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    SCARY! DON’T WATCH! Ghost Child caught on tape, apparition and supernatural vlog investigation

    Hey guys, so the power went out and I’m using my phone cause it’s better light, so…. Mom? (mom, off-camera) Honey, where are you? Mom? (Mom, off-camera)Where are you? Oh my God. What is going on? I don’t know… (mom) Wait, is the whole neighborhood out? I don’t know. I can’t tell. (mom) Honey, no, it’s not the whole neighborhood (mom) It’s just us. (mom) It’s not. I guess it’s kind of stormy. maybe just our power went out. I don’t know. I paid the bill. (Sunshine draws in her breath quickly) (mom) What? Did you hear something? (sounds of door rattling, little child says “daddy”) Is that a voice?…

  • 10 Companies That Secretly Control The World
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    10 Companies That Secretly Control The World

    ten companies that secretly control the world number ten Nestle most of the products that you buy are owned by surprisingly small number of monopolistic companies take Nestle for example they own over 8500 different brands in 80 countries they start off of the kind of brands you’d expect arrow KitKat Milky Bar etc but then there are some products that you probably never imagined would be owned by the chocolate giant such as shredded wheat Gerber baby foods hot pockets and Purina pet food they also an approximately 23% of cosmetic powerhouse L’Oreal which cell phones huge brands Garnier Maybelline and The Body Shop and Nestle isn’t the only…

  • Angelica Hale: Future Star STUNS The Crowd OH. MY. GOD!!! | Auditions 2 | America’s Got Talent 2017
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    Angelica Hale: Future Star STUNS The Crowd OH. MY. GOD!!! | Auditions 2 | America’s Got Talent 2017

    DAD: Five years ago, we never imagined that she would be here today. When Angelica was four years old, she started coughing and having fevers. We brought her into the emergency room, and that’s when we found out she had double pneumonia. And her kidney stopped working. ♪ Sweet ♪ ♪ creature ♪ [MUSIC CONTINUES IN BACKGROUND] DAD: Things were getting really bad really fast. They brought in a chaplain to talk with us. MOM: We thought that… we were about to lose her. ♪ don’t know where we were going. ♪ DAD: What saved her life is she got a kidney transplant from her mother. TYRA: What did Mommy…

  • Top 10 Scariest Spider Man Villains
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    Top 10 Scariest Spider Man Villains

    Whats going on Nerd Squad and welcome back to Top 10 Nerd. Im your host Johnny Rogers, before we get started make sure youre subscribed to our channel so we can become one step closer to hitting 700 thousand subscribers. Plus comment down below with which Spider-Man villain scares you the most. Now lets get to todays list of the Top 10 Scariest Spider-Man Villains #10 Kraven The Hunter Kraven isnt like your average villain or criminal. He does not take joy in robbing banks or trying to take over the world. As his name suggests, he enjoys hunting. Kraven finds Spider-Man in particular to be the ultimate prey and…

  • The smart way to buy a used phone online
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    The smart way to buy a used phone online

    – The time has come. I’m coming clean. I’ve had the S7 for two years now. And being someone that films the latest and greatest tech everyday, it’s gotten me wanting a new phone. The thing is, I don’t wanna spend $1,000 and I don’t necessarily need something that came out yesterday. So I’m gonna show you how to buy a good, used phone. (light music) Okay, I’m buying an S9+. Now, I am not here to tell you what phone to buy and I’m sure you’ll sound off in the comments about your favorite devices and what you would buy, but what I am here to do is to…

  • Top 10 Retro Pixel Games of today
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    Top 10 Retro Pixel Games of today

    We are long past the CRT era of games like Mario, Sonic, Legend of Zelda and others. However, the nostalgia has driven the gaming industry since a few years now towards retro pixel graphics with 2-dimensional gameplay either as a top-down perspective or sidescrolling. Let us show you what we think are the best pixel games: Shovel Knight is the tip of the spire in this list. No matter what screen resolution you choose, the game will fill your entire screen with pixel goodness. The game includes all you could wish for in an RPG sidescroller – various enemies and diverse locations, epic boss fights, special powers, weapons, gold and…

  • Galaxy Buds review: everything but the basics
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    Galaxy Buds review: everything but the basics

    – This video’s about disappointment. It’s like I was so ready for the future to change my present, yet here I am stuck in the past. – Disappointed! – You know, there’s always next time. But right now, this is not the future, and if anything, it’s a teeny tiny step back. This is a Galaxy Buds review. (mellow hip hop music) So I’ve been waiting for technology to slim down, cut cords, and be forgettable in a way for a long time, and these $129 Galaxy Buds were my shiny gleam of hope towards that in the Android ecosystem. (mellow music) Now, I’ve tried AirPods. I didn’t like all…

  • 15 CREEPY Humanoids Caught on Tape
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    15 CREEPY Humanoids Caught on Tape

    CHILLS 15. “Ningen”: What you are witnessing is rare underwater footage of a Ningen, a gigantic sea creature apparently first spotted by Pacific fishermen sometime in the 90s. The name literally means “human”, and that’s because they tend to have a round head along with four long limbs and a skinny torso. The creature is about the size of a submarine, but looks rubbery and boneless. It appears to be mostly carried by ocean currents and has only a limited control over its directional course. Since Ningen sightings are so new, not much is known about these creatures aside from it having a preference for artic waters and a nocturnal…

  • Top 7 games like Dungeon Keeper
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    Top 7 games like Dungeon Keeper

    As long as you keep imps and goblins in your dungeon, and not little boys, dungeons are a great thing to have, so for all of you, who liked Dungeon Keeper, I prepared this epic list. Dungeons franchize There are three parts of this game, and every sequel feels like a better version of previous one. Also third game has overwhelmingly positive reviews on steam, so if you never played any Dungeons game, you can easily start with that one. Game has a twist of a Warcraft 3 style map on top of your dungeon that you can go raid, pillage and rape, while building up and defending your lair.…

  • Is Instagram revealing my stalkers?
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    Is Instagram revealing my stalkers?

    – A lot of us have some wild ideas about how Instagram works and it’s probably because we’re confused why the app’s arranged in certain ways. Like why is one person in my feed first versus someone else? Or, more crucially, why is my crush always at the top of my story viewers? Is it because they’re stalking my page? Here’s what I know. Instagram has one billion users, including myself, and the app hasn’t been super forthcoming about how its algorithm works. The company treats it like it’s the Coca-Cola recipe or something, even a New York Times article mentioned the stalker idea. So how does Instagram rank people…