• What does SEO Mean? | CRO | Build your Powerful Links | Analyze your competitors
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    What does SEO Mean? | CRO | Build your Powerful Links | Analyze your competitors

    Who are we? We are Seo Service provider What does SEO Mean SEO is used to Enhance Search Visibility Increased User Experience Improve Revenues and Profits Building a reputable Brand How do we do it? Audit your website and provide a list of changes you should make Write your amazing Content A copy for your site with increased Audience Engagement Build you Powerfull Links We create link strategies with a higher level of up-take Perform usability Analysis And then increasing engagement levels Increase Conversion Rates CRO enables us to understand how visitors click through your site Analyze your competitors We really do big deep to see what they are doing…

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    Website Tune-up and Service (au) The Virtual Webmaster

    Your website is your vehicle on the super information highway Is yours getting a bit sluggish Way overdue for a service Concerned about how safe it is Need to provide a secure connection Got a few annoying things you want fixed We can road test it and give you a full report on how its really performing like your car, your website needs regular maintenance and a good mechanic to ensure its operational integrity and peak performance The Virtual Webmaster has specials to supercharge your websites Speed up page load times Perform full maintenance Apply security Hardening for maximum protection Have an SSL certificate installed and configured for even more…

  • Why Website Structuring for SEO Matters! | SEO for Beginners
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    Why Website Structuring for SEO Matters! | SEO for Beginners

    Have you ever visited a website that left you feeling frustrated? Maybe you were looking for something and you couldn’t find it. Or you felt as if you fell into a tangled puzzle and not sure where to go. Websites with poorly organized structures have this effect and they can leave you feeling disoriented and discouraged. That is why. Today here I am Rashmi Batham, going to explain – Why website structuring for SEO matters? Alright so, When it comes to websites, the most basic site structure consists of a single Home page linked with multiple pages of a subfolder. There are times when you just have to add a…

  • Webinar: Google Trifecta for your Website
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    Webinar: Google Trifecta for your Website

    >>TOM LEUNG: Welcome to the Google Trifecta Webinar. This is Tom Leung, I am the Product Manager for Website Optimizer. I’m very excited to be here with Michael Wyszomierski from the Webmaster Tools Team, as well as Jeff Gillis from Google Analytics. This is the first time we’ve done a joint webinar, and we think it’s going to be pretty successful because these are probably the three most important tools any website owner should consider using from Google. What we’re going to cover today, specifically, is I’m going to talk for just a couple minutes about how we see the three tools complementing each other, and then we’re going to…

  • Website Backlinks Explained
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    Website Backlinks Explained

    >>[Music for Business Blueprint]>>Dale Beaumont: Hi.. I’m Dale Beaumont: I’m the offer of 16 best selling books and the creator of Business Bllueprint. You’re about to step inside one of the live webinars called the new role of business. And you’re about to discover a range of tactics and strategies to help you to grow your business, faster and easier than ever before. So enjoy the video and we’re talking again soon. What you wanna do is you wanna have a lot of links coming to your website. We call them back link. Now what a link is.. it’s another website other than yours that has your URL embedded on…

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    Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Conversion Optimization Software Comparison #MartechTuesday

    Hello everybody and welcome to MarTech Tuesday. We are going to talk about website optimization and user experience software. So today we have Lucky Orange and Hotjar and we’re gonna compare them both of course we have a winner and our winner is lucky orange. And we’re gonna tell you why and how we went through a process to decide that Lucky Orange was our winner. Actually we used to use hotjar for all of our customers years ago and about a year and a half ago we moved everybody into lucky orange for these reasons. So number one of course hotjar and lucky orange both of them have great…

  • Top Security Tips to Build a Trusted Website
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    Top Security Tips to Build a Trusted Website

    – There’s a lot of scary stuff that happens when a website gets hacked. – Comment below with your passwords. (laughing) – But if you really want to stay protected in today’s world, like that is absolutely crucial. – Welcome to The Journey. Today we’re gonna talk about the top security tips to build a trusted website. All right, Nealey, what do you suggest for small business owners to get a trusted website? How can they go about that? – Yeah, and there are so many different ways to do that, and we’re gonna go over that in this video, but I think the number one thing that’s really top…

  • Yoast SEO around the world!
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    Yoast SEO around the world!

    Hi everyone. Of course we can tell you why Yoast is so very awesome but we’d rather have you hear it from people all over the world. So we ask people, what do you like about Yoast? Hi, my name is Matt Mullenweg and I love how much Yoast contributes to the WordPress community. So thank you everyone at Yoast. My name is Miriam and I love Yoast because they think of everything including schema. Yes, I’m a geek! I love Yoast because you don’t have to be an SEO expert to be found on Google And Taco! Hi, I’m Jeremy. I love Yoast because of the people, their contribution…