• SEO explained | Search for Beginners Ep 8
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    SEO explained | Search for Beginners Ep 8

    (narrator) Your website should attract new potential customers. One way to do so is by showing up in search results. Methods of making your website appear when people search for the things you sell like children’s clothes, are called search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Think of it this way, SEO is like a shop window display– you want to make the shop window display interesting and attractive. SEO is about using the right words and serving relevant information to your potential customers on your websites. This can be done in a few different ways. Make sure your website contains useful information like inventory, selection, pricing, location, and hours.…

  • Will The Clicks From Search Website Ever Rank?
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    Will The Clicks From Search Website Ever Rank?

    hello and welcome to this week’s video today we are going to be talking about all rankings and why were not on page one and how you can avoid making the same mistake that we made made so to start off with as you guys know from our previous video last week we’re not actually ranking on the first page for our brand name and for an SEO company that’s quite funny so why are we not ranking on the first page it comes down to two things number one the site is relatively new it’s only about four or five months old and number two the site just does…

  • Page Speed For SEO ♻️ Part 2 ♻️ CloudFlare CDN Setup
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    Page Speed For SEO ♻️ Part 2 ♻️ CloudFlare CDN Setup

    hi guys I’m maltonge international and local SEO consultant and founder of SEO devs.com in today’s video we are continuing with our page speed for SEO tutorial. To follow the complete guide and full tutorial on page speed for SEO then you can find a link down in the description below. Also remember to hit the thumbs up if you like to see more tutorials from me. Today’s video is part 2 and will focus on a set up of CloudFlare CDN okay without further ado, let’s get on with it okay once you have logged into CloudFlare look at the top and click “add site” and type your domain…

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    The Effective Ranking Factor That Google Doesn’t Want You to Know About

    If you want to improve your Google rankings, what do you do? You build links, you improve your on-page SEO, and you try to improve your user metrics. Those are the three main things you can do. There’s another key strategy that can really help increase your rankings. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to talk about the effective ranking strategy that Google doesn’t want you to know about. If you go to Google Trends and you type in Neil Patel, and you select the entrepreneur, right, because there’s many Neil Patels, you’ll notice there’s a lot of spikes in my graph. What are those spikes? It’s…

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    Best Link Building Strategies: How To Get Backlinks Fast 2019!

    – OK so in this video we’re gonna talk about some of the best link building strategies to get backlinks to your website fast in 2019. So the first link building strategy that I’m gonna talk about is the Skyscraper Technique, and this is a very scalable way to get backlinks to your website fast, and it still works in 2019. In fact, I’ve worked on over a hundred skyscraper campaigns, and they almost always perform. So, yeah it’s a very reliable technique. And basically all you have to do is look at your competitors most linked content and create something very similar. So maybe it’s more up-to-date, it’s more…

  • How To Get Links With Guestographics – Combining Infographics with Guest Posting
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    How To Get Links With Guestographics – Combining Infographics with Guest Posting

    hey what’s up its Doug Cummington here from niche site project I’m going to talk about Gaston graphics infographics today and hopefully a couple people will be joining up in a second and perhaps I’ll even hear my own voice and on that I’ll know that this is working and it does look like it’s kind of working it seems dark in here today it looks like nighttime but it’s a little clouded here today we’ve got some rain finally it’s been like a month since it rained so it’s good we need it the grass was getting dry I see a couple folks are on thank you David what’s…

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    The Ultimate SEO Microsite Strategy: Dominate Google and your Industry

    – What I’m about to share with you is probably the perfect strategy for dominating your market online. But, and this is a big but, it’s not gonna happen overnight. And you’re either gonna need a good budget, or a lot of manpower to pull this off. If you can execute this, there’s no reason you won’t be making seven figures, plus. Intrigued, keep watching. (upbeat music) At this point I’ll assume that you have a way of say, selling a product or service. You have an idea of the kind of content you want to produce, and probably the kind of targets that you want to link to those…

  • Power Pages Explained – Skyscraper Technique for SEO
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    Power Pages Explained – Skyscraper Technique for SEO

    Hi I’m Ben Maden I’m the director here at matter solutions and I want to talk to you about power pages and I’m going to explain to you why that’s very important if you’re doing online marketing okay so the things I’m going to cover today are what is a power page why is it important and what are the best ways of going about building a power page and also what effect it has on your SEO and what tips and tricks have we learned along the way that you should try and incorporate okay so the obvious question is what is a power page well a power page…