• 9 Methods How to Write Meta Tags (Title & Description) for Higher CTR in 2019
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    9 Methods How to Write Meta Tags (Title & Description) for Higher CTR in 2019

    Having the correct meta information is crucially important for your website, YouTube videos or Facebook publications, because users read this before deciding to click. But It’s not only important for users, it’s important for Google as well. In the first episode of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt, WebMaster Trends Analyst at Google, gave three invaluable tips of where webmasters need to pay specific attention. These are content, meta information and performance. I can speak for days about the topics of content and performance. What I mean is that you need to create better content than your competitors have. You need to decide all your users’ problems and you need to satisfy…

  • SEO Title & Meta Description — SEO tutorial
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    SEO Title & Meta Description — SEO tutorial

    Your title and meta description are what usually show up when your page appears on Google. This is a really important step, because it’s sometimes the only shot you have to grab the attention of those who are searching — and it’s used heavily by Google to determine if your page is relevant enough to show up as a result. So for each page, where do we set our title and meta description? In this lesson, we’re going to cover where to set our title and meta description. Let’s start with Title. Let’s open up our Pages panel. And we’ll click to go into the settings on any page. What…

  • Snippets and Titles
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    Snippets and Titles

    >>CUTTS: Hi everybody. I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about snippets and titles. So Google tries to return the best snippet, the most relevant snippet that we can so that–and the snippet is what–whenever you type, say, flowers in the search results. What we show for, you know, a given website, the title and the description underneath it, that we call a snippet. And we want it to be as relevant as possible. So if someone types in flower, we compute what we call keyword in context or quick snippets. And the idea is just that we want to know–we want to tell users whether that…