• Acunetix Online
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    Acunetix Online

    Acunetix Online lets you and your teammates run web and network security scans, analyse scan results and manage vulnerabilities all from a single interface The dashboard provides us with a bird’s eye view of all the vulnerabilities detected, the most frequent vulnerabilities, the average remediation time and other useful statistics. Acunetix organizes websites, web applications and network assets into Targets, which you can configure individually. For example, most websites have a restricted area which needs to be scanned too. You can either provide Acunetix with a username and a password and let it figure out how to log in automatically, or you can record your login steps in a Login…

  • Top Security Tips to Build a Trusted Website
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    Top Security Tips to Build a Trusted Website

    – There’s a lot of scary stuff that happens when a website gets hacked. – Comment below with your passwords. (laughing) – But if you really want to stay protected in today’s world, like that is absolutely crucial. – Welcome to The Journey. Today we’re gonna talk about the top security tips to build a trusted website. All right, Nealey, what do you suggest for small business owners to get a trusted website? How can they go about that? – Yeah, and there are so many different ways to do that, and we’re gonna go over that in this video, but I think the number one thing that’s really top…

  • Web Security – HTTP203
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    Web Security – HTTP203

    JAKE: Who doesn’t care about web security? CHRIS PALMER: Right. JAKE: Everyone should care about web security. CHRIS PALMER: What kind of maniac would not care about web security? JAKE: It’s very true. CHRIS PALMER: I can’t even imagine that. [MUSIC PLAYING] JAKE: Who are you, and why? EMILY SCHECTER: My name is Emily Schechter. I’m product manager on the Chrome Security Team, and because I feel like it. SURMA: That is probably one of the best reasons to give for existing. JAKE: And? CHRIS PALMER: I’m Chris Palmer. I’m an engineer on the Chrome Security Team. And I also feel like it. JAKE: I always think of like, the…

  • Acunetix Deep-dive
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    Acunetix Deep-dive

    Hello, and welcome to the Acunetix Deep-dive video Acunetix is a platform for testing and managing web application security, and is available both Online as well as On Premise It can automatically scan any website or web application accessible over HTTP or HTTPS for over 3,000 web application vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Additionally, Acunetix also provides powerful vulnerability management tools built right-into the heart of the product. The automated security testing and vulnerability management process of most organizations is split-up into four major stages. The first stage is scanning In order to properly scan a website or web application, it needs to be crawled first The Acunetix crawler analyzes the entire…

  • Tracking Good Bots and Crawlers with Distil
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    Tracking Good Bots and Crawlers with Distil

    Although your site lies prey to any number of bad bots—such as ones that attempt scraping, brute force attacks, competitive data mining, brownouts, account hijacking, and more, the good news is that not all bots are bad. Good bots include search engine crawlers from Google, Bingbot, Yahoo Slurp, Baidu, Lycos, and Yandex. Like those, social media crawlers from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ help humans find and access your site. By using the good bot report, you can understand the traffic patterns and origin sources of the benevolent bots visiting your site. This information may be helpful in optimizing your website to cater to these bots if needed. The Good…

  • Introducing reCAPTCHA v3
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    Introducing reCAPTCHA v3

    If you have a website, you need to protect your users from bots. Bots are trying leaked passwords, posting spam and scraping your content. The reCAPTCHA, “I’m not a robot” checkbox, changed the way to protect your websites. But it’s one-time verification doesn’t fit every use case. reCAPTCHA v3 does away with the need for interactive tests and gives you a score to let you know when you have risky traffic. It never interrupts users so you’re in control of when to run risk analysis and what do to with the results. For instance, requiring email verification for risky logins, sending a spammy post to moderation or filtering fake friend…