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    Mazen for SEO specialists : how you can do in 1 hour what usually takes 1 day

    Mazen is the first SEO software that saves you a lot of time when doing your SEO work. When you use Mazen, you only need to use Mazen. You don’t need to use your Excel sheets, your CMS, or any other tool everything can be done in one unique and simple interface So the first step is looking for some keywords So for example, if I’m optimizing the website of a web agency in New York, I’m going to make some keyword research. The first step is selecting the keyword that I want to optimize. So let’s say that we like this keyword (for instance ) I add this keyword…

  • Guide to On Page SEO Elements – for Google and Bing
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    Guide to On Page SEO Elements – for Google and Bing

    Hello, my name’s Alec. I’m a search specialist here at Koozai, and today I’m going to be walking you through a few basic SEO on page elements. As you can see from the diagram behind me, I’ve a basic web page that contains all of the on page elements that you’d expect to see or could see on a web page. I’m going to walk you through what these are, how to use them, a few dos and don’ts and the relevancy of this to optimising your website. If we look at the top of the page, we have the company logo. This is normally situated in the top left-hand…

  • Content Site KPIs: Scroll Depth, Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate
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    Content Site KPIs: Scroll Depth, Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate

    If your site earns revenue from advertising, you might want to know how ads are seen on each page. Scroll depth measures how far down the page a user actually scrolls. If we know that a user scrolls down to, say, 75% of the page, they’ve most likely seen most of the ads on that page and we have success. Your developers can track these interactions as hard-coded events with Google Analytics. They can also track this with Google Tag Manager and the scroll depth trigger. Let me show you what that looks like Google Tag Manager. So here we are in GTM and I have set up an event…

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    Kis Kis Ki Kismat (2004)(HD & Eng Subs) – Hindi Full Movie – Mallika Sherawat – Dharmendra

    “Hey girl!” ‘Listen to what I say.’ – Punjabi!’ ‘Listen to a good thing, worth millions, the whole world.’ ‘Marriage.. marriage.. marriage.’ ‘All boys and girls and listen, marriage is destruction.’ ‘All boys and girls and listen, marriage is destruction.’ ‘My sister has tied herself with such a fool!’ ‘The house hold members asked for a relation with such fools!’ ‘Oh God! Without my daughter, this house will be lonely.’ ‘Oh, stop crying, the marriage procession has come.’ ‘See, the horse has shat on the groom.’ ‘Go.. go. Get a hose pipe. Have the groom’s face washed.’ “Hey girl!” ‘Oh you, father of the bride, don’t take so much time.’…

  • Ultimate Product Search & Filter App for Shopify stores
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    Ultimate Product Search & Filter App for Shopify stores

    Almost every online buyers start their shopping journey with a keyword search. If the search system within your store is unable to understand your user intent and get them a “zero search results” page or irrelevant results your eCommerce will hit a dead-end. Ultimate Search & Filter is the perfect solution empowers the search and navigation experience of many online retailers and stores by leveraging Advanced semantic search Natural language processing Dynamic Filtered Navigation Digital merchandising Ensure customers quickly find what they are looking for on any device. Built with AI and machine learning technology, the engine becomes smarter over time. It can understand user purchase intent and contextual meaning.…

  • Get on the Same Page with Your Building Code Inspector | Foam University
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    Get on the Same Page with Your Building Code Inspector | Foam University

    Welcome to Foam University, today we’re going to talk about some tips on how to get on the same page with your building inspector. So you have a building project coming up and you have to file for some permits, well the first thing you need to do is establish who’s filing for the permits. A lot of times it could be the homeowner, a lot of times it is the contractor who’s doing the work. First establish that, now you may gloss over that and think, “Oh, well you know of course the contractor is going to do it.” Well, a lot of contractors may assume that the homeowner…

  • SEOquake – Using SERP Overlay With SEOquake
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    SEOquake – Using SERP Overlay With SEOquake

    SEOquake is one of the best tools on the web for pulling quick SEO information about a web page. For SEOs, digital marketers, or website owners, this tool is a must have. In this video, we’ll go over one of the best features the tool has to offer: the ability to obtain SEO metrics straight from the SERPs. With the SEOquake browser plugin, you will be able to receive embedded SEO data on every result on a search engine results page. You can sort search engine result pages by SEO parameters. And you can also receive metrics for location-based search results First thing you want to do is check to…

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    IDE – Integrated Development Environment in Hindi – Simply Explained – Episode 17

    So what is an IDE? The full form of IDE is Integrated Development Environment. It is basically an environment or combination of Tools Like text editor, debugger and Compiler. In today’s episode of ‘Simply Explained’ We will be trying to learn what is IDE? What are Debuggers? What are compilers and what is the actual term all about? Practically! Without Wasting time let’s start with the video after Sponsors. [Sponsors – www.1xbet.com] [Sponsor – www.1xbet.com] [Sponsor www.1xbet.com] The first thing that you do while writing a code or while programming is to actually Write a code using your keypad. You will be using Keyboard to write the code which can…

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    (‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’ /2018) I’m better than you think. Why? Am I too charming for you? Talking about the most popular actors these days, Park Seojoon is sure to be the first that comes to mind. With his good looks and unparalleled acting, Park Seojoon achieved an all-kill not only in TV dramas, but also on the big screen. (‘Parasite’ / 2019) What do you mean? Tutor a rich kid. It pays well. She’s a nice girl. Look after her while I’m studying abroad. Appearing in 2019’s top box office smash hit, ‘Parasite’, he plays Minhyuk, the best friend of the film’s main character, Kiwoo. The black comedy…