• DIY Atomizer – Squid Industries Peacemaker XL RTA 28mm – Recenze (CZ)
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    DIY Atomizer – Squid Industries Peacemaker XL RTA 28mm – Recenze (CZ)

    Hello guys, Mike Godwin´s here, today is Tuesday, setup, that you wanted. Peacemaker 28mm Dual-coil from Squid Industries, and Asmodus Amighty. Now, we´ll talk about the Peacemaker. We had one here before, single-coil 25mm. Here is 28mm, huge, crazy capacity. It is massacre. The package. The 8ml capacity is really crazy, plus, I can have more with this glass. I have some tools here, O-rings etc. Postless deck. I don´t really like postless decks, they are not my favourite. But the flavour is good, we´ll add some Watts. 45W I don´t really need this, it´s too much for me. The flavour is really good. The building is pretty easy, atomizer…

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    SCARY! DON’T WATCH! Ghost Child caught on tape, apparition and supernatural vlog investigation

    Hey guys, so the power went out and I’m using my phone cause it’s better light, so…. Mom? (mom, off-camera) Honey, where are you? Mom? (Mom, off-camera)Where are you? Oh my God. What is going on? I don’t know… (mom) Wait, is the whole neighborhood out? I don’t know. I can’t tell. (mom) Honey, no, it’s not the whole neighborhood (mom) It’s just us. (mom) It’s not. I guess it’s kind of stormy. maybe just our power went out. I don’t know. I paid the bill. (Sunshine draws in her breath quickly) (mom) What? Did you hear something? (sounds of door rattling, little child says “daddy”) Is that a voice?…

  • i graduated, babey! // seo vlogs
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    i graduated, babey! // seo vlogs

    so, i said i was going to vlog today, but guess what i didn’t do? that’s right, i forgot to vlog! [my friend is eating pesto and salmon from a class potluck that neither of us were involved in[ a friend: “how is it?” seo: “nooooooooo, this is a travesty against god” sophie: “it’s a crime” seo, repeating sophie: “it’s a crime” [this is a restaurant called “little conejo” that i love very very much] [we ordered chilaquiles, a carnitas taco, an oyster mushroom taco, a suadero taco, huevos rancheros, and 3 jarritos] seo: “hello! how was boards?” [from senior boards day] sophie: “adequate” kaitlin: “it was good” kaitlin: “i…

  • summer days // seo vlogs
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    summer days // seo vlogs

    so, you guys were like “seo, we love your vlog” “please vlog more about your life!” and i’m just like, “oh my god, thank you for my LIFE” but i have no life okay, if i do like, this: i look like the thing from silent hill or something like that, like the grudge so, it’s been a couple of hours since i filmed my study snacks video and i’ve eaten soooo much food. i still have my veggies here because you know,,,, they’re veggies, but i’ve eaten the peach i’ve eaten the cherries, i drank the sparkling water. i’m waiting for the tea to steep a little more i’ve…

  • seo(ul) travels // seo vlogs
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    seo(ul) travels // seo vlogs

    we landed but there’s like, no one here. we have no idea why… good morning, so I’m in my grandma’s house the light is very blinding. please forgive me for that. and I also woke up with a giant zit so there is that.. cheers to seoul pollution these are avocados that my grandma planted from seeds! it’s been two years [seo’s mom in korean] since those are rectangular, pick something different i finally found the knock-off mildliners! i’m gonna buy these two I told my mom I wanted to have a coffee but this is what we found in the elevator. someone left their coffee! [in korean] salt coffee…

  • cozy times(?) // seo vlogs
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    cozy times(?) // seo vlogs

    okay, forgive the messy room in the background, but ya girl just finished her fafsa and css!!!!! friend: it’s not changing color wait wait, turn it off, oh woooow “let there be light,” said seo, and there was light! but it’s daylight light now! white light! heck yeah! hi, everyone! oh my god, i love my new light bulb it looks like i’m filming in daylight, which is what it’s supposed to do because it’s a daylight bulb! yes, yes, i’m LIVING, i’m THRIVING in this light! thank you, costco, for providing me with these light bulbs this is not sponsored it’s just that costco finally had daylight light bulbs…

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    Chad! What happened, wait I was I was holding the signal jammer it just went kaboom Vy! Vy! behind us there’s hackers behind us They must have been the ones who came out of the Tesla and they were trying to hack our channel and they got knocked out too. Vy- Wasn’t there someone here with us Stephen! We’re Stephen go. Yeah, he should have been right here. Vy- Is stephen one of the hackers now Definitely not maybe some of the other hackers took him and carried him somewhere and they didn’t bother to pick up their teammates here Just to be sure Stephen is not a project zorgo…

  • Google brings Six-Second Video Previews to Mobile Search
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    Google brings Six-Second Video Previews to Mobile Search

    Hey what’s up guys? It’s Kristin and Quinton from Studio Nine 13. So we were working through the weekend this weekend and we came across an article on TechCrunch about how Google is now introducing six-second previews on their search results for videos this is going to be huge in our world and if you’re doing video out there which if you’re not doing video already you should be absolutely what was that study we were reading about it was a Cisco study? Yeah so we were reading a study on Cisco and it says that 83% of all content search on on the web by 2021 is going to…