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    How are load times displayed in Webmaster Tools calculated?

    >>CUTTS: We have a question from the Deepesh in New York, who asked, “How does Google calculate site load times in the data it exposes in Google’s webmaster statistics? Is the calculation simply average time to get and receive the HTML content for a page?” And I think the answer is yes. It’s pretty much it, you know, Googlebot sends out the request and then starting from there, we time how long it takes for us to see the request back. So it is the end-to-end time for us to fetch the page or fetch the data from the server, and that’s pretty much it. We’re looking at it from…

  • Real Time Search Event
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    Real Time Search Event

    >> MAYER: Good morning. Thank you for joining us here at the Computer History Museum. We’re so excited to be here within so many and surrounded by so many wonderful pieces of computing history. And it’s an especially perfect backdrop for today’s search event, which focuses on the future of search and the innovation that’s happening in search. At Google, when we think about the future of search, we think about four key elements: modes, media, language, and personalization. What do I mean about each of these? Modes really refers to modalities. How do people search? Today, the predominant mode is that people type keywords into desktop computers. When we…

  • Where are all the aliens? | Stephen Webb
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    Where are all the aliens? | Stephen Webb

    I saw a UFO once. I was eight or nine, playing in the street with a friend who was a couple of years older, and we saw a featureless silver disc hovering over the houses. We watched it for a few seconds, and then it shot away incredibly quickly. Even as a kid, I got angry it was ignoring the laws of physics. We ran inside to tell the grown-ups, and they were skeptical — you’d be skeptical too, right? I got my own back a few years later: one of those grown-ups told me, “Last night I saw a flying saucer. I was coming out of the pub after…

  • Going mobile with Library Services
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    Going mobile with Library Services

    It’s sometimes really hard to find the time to fit everything into my life. Fitting my OU studies around work and other commitments can be quite challenging. Luckily I’ve found a way to squeeze my library searches into those small pockets of time which might otherwise be wasted waiting for things. I can start a search for journal articles that I need for writing my assignment when I’m forced to hang about. Ulcer disease in goldfish? Oh! That doesn’t sound good. There’s even a list of databases that will work on my mobile. And if I don’t understand I can check the library’s FAQs or contact the helpdesk. I can…