• User Agent Header – Web Development
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    User Agent Header – Web Development

    >>Okay, so I want to add a little more about user agents. So it’s, it’s one of the most important headers in an HTTP request. And when we were doing Reddit, user agents were really important to us. So we had the site that was online and really popular. And users were always you know, often writing scripts to, to pull content out on Reddit. And, you know, mostly they were doing good things. They were building you know, tools to, you know, do data collections so they can do some, you know, cool blog post about how Reddit works and that sort of thing. Sometimes they’re doing bad things.…

  • Web Performance: SEO Mythbusting
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    Web Performance: SEO Mythbusting

    People often find that their sales will go up, they’ll get more engagement From audiences. They didn’t know they had just because they can now access the content Hello and welcome to another episode of SEO myth busting with me today Is Ada Rose Cannon and you’re working for Samsung? Is that right? What do you do at Samsung? So for Samsung I’m a developer advocate for the web browser Samsung Internet. Samsung Internet is a web browser for Android phones. You can get it from the Play Store but not a lot of people have heard about it So there’s lots what I do is trying to raise awareness…