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    Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about the tank hero, Hylos. Hylos has a good set of stun, area-of-effect, movement speed buff, and healing skills. Our Grand Warden, Hylos, is a tank hero. I consider Hylos as a ganking-tank hero, since his skills can definitely slow down and stun heroes for easy ganking. Not only that, his ultimate skill can boost his allies’ movement speed, and slow down enemies. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on how to use Hylos based on my experience. We will also teach you some combos and techniques on…

  • How to Attach files from the web w/o Downloading! (Use the URL) – #TechTip
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    How to Attach files from the web w/o Downloading! (Use the URL) – #TechTip

    EposVox here with another quick tech tip. Attach files and images directly to a website post, tweet, email, and so on by pasting the URL directly into the attachment box. Stop wasting time downloading and re-uploading files. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed or found this helpful, let me know with a like, and subscribe for more videos like this. Cheers.

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    How To Use SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing For Increasing Profits – Scott Cowley

    hello everyone welcome to another Stukent Expert Session my name is Trevor Ericsson and I will be the webinar organizer today we are extremely lucky and privileged to have Scott Cowley with us he comes to us from the sunny state of Arizona where he is a marketing strategy instructor and PhD student at Arizona State University he’s researching social media and digital strategy there before he moved down to Arizona he was the head of SEO at a industry-leading mobile accessories company called zag you probably have a few of their products on some your mobile devices and we’re just excited to have him with us and without any…

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    Link Emperor Review & Tutorial – An Easy To Use Link Building Service

    Hi Guys Matthew Woodward here and my Link Emperor review and tutorial is going to teach you how to use the much talked about link emperor link building service which you can use to build high quality links with minimal effort. I’m going to take you through setting up and fine tuning your campaign along with the setup of a tiered link building campaign. You will also uncover new keywords to rank for whilst improving on page SEO for more traffic. So if you haven’t heard of link emperor before it is a full link building suite and SEO campaign management tool that can be used to create high quality…

  • Find or install your apps | Pixel
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    Find or install your apps | Pixel

    SPEAKER: In this video, we’ll show you how to find apps on your Pixel phone and how to install more apps from the Google Play Store. From the home screen, swipe up. Here, you can see all of your apps. If you don’t have an app you need, you can find and download it using Google Play. Tap the Google Play app, and you can see all the apps available for download. Search for an app and follow the instructions to download. Now, you know how to find your apps and download other apps from the Google Play Store. To learn more about your Pixel phone, watch our other videos…

  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization — SEO Tutorial
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    Search Engine Marketing and Optimization — SEO Tutorial

    Hey guys and welcome to this video on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The goal of this video is to give you the fundamentals that you need to understand about SEO so that you can begin to build your strategy for how to bring more traffic to your site and ultimately convert more business. So SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization it is all about ranking better on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. It is one of the only free forms of advertising that can really be a driver to your business. There are 17 billion searches that currently happen every single month on search engines around the…

  • Android Market – Google Search – Multi Tasking Tips – Droid Snack
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    Android Market – Google Search – Multi Tasking Tips – Droid Snack

    In order to switch quickly from app to app on your Droid phone, or what is called “Multi Tasking” you can use the Recent Apps screen When you long press on your Home key (that’s on the very bottom), you see a pop-up screen that shows you the apps or widgets you have been recently using called the “Recent” screen. In the past, it only showed 6 items, now it shows the last 8. Press on an app or widget displayed here to quickly jump from one to the other. No need to return to the home screen and hunt for an app or widget, just long press the home…

  • Manage your watch and search history on the YouTube Android app
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    Manage your watch and search history on the YouTube Android app

    In this video, we’ll show you how to manage your search and watch histories in our Android app. To get to your watch history, tap the Library icon at the bottom of the screen. Now tap History. If you’d like to remove a specific video, tap the menu icon next to it and then choose this first option. You can also clear your entire watch history by tapping this menu icon and then tapping “Clear history”. To clear a search tap, just tap and hold over it. To manage your watch and search histories, just tap the menu icon at the top of the screen and then tap Settings. Now…

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    You can learn Arduino in 15 minutes.

    Arduinos! I’m going to talk about what they are, what they can do, and the basics of how to set one up to do simple things like make an LED dimming circuit, control the speed of motors, and even make a simple oscilloscope. So what is an Arduino? I’m sure you’ve heard about these things a million times by now, and if you are confused you have every right to be, because the word Arduino refers to so many different things. Keep watching and I will explain all of them. Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that are basically tiny computers. They can run small, simple software programs. They are low powered…