• The most common SEO mistake

    The most common SEO mistake

    MATT CUTTS: Hey, everybody. This is Matt Cutts, and I often get asked, what is the most common SEO mistake? And it’s actually pretty simple– the answer is not having a website. If you don’t have a website, you’re kind of invisible on the web. And you really don’t want to be invisible on the web. So if you have a choice, if you can, try to make sure that you have a website. Because otherwise, people won’t be able to find you. And that would really be a shame because if people have a great business, we want to know about that. It would suck if we weren’t able…

  • 7 Free Traffic Sites to Increase Website Traffic for 2020
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    7 Free Traffic Sites to Increase Website Traffic for 2020

    how can you get more traffic for your website quickly? in this video I’m going to show you how to get traffic to your website today I will be showing you seven free traffic sites. I am using these free traffic source to increase my blog traffic. so if you use these websites effectively you will bring from thousand to two thousand visitors every single day. when you get 200 plus visitors from one traffic source you can easily achieve thousand plus visitors with all of these traffic website. let’s see, News 360. News 360 is the best news aggregator website and mobile apps for iPhone and Android. I get…

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    Is my website showing in Google Search? | Search for Beginners Ep 5

    How do I know if my website is searchable on Google? People who own websites, whether they are running an online business or managing a hobby site, often check Google to see if their websites are appearing onSearch.Sometimes they find their website listed, sometimes they do not. Wondering why? How do you get your websites to appear inSearch?To check if Google knows your website or if your website is indexed on Google at all, typesite:followed by your website address into Google. Searching Google usingsite: in front of a domain, specifies that you only want to see search results for that specific site. If your website appears here, it means Google…

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    Mobile-Friendly Advertising – (Google Ads) – Learn How To Show Up Higher In Search Results [2019]

    Hi everyone! In this video we will learn why it’s so important to advertise mobile-friendly websites and what tools are available for us to check their performance. Preview from the video: It might sounds unbelievable, but i have spoken to many business owners and they had no idea whether their website was mobile-friendly or not. With every tenth of a second your website is faster you’re making extra money. So this video will introduce you to some free SEO tools that can definitely help you to understand your website’s performance. So first of all in the Google Ads Help there is a good article called Optimize your website for mobile.…

  • How To Drive Traffic To A Website 2 – Increase Website Traffic
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    How To Drive Traffic To A Website 2 – Increase Website Traffic

    we’re gonna get started on a show you exactly how to drive traffic to a website step-by-step are now i take video and use the power of video to break it on google page one and youtube page one and drive free traffic to a website so the first thing i need to know is what website do i want to drive traffic to and that’s going to give you my topic and the initiative see industry right now it is the home page of a website called too great a masterclass that i’m gonna drive traffic to so now that i’ve got my topic now i need to find…

  • Website Optimisation for SEO & Website Performance
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    Website Optimisation for SEO & Website Performance

    Website performance is something that SEOs, Google ad managers, web developers are really starting to focus a lot of their attention on. And I’m going to show you in this video exactly how to improve your SEO, your Google ads performance, and your web design by improving the performance of your website. My name is Brody shepherd. I’m the owner of sight center here in Australia. And. We’re going to cover pretty much everything. There is not exactly how to, I’ll cover that in another video, but everything that you need to know to be able to analyze your website correctly and things to implement to give you instant results.…

  • Website Image Optimization | SEO
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    Website Image Optimization | SEO

    if you want to load your website fast you need to know how to properly resize optimize and compress your imps so if you want to learn how to do it stay with me what’s up source hackers Senaid here from codingpassiveincom.com the place where I help others to become a web developer much faster than they will do it on their own so if that is something that interests you consider subscribing so first before we actually start with this video I want to show you one of the main problems that I can see on like a really big number of websites and that is that image are…

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    Web Directories for Link Building: Does it Still Make Sense? | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #34】

    Looking back at 2007, it seemed that most of the SEO activities were reduced to submitting websites to the so-called web directories. There were real services offered by freelancers, such like “Submit website to 50 directories in 24 hours”, or similar. A web directory is a portal organized into a large number of categories, where the article or the content is actually made of other websites’ reviews. The idea of these portals was to offer the visitor a list of websites that dealt with the same topic. It was really useful at the beginning of the Internet, when search engines were not so commonly used. Things have changed a little…