So, what is a featured snippet? “A featured snippet is often or historically known as a quick answer box.” That’s Matthew Barby, HubSpot’s Director of Acquisition and resident SEO expert. “Featured snippets have impacted SEO quite a lot over the past couple of years. A lot more people are either, one, going through and just getting the result directly without ever leaving the search results which can mean…

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    How to Get Traffic to Your Website

    – Yeah, so you spent so much time and you’re pretty bummed that no one’s finding your website. – So SEO takes a ton of time, right. It’s not something you can do today and you’re going to start getting traffic tomorrow. – Right. Right. But if you have all this great content but bad SEO, no one’s going to find it. – Welcome to The Journey. I’m Nealey – And I’m Morgan, – And today we’re talking about how to get traffic to your website. All right, so I’ve got this website and I made it all super pretty, its got good animations, how do we get traffic to…