• The SEO Content Template
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    The SEO Content Template

    Today we’re going to look at how to find out how much content you have to write to rank for a given keyword phrase? Yes, there is a tool that will tell us exactly the amount you need to write to rank top 10. So, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. How much do I have to write to rank for that keyword? I hear all the time. And historically, you would have to guess. Well, I’ll do 300 minimum is which we used to tell clients. But what if the top 10, all are at 10 thousand? You gave it a good step but…

  • SEO For Restaurants
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    SEO For Restaurants

    If you want a restaurant, you know that reviews and SEO are the lifeblood of your business. Today we’re going to take a look at how can you be a savvy marketer be the most findable restaurant online and spend the least amount of money getting there. If you own a restaurant, you know how challenging it is to become findable online. You probably have a ton of people walking in every day trying to sell you some new marketing strategy. I’m going to show you as a restaurant owner, or a hospitality group, how you can dive deeper into your findability based on how your prospective audience is searching…

  • SEO Website Example: A Before & After Story!
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    SEO Website Example: A Before & After Story!

    I love a case study. And today, I’m going to show you an SEO case study from start to finish on how you could make your website the most findable beautiful site online. When you’re thinking about making a website findable. A lot of it is about strategy. Do this, do that, do this, do that. But it doesn’t really give you a holistic understanding of how to do it from start to finish. So, I’m going to walk you through a real-life SEO example. So, you can get a sense of what does this look like full circle? We’re going to start with the gentleman. This is Aaron. And…

  • SEO Report: SEMRush – The BEST SEO Tool Ever
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    SEO Report: SEMRush – The BEST SEO Tool Ever

    If you’ve hired an SEO expert then you’ve received an SEO report. I’m going to show you the critical elements that you should be seeing in those reports and how to know when it’s time for a change. So, as you watch my videos you’re going to tell that I am like tool crazy. I love to geek out over tools that just you know translate this technical world of search engine optimization and I like to call findability into something that’s digestible and easy to understand by a layman –someone who’s not a techie geeky sort of person. So, I’m going to show you some of my favorite tools.…

  • What If My Webmaster Gets Hit By A Bus?
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    What If My Webmaster Gets Hit By A Bus?

    What happens if your webmaster disappears? Or you go through a webmaster divorce? It happens. We break up. I want to make sure you’re prepared so that you can hire and fire easily and with confidence. Whenever we start a relationship with a new design firm, we are in the honeymoon stage. Everything is great. They’re so brilliant. They know exactly what I want. They’re going to transform my business. And then it starts. And then maybe it doesn’t go quite as you would expect it. So, we have to think about how fast are they responding to emails? Is it really quick at first and then it kind of…

  • Best SEO tools🤓: Tips and Tricks From the Trenches
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    Best SEO tools🤓: Tips and Tricks From the Trenches

    So if you watched it in my videos, you know that I am keyword tool crazy. And I want to show you the three best keyword tools that’ll blow your mind. Okay! So let’s get started. I’m gonna throw you my three favorite keyword research tools. And the first one is called “Answer The Public”. And you’ll see here on my screen, I’ve got this very strange man, bald man with a ridiculously large sweater. I don’t know what that’s about but this cool is super cool I learned about this tool when I was in Australia speaking last year. Guy came up to me after a program and said,…

  • SEO Content Optimization
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    SEO Content Optimization

    Have you ever wondered how to optimize a piece of copy or a blog post? To be findable for that keyword? That’s we’re going to talk about today. Okay, let’s talk about the elements Google cares about for optimization or just relevance. So, if you were writing a term paper or you were creating a blog post. Of course, it’s going to be about one topic with supporting points. The supporting points are a little different for Google. So take a look at my screen here. These are the elements that Google cares about. The first one is of course, the title tag. The title tag shows up in that…