• Ranked Play Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm
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    Ranked Play Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

    Welcome to a look at the future of Ranked Play in Heroes of the Storm. Today we’re previewing a new league structure seasons, high-rank recognition, and end-of-season rewards. There’s a whole lot of shiny here, so let’s dive in. Gone are the 50 ranks from our previous iteration replaced now by 7 Tiers. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grand Master. Each Tier up through Diamond is also broken down further into Divisions starting with the lowest ranked player in Division 5 to the highest in Division 1. Moving from the bottom of one Division into the one above it will require a total of 1000 rank points with…

  • YoastCon 2020: Celebrating 10 years of Yoast!
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    YoastCon 2020: Celebrating 10 years of Yoast!

    In 2020 Yoast – the company – will celebrate its 10th birthday. Ten years! That calls for a celebration! On april 24th, we will be back with a very special edition of YoastCon. There will be awesome speakers and you’ll get the latest SEO news! YoastCon 2020 will be held in our hometown Wijchen – in a beautiful theatre right around the corner from our Yoast Offices. Of course, we’ll make room in our program for a walking tour around our Yoast Offices. And what’s most special about this edition is that tickets will be completely free! But if you want to come to our birthday-party, you’ll have to apply.…

  • SEO Tips to Optimize Crawl Budget: How to Optimize it | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #40】
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    SEO Tips to Optimize Crawl Budget: How to Optimize it | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #40】

    One of the concepts that is rarely discussed in the SEO world is the term “crawl budget”, that is a value that represents the number of pages that a search engine scans on a site, generally with reference to the 24 hours. Since Google does not like to waste resources of its servers, it will prefer to spend its time and performance to scan content that it believes to be of quality. Evidently Googlebot will assign a larger crawl budget to a site that it likes, while it will reduce it in case of a spam or problematic website. How do you increase the crawl budget? Trust : if we…

  • Webinar: Entrez Direct (EDirect) Part 2 of 4, PubMed Author Sorting
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    Webinar: Entrez Direct (EDirect) Part 2 of 4, PubMed Author Sorting

    The way I will do this is talk about the example and the strategy first. Then we will go to the command line. The first one is — I have a bunch of PubMed articles and I would like to know who are the most prolific authors. I would like to take all the authors on those publications and sort them by the number of times they appear in the citation list. How do we do that? We need to be able to find where this information is. I tried to blow up a piece of the XML that you will actually get back from a PubMed record. This is…

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    IPS display | IPS Panel | What is IPS Display | Priyank

    So Hello guys ! We all buy smartphones, TVs, Monitors Or anything else with a display screen we dont actually focus on display rather focus on features So in today’s video, ill be talking about display screens and we will talk about display types and rank them. So from next time, you’ll have answers to all your display related questions So you dont have to Worry about display types We will see which display or screen type is best and we will also take a look at pros and cons of these displays We will explore all display screen types I will try my best to explain all the displays…

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    Artificial Intelligence in Educational Networking (Pilot Prosoft)

    Hello, It’s me. Pilot Prosoft. Title: “Artificial Intelligence in Educational Networking” New step in login system (i.e. picture password). which allows to sign into profile by drawing gestures on chosen image. The research on Data Mining algorithms will make us more closer to data discovery and machine learning. Research: Data Mining, Machine Learning & Neural Network This project will enhance the user experience in social networking. There will be artificial mimic of human thinking in text analysis. It’ll be our first step in Machine learning. Presenters: Achyootam Lal Karn, Keshav Karn & Nabin Chalise

  • Introduction
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    Welcome to CS101. I’m Dave Evans, I will be your guide on this journey. This course will introduce you to the fundamental ideas in computing and teach you to read and write your own computer programs. We are going to do that in the context of building a web search engine. I’m guessing everyone here has at least used a search engine before. Like Google, DuckDuckGo or even my personal favorite – DaveDaveFind. You type in what you are looking for, and voila – in literally a blink of an eye, about a tenth of a second, back come the results. This might not be enough to make you wise,…

  • Atom SEO Pack – Product Content Generator (PrestaShop)
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    Atom SEO Pack – Product Content Generator (PrestaShop)

    This is what your product looks like if it does not have meta-title, meta-description, meta-keywords. For example, we will choose a product without a description. There is no description, but there are product specifications. To create metadata and product descriptions, go to the Atom SEO Pack module page. On the module page, click the add template button. Next, we need to specify a name for the template, select the language and categories to which it will be applied. The next step is to create a dynamic template by which the text will be generated. Use the assistant to add multiple variations of text, each variation on a new line.

  • The SSL affect on Search Engines rankings (au) The Virtual Webmaster
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    The SSL affect on Search Engines rankings (au) The Virtual Webmaster

    What is the SSL affect on Search Engine Rankings and Online Visibility? In 2014 Google announced the SSL/HTTPS would be a ranking factor in their search engines. Until now it has only been a minor ranking factor. It is now about to be a game changer. In 2018 there is a push from all the major players, including Google tomake the internet secure. Sites with SSL are considered secure and are already ranking higher. Sites without SSL are considered untrusted and will lose their rankings. Search Engine rankings are not the only way SSL will affect your online visibility. From July 2018 Google will start displaying an alarming warning message…