• Does Googlebot care about valid HTML?
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    Does Googlebot care about valid HTML?

    ADRIAN MADARAS: Today’s question comes from Bangalore. Hemanth asks, does the crawler really care about valid HTML? Validating google.com gives me 23 errors and 4 warnings. So there are plenty of reasons to write a valid HTML, and to pay attention to your HTML, and to make sure that it’s really clean and that it validates. It makes it more maintainable. It makes it easier whenever you want to upgrade. It makes it much better if you want to hand that code off to somebody else. And there’s just a lot of good reasons to do it. At the same time, Google has to work with the web we have,…

  • Definitions: Backlinks | Clix
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    Definitions: Backlinks | Clix

    Hi my name is Paul, and I’m the Operations Manager at Clix, and today I’m going to talk to you about a backlink. The reality is that there are more than 200 variables that Google takes in consideration when ranking any website and backlinks are part of that. They are not the deciding factor behind your SEO strategy. A lot can be done independent of a backlink to drive your rankings, to drive traffic, to affect conversion optimization and how people convert on your website. So, for us at Clix, we focus on building backlinks associated with, kmov.com and your interviews that you do with news sources, and important and…