• StarNet Solutions SEO Services Commercial
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    StarNet Solutions SEO Services Commercial

    There are more than 50,000 searches conducted on the Internet every second. Getting your business included in those search results is critically important to growing your company’s visibility and exposure, and for capturing new leads. Visitors coming from search engines bring a higher level of qualified prospective customer, because it is already established that they are looking for your particular product or service. With competitors launching websites every day, the job of getting your company noticed on the Internet has taken on more complexity and importance than ever before. As a full-service web development and marketing firm, StarNet Solutions has generated incredible results for our clients for over a decade.…

  • Does Buying Extra Domain Names Help SEO?
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    Does Buying Extra Domain Names Help SEO?

    Hello, this is John from Lockedown Design. Today I want to answer a viewer question. “If I buy a bunch of domains, and point them at my existing site, is that going to help my SEO?” The short answer to this, in most cases, it’s not going to help your SEO to buy a bunch of variations on your domain name, and point them at your existing domain. Let’s just say for the sake of example that your company manufactures hydraulic lifts and sells them, and your example domain would be “BobsHydraulicLifts.com”. Perhaps you want to buy all the variations on that, like BobsHydraulicLifts.net, .org, .info, etc. If you point…

  • Correct Domain Forwarding for SEO
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    Correct Domain Forwarding for SEO

    Hello, this is John Locke for Lockedown Design. Today, I want to talk with you for just a few minutes about domain forwarding with masking, what that is, and why you want to avoid it. “Domain Forwarding” Get it right for SEO. In the video we did directly before this one, we talked about buying multiple domains and forwarding them to your destination domain. So, if it’s your branded domain name, you want all these extra domain names to resolve to that one [domain]. Okay, so, one of the questions that I got recently was about domain forwarding with masking. So, some of the domain name registrars offer this: like…

  • Website Optimisation for SEO & Website Performance
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    Website Optimisation for SEO & Website Performance

    Website performance is something that SEOs, Google ad managers, web developers are really starting to focus a lot of their attention on. And I’m going to show you in this video exactly how to improve your SEO, your Google ads performance, and your web design by improving the performance of your website. My name is Brody shepherd. I’m the owner of sight center here in Australia. And. We’re going to cover pretty much everything. There is not exactly how to, I’ll cover that in another video, but everything that you need to know to be able to analyze your website correctly and things to implement to give you instant results.…

  • Website Image Optimization | SEO
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    Website Image Optimization | SEO

    if you want to load your website fast you need to know how to properly resize optimize and compress your imps so if you want to learn how to do it stay with me what’s up source hackers Senaid here from codingpassiveincom.com the place where I help others to become a web developer much faster than they will do it on their own so if that is something that interests you consider subscribing so first before we actually start with this video I want to show you one of the main problems that I can see on like a really big number of websites and that is that image are…

  • Hamburger menu in the responsive navigation bar – Web design tutorial
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    Hamburger menu in the responsive navigation bar – Web design tutorial

    The menu button is an excellent alternative to horizontally cramming multiple menu links. And it goes by many names. As a visual abstraction, the common menu button can remind us of a hamburger. Or gluten-free pancakes. The menu button is built right into the default Navbar element. And it can be accessed and configured in a number of ways. We’ll cover four aspects of the menu button: we’re going to look at the Trigger itself (what’s happening when we press the button), we’ll look at Device visibility (how it shows up on different devices), then Menu types (some of the options we have there), and finally, styling our menu button.…

  • Introducing Corvid by Wix | Accelerated Development of Web Applications | Wix.com
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    Introducing Corvid by Wix | Accelerated Development of Web Applications | Wix.com

    Welcome to Corvid by Wix, an open platform that accelerates the way you build production-grade web applications. Speed up your front-end development using the visual builder Add UI elements and modify the way to interact using javascript in Covid’s api’s in the built-in IDE Install applications you’ve built on corvid to work locally and collaboratively from any external ide then push your code to Wix is remote repository and publish when you’re ready to go live with the integrated node.js back-end you can add the core logic and functionality for your application like running scheduled jobs creating routers connecting to third-party api’s and more connect your web application to external…

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    How Much Should You Pay for SEO?

    Hello this is John Locke, and today, I want to talk with you for just a few minutes about what is the right amount of money to spend on SEO per month? Everybody that has a website or runs a business through their website and tries to make money off of it will at some point be interested in SEO. You’re either going to want to do it yourself, or you’re going to have somebody internally doing it, or you’re going to be looking at an outside SEO consultant or agency to be helping you with that. The big question is how much money should you be spending on SEO?…