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    Rich Snippets: Product Search

    Product markup is one of the most common types of rich snippet markup. It allows users to see detailed information about a product right within their search results. In order for products to properly display as a rich snippet, there are a few properties that you should mark up in your HTML, the name of the product itself, price, and availability. Here’s a simple product offer for a microwave. Using schema.org markup, start by indicating what type of element you’re marking up, in this case a product. Markup the name of the product and embed an offer element in the offers property in order to indicate price and availability. The…

  • Webinar: Google Trifecta for your Website
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    Webinar: Google Trifecta for your Website

    >>TOM LEUNG: Welcome to the Google Trifecta Webinar. This is Tom Leung, I am the Product Manager for Website Optimizer. I’m very excited to be here with Michael Wyszomierski from the Webmaster Tools Team, as well as Jeff Gillis from Google Analytics. This is the first time we’ve done a joint webinar, and we think it’s going to be pretty successful because these are probably the three most important tools any website owner should consider using from Google. What we’re going to cover today, specifically, is I’m going to talk for just a couple minutes about how we see the three tools complementing each other, and then we’re going to…

  • How to setup google webmaster on wordpress || Website || Site || Rakesh Tech Solutions
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    How to setup google webmaster on wordpress || Website || Site || Rakesh Tech Solutions

    So I’m activate this site as a google webmaster here, I know step by steps copy the WordPress URL Copy the existing website wordpress URL So you’re already creating the website that you can copy that web serial the website called google.com slash webmasters We can use Open two types one is called google.com slash webmaster Webmaster also see here is and with notice also it can open two types webmaster and ER webmasters also We can open like this webmaster slash tools. Also you can open three types URL google.com slash webmaster the first type Webmaster second type webmaster slash tools is a taught the urals Now you just…

  • Verifying ownership of a Google Sites site in Webmaster Tools
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    Verifying ownership of a Google Sites site in Webmaster Tools

    >> Let me show you how to verify a site with Webmaster Tools. To begin, let me first add my site into my Webmaster Tools account. [pause] To verify my site, use the “meta tag” option. Copy the meta tag given. [pause] With Google Sites, click “Site settings” and then “Other stuff”. Copy in the meta tag in the Webmaster Tools verification box below… [pause] …and click “Save changes”. [pause] Back in Webmaster Tools, I can now click “Verify”. [pause] And voila, I have successfully verified my Google Site page with Webmaster Tools.

  • Optimizing web graphics
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    Optimizing web graphics

    Sahim: Hi, my name’s Susie, and I’m from the Doodle team at Google. So I’m gonna show you a few tips that we use to make sure that pages load faster on the Web. One easy tip is to crop out any excess white space in your graphic. Another tip is to use the correct file format for your graphics. Now let’s go to the computer demo. So here I am in Adobe Photoshop. First I’m gonna crop this image ’cause I’ve got a lot of excess white space here. Now I’m gonna go to File, Save for Web & Devices. Now this is where all the magic happens. Looks…

  • Rich Snippets: Troubleshooting
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    Rich Snippets: Troubleshooting

    If your Rich Snippets are not appearing in search results, there are a few general troubleshooting guidelines that you can follow to figure out why. Make sure you’re not using any hidden markup. In general, Google won’t display any content in Rich Snippets that isn’t visible on your page. Make sure you’ve marked up all of the required properties for each of the elements you’re using. You can find all of our required properties bolded in the Rich Snippets section of Webmaster Tools. Additionally, make sure that you’re using the correct property name for the markup format that you’ve chosen. The Rich Snippets testing tool can help identify property-related problems…