• So … Sometimes Fireflies Eat Other Fireflies | Deep Look
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    So … Sometimes Fireflies Eat Other Fireflies | Deep Look

    If you think there’s something romantic about fireflies glowing on a warm summer night… You’d be right. But what you don’t see, is the dark side of this luminous display. Firefly flashes are a secret code, a language of light. The light comes from a masterful bit of chemistry. A bioluminescent reaction that generates light but no heat. So what are they saying? Well, males on the wing are advertising themselves to females with a bit of sexy skywriting. Take the common Eastern firefly. His signature move? A fishhook-shaped maneuver. Which is why his species is sometimes called the “Big Dipper.” Her reply is more subtle: a single, slow pulse…

  • BLOODWORMS – Will They BITE?!
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    BLOODWORMS – Will They BITE?!

    – [Coyote] Wow, there it is! What? – [Camera Man] I totally got that. – [Coyote] Isn’t that crazy looking? – [Camera Man] That’s so gnarly. – [Coyote] Woo, it did not bite me, but boy did it make me jump. – [Interviewer] Does the worm feel any different when it does that? – [Coyote] Yeah, I can feel it’s body, like tense up. Wow there it is! – [Camera Man] Ew. – [Interviewer] What’s it doing? – [Coyote] It’s puking all over me. Agh, agh gross. – [Camera Man] Uhg it stinks. – [Coyote] Uh, yeah it does oh man, gross! (tense music) In most areas around the world,…

  • World’s Largest Gummy Worm [ORIGINAL VIDEO]
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    World’s Largest Gummy Worm [ORIGINAL VIDEO]

    [MUSIC PLAYING] I see you eyeballing my trophy, son. You want to know the secret? You’ve got to have the right bait. [BELL DING] Sorry, son. I think I got the last one right here. What the H? What’s the best way to make a great thing awesome? Make it 128 times more massive. Introducing the world’s largest gummy worm. A 2 and 1/2 foot long, three pound feast of gummy candy. Hey guys, it’s as long as my entire leg. This 4,000 calorie snack has all the same details of a regular sized gummy worm like dual flavors in several different tasty combinations, such as cherry and blue raspberry.…