• Q & A: Why did our Google ranking drop after website redesign?
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    Q & A: Why did our Google ranking drop after website redesign?

    Hello, this is John Locke and today’s question comes to us from Reddit, where somebody wrote in that they recently redesigned their website. They went from page 1 of Google to page 9 ,and they’re wondering could the redesign of the site have had anything to do with it? Something that you need to make sure that you do, whenever you’re planning a redesign of your website is, don’t change too much content all at once. It’s okay if you trim out a few pages here and there, or consolidate them. But when you launch that new version of the site, make sure that you have a plan for a…

  • Self-Encrypting AES Drives in Hindi – Simply Explained – Episode 16
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    Self-Encrypting AES Drives in Hindi – Simply Explained – Episode 16

    Well in today’s video we are going to talk about AES Encrypted Drives i.e. AES encrypted SATA drives, it maybe SSD or HDD or Harddisk or Solid state fusion drives Or something like that. Anything, any drive that is encrypted With AES encryption Will be explained in today’s video. Without wasting time, in today’s Episode of ‘Simply Explained’, we are going to talk about storage Devices or drives, that are encrypted with AES encryption. Without wasting time, let’s start with the video. The nature of flash makes it more difficult to Encrypt or erase data on SSDs then traditional hardrives. However hardware based disk encryption is changing The game. Making…

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    Jon Earnshaw | Why we shouldn’t forget about voice search | SEO in the Shed

    Welcome to episode 4 of SEO in the shed with me, Jon Earnshaw, the Chief Product Evangelist at Pi Datametrics. Today I’m going to be talking about voice search or, to be more precise, I’m going to be looking at why we shouldn’t forget about voice search. Now, I’ve divided this video into three sections. In the first part I’m gonna look at what’s happened to voice, and particularly interest in voice search. Secondly, I’m going to discuss some brand new research that we undertook over the summer and then, finally, I’m going to discuss some super interesting conclusions that we came to. So, three years ago I remember standing…

  • Lifestyle Christianity – Movie FULL HD ( Todd White )
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    Lifestyle Christianity – Movie FULL HD ( Todd White )

    Go Into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Mark 16:15 Jesus said, “My sheep will hear and obey my voice. And the stranger’s they will not follow.” People listen to the wrong voice, and the stranger’s voice is always speaking. If I don’t see the cross and I don’t see what Jesus did for me, then I can never be free. You were predestined before the foundation of the world your value is priceless You were created for Purpose I’d just like to take you into my life for a couple of days so I can show you what I believe is normal Christianity. It…

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    Video Title YouTube | How To Title Your Youtube Videos

    Are you one of those people who want to squeeze out every little bit of the SEO that you can apply to your videos? Well, then I want to show you today how to optimize your video for multiple search terms at the same time. The best way to do it is to use a long tail search term because the long tail search term always includes also the short tail search term as well. So for example here I have “how to grow on YouTube 2020” and it also includes the search term “how to grow on YouTube”. The reason why I’m going long tail is that for my…

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    Expert Tips for How to Measure Your SEO Success

    Hey there, everyone. I am Will Gordon, an internet marketing specialist here at WebFX and today we’re gonna be finishing the final of our live guides and we are going to be discussing how to measure the success of SEO. When we talk about measuring success of SEO we really have to start with a baseline of our goals, you know, we have to have realistic goals first of all if we’re you know say we get 10 visits to our website a month and you come to us and say we want to have 100,000 visits to our website by the end of next month. That’s not really a…

  • SEO For Blogs Part 4 – More Keyword Research And “On-Page” Optimization
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    SEO For Blogs Part 4 – More Keyword Research And “On-Page” Optimization

    Dave: Yeah. This is probably just the easy way to do SEO, which is build as a big of list as you can, find out what the competition is for each one of those keywords, make sure it’s under 500,000 just so you’re not going after super competitive phrases, and then I would sort them based on number of searches. Going back to our keyword tool here, “SE0 Services,” then I would do it based on number of searches, and then I would choose a phrase that sounds good from a branding point of view and also one that you can get in the domain name like I talked about.…

  • How to Find a Niche Market for Your Online Store – Printful Print-On-Demand 2019
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    How to Find a Niche Market for Your Online Store – Printful Print-On-Demand 2019

    Overflowing with creative ideas, but can’t decide which ones are essential for your new print-on-demand business? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this video, I’ll tell you how to focus your ideas by finding a niche market for your online store. What is a niche? A niche is a specialized market that attracts a specific audience. With a niche-oriented business you are able to meet the demand of a smaller section of the population whose interests aren’t addressed by mainstream providers. Why sell to a specific niche? From a pragmatic point of view if you start with a niche store you’ll be able to create much stronger branding.…

  • SEO OnPage: Page Optimization for Search Engines | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #26】
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    SEO OnPage: Page Optimization for Search Engines | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #26】

    In this section, we will focus on the various technical elements that can be optimized on a webpage, starting from the title tag, the meta description, the header tags and the emphasis elements. We will then discuss the images’ and PDF files’ optimization, then we’ll move on to the fundamental concept of CTR and the more advanced code to text ratio. Finally, we will conclude by analyzing the most effective ways to get rich snippets and by talking about site crawling and indexing. Title Tag: Length and Practical Tips In a nutshell, the title tag (inserted in thesection of the page) is basically the title present in the SERPs (Search…

  • Does Google still need text to understand my site?
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    Does Google still need text to understand my site?

    Today’s question comes from the UK. Danielroofer asks, I have removed a lot of text from my site and replaced it with images. My bounce rate has dropped considerably. Conversions and time on the site are up. Will Google have an issue with the lack of textual content on the site? Does Google still need text? Wow, really great question. Google does still want text, so there’s a couple options. One is if you have an image that you’ve made of some text that’s really beautiful, you can include some textual content there. You can sort of say, Alt, or the title, that sort of thing. So you can say,…