• You Ask, I Answer: Local SEO Strategy?
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    You Ask, I Answer: Local SEO Strategy?

    Christopher Penn: In today’s episode chat asks, starting on a new website builder and incorporating multiple drop off locations in various states of the business would be best for SEO value to build standalone sites for each drop location or keep each location as a page under the main site. So generally speaking, when it comes to technical SEO, which is what we’re talking about sort of the infrastructure underneath the website, you want to follow a logical organizational system that adheres to the way that search engines especially Google, like to see site data. So that means you have one large organizational container of some kind, and then separate…

  • Creating Website Architecture for SEO (2019)
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    Creating Website Architecture for SEO (2019)

    – What’s happening, everybody? (laughing) I’m Brendon Hufford, welcome to 100 Days of SEO. Today we are talking about site architecture for SEO. Let’s get into it. (easygoing bluesy music) Alright, so here, real quick, we’re gonna hop into my computer it’s literally right over on the other side of the camera. We’re gonna hop into my computer I’m gonna lay out exactly how to do a proper site architecture for just a very standard WordPress marketing website. This will work for other platforms, it’ll work for Wix but if you’re using WIX for any sort of SEO stuff, don’t, don’t. Same thing with Squarespace, all of these things translate…