• Hamburger menu in the responsive navigation bar – Web design tutorial
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    Hamburger menu in the responsive navigation bar – Web design tutorial

    The menu button is an excellent alternative to horizontally cramming multiple menu links. And it goes by many names. As a visual abstraction, the common menu button can remind us of a hamburger. Or gluten-free pancakes. The menu button is built right into the default Navbar element. And it can be accessed and configured in a number of ways. We’ll cover four aspects of the menu button: we’re going to look at the Trigger itself (what’s happening when we press the button), we’ll look at Device visibility (how it shows up on different devices), then Menu types (some of the options we have there), and finally, styling our menu button.…

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    Google vs. JavaScript – What’s the Score in 2019?

    Word of mouth, ads, okay, that’s two ways of getting people on the website. You can also sit at a computer and just go on your website or something, I don’t know. Another way is actually search engines. So you’re not sure that search engines find your content online. And there’s like a whole profession around it: SEOs. Search engine optimization experts who are helping to make that happen. And there’s many experts that are basically looking at the basic things, and also some are really going into lots of details, but there’s a whole category of things that can go wrong if you’re using JavaScript and not that many…

  • SEO things to know as a web developer
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    SEO things to know as a web developer

    Knowing SEO or at least some basic tips is essential for a developer as SEO should be considered even before building the website it is more efficient to view the necessary serial components into the website’s design and architecture from this top but let’s start from the beginning and make the definition of SEO sear or search engine optimization is a process of improving positions in organic non-paid search results in search engines like here these are organic non-paid results these websites show up organically based on Google’s algorithm which ranks pages and these websites have the higher ranking that’s why more people will see them here is a huge…

  • 301 redirects for beginners – SEO tutorial
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    301 redirects for beginners – SEO tutorial

    301s can change your life forever — if you’re setting up a new webpage or even a full website — especially if you have a different structure. Maybe you’ve reorganized, or maybe you’re replacing the full site and it’s not practical to use the same URLs, or maybe you’ve moved domains completely — or locked up “typo” domains to make sure accidental misspellings and keystrokes still end up taking users to the right place. 301s are meant to more permanently route traffic to a new location. Not to be confused with 302s which can indicate a temporary relocation of a resource, or 511s™, which are a more modern, slim fit.…

  • HTTP Archive – The State of the Web
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    HTTP Archive – The State of the Web

    SPEAKER: You’re a web developer wondering what a reasonable JavaScript bundle size is, or you’re a PhD student researching HTTP/2 Adoption. Perhaps you’re on a web standards committee, and you’re surveying how an API is used in the wild, where do you go to find answers to big questions about the web? In this episode, we’re looking at the HTTP Archive and how you can use it to learn more about the state of the web. [MUSIC PLAYING] You can think of the HTTP Archive as a data center full of machines continuously testing hundreds of thousands of the most popular websites and recording everything there is to know about…

  • Web Security – HTTP203
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    Web Security – HTTP203

    JAKE: Who doesn’t care about web security? CHRIS PALMER: Right. JAKE: Everyone should care about web security. CHRIS PALMER: What kind of maniac would not care about web security? JAKE: It’s very true. CHRIS PALMER: I can’t even imagine that. [MUSIC PLAYING] JAKE: Who are you, and why? EMILY SCHECTER: My name is Emily Schechter. I’m product manager on the Chrome Security Team, and because I feel like it. SURMA: That is probably one of the best reasons to give for existing. JAKE: And? CHRIS PALMER: I’m Chris Palmer. I’m an engineer on the Chrome Security Team. And I also feel like it. JAKE: I always think of like, the…