• Susan Page and Stuart Rothenberg on Trump and Putin reactions
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    Susan Page and Stuart Rothenberg on Trump and Putin reactions

    JUDY WOODRUFF: More now on the reaction to President Trump’s press conference with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. And to Amna Nawaz. AMNA NAWAZ: Judy, as we heard, the president’s statements this morning prompted tough words from members of his own party. We break down the politics now with Susan Page of USA Today and Stuart Rothenberg of Inside Elections. Welcome to you both. We heard the criticism earlier from the president’s own party members there. The natural next question seems to be, and what are you going to do about it? So, Stu, what are the Republicans going to do about it? STUART ROTHENBERG, Inside Elections: Well, this could be…

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    [Section TV] 섹션 TV – Seo Kang Joon, Brown eyes an interesting story 20160724

    Seo Kang Joon wears colored contacts daily One, two, three Of course not The color of your eyes are usually… Mine are brown Yes, so that’s why there are so many people who think you wear colored contacts. That’s right My whole family all have dark brown eyes When I was little my friends thought that I was Russian Are you russian? No I’m Korean Seo Kang Joon once every day think he’s handsome. One, Two, Three The reason why oh really! I don’t think I’m handsome it’s more like I think I’m not that ugly. If so then when do you kind of feel sexy? When I was reading…

  • Why does Google give SEO advice?
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    Why does Google give SEO advice?

    Here’s a fun question from borislav123 in Plovdiv. Borislav wants to know why Google supports SEO specialists with advice. Google business is to sell text ads/ad space so bad optimized websites are the target of Google, aren’t they? With giving good SEO advice Google works against its business or it’s not true? OK, so let me take a step back and sort of rephrase what I think Borislav is trying to ask. I think he’s saying, look, if everybody has really bad SEO and they can’t rank the way that they want then they have to buy ads and isn’t that a good thing for Google? I think that’s kind…

  • An update on Google’s webmaster videos
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    An update on Google’s webmaster videos

    Hi, everybody. We’re on day two of taping Webmaster videos. This is the 48th video that we’ve taped so far. And we were looking over the infographic of the different Matt Cutts videos. And we realized there’d only been one dinosaur video, which seems a little low to me, don’t you think? You have to think about how the dinosaurs would try to submit questions in Moderator. Their little hands are– they can’t get to it. So they might be– [ROARS], wanting dinosaur videos. [ROARS]. They can’t even get their shirts on. [CONTINUES ROARING] [FAINT ROARING]