• Wix vs WordPress vs Squarespace  Which One is The Best For SEO
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    Wix vs WordPress vs Squarespace Which One is The Best For SEO

    – Wix, WordPress, Squarespace. There are so many platforms out there. How do you know which one’s the best for SEO? Which one should you use? WordPress is free, Wix cost money Squarespace is also out there. There’s just so many options, how do you know which ones to choose from? They’re all really popular. Hi everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to talk about Wix versus WordPress versus Squarespace. Which one is the best for SEO? (light melodic music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. If you’re on YouTube click the alert notification. Before we dive into each of the platforms, let’s…

  • The Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2019 (It’s Not Yoast)
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    The Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2019 (It’s Not Yoast)

    There are over 49 pages of WordPress SEO plugins. That’s nearly a thousand SEO plugins to choose from. But you don’t need that many to make your website “SEO friendly.” So today, I’m going to show you how to build the perfect SEO setup on WordPress with just six free WordPress plugins. Stay tuned. [music] What’s up SEOs? Sam Oh here with Ahrefs, the SEO tool that helps you grow your search traffic, research your competitors and dominate your niche. Now, as I’m sure you know, there are numerous categories in SEO like on-page, technical and off-page SEO. And WordPress plugins can help a ton to master on-page SEO tasks…

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    The Ultimate WordPress Marketing Setup: 7 Advanced Plugins to Catapult Traffic and Sales

    – There are a lot of plugins out there, and as a marketer, you know that there’s so many to choose from. Some do the same things, some may not work with other plugins. Which ones should you use to make sure that you’re getting more traffic and more sales? Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to go over the Ultimate WordPress Marketing Setup: Seven Advanced Plugins to Catapult Your Traffic and Sales. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way, when I release more videos, you’ll get notified. And if you’re on YouTube, click the alert notification. The first…

  • Yoast SEO Green “Bullet”: The Myths & Why You Can Ignore It [CC]
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    Yoast SEO Green “Bullet”: The Myths & Why You Can Ignore It [CC]

    – What’s up, everyone? I am Ahmed Khalifa, and today I am going to be talking about the famous green bullet, or traffic light system, that you all see on Yoast, and we’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. You know the section at the bottom on WordPress when you start typing in your content, and at the bottom it tells you whether you have got that red light, the orange light, or the green light, and you work so hard to get that content right so you can get that famous green bullet. And then you celebrate, but the thing is I’m here to tell you that it’s not…

  • Fragment: Internal linking tool
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    Fragment: Internal linking tool

    In this video I’m going to tell you about our internal linking tool in Yoast SEO Premium. First of all let’s start with what the internal linking tool exactly is. Well, it’s a tool that gives you suggestions from related articles to the one you’re writing. You can use these suggestions to easily add meaningful links to your text. Please note though that this is a premium feature of our plugin.

  • Yoast SEO around the world!
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    Yoast SEO around the world!

    Hi everyone. Of course we can tell you why Yoast is so very awesome but we’d rather have you hear it from people all over the world. So we ask people, what do you like about Yoast? Hi, my name is Matt Mullenweg and I love how much Yoast contributes to the WordPress community. So thank you everyone at Yoast. My name is Miriam and I love Yoast because they think of everything including schema. Yes, I’m a geek! I love Yoast because you don’t have to be an SEO expert to be found on Google And Taco! Hi, I’m Jeremy. I love Yoast because of the people, their contribution…

  • Yoast Premium SEO analysis
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    Yoast Premium SEO analysis

    Google reads and understand texts. It understands context. Imagine you want your text to rank for the term ‘Dancing shoes’. But you don’t want to repeat yourself too much. So, you’d also want use a singular form like ‘dancing shoe’. Or mix things up a little and say “shoes for dancing”. You might even want to enrich your text with a synonym of dancing shoes: perhaps ‘ballet shoes’ . Your text may also cover some related concepts, such as ballet school, or dancing class, or a tutu. Google recognizes word forms such as singulars, plurals, comparatives, or past-tense variants of the same word. This functionality is now also available in…

  • Yoast SEO in WordPress (classic editor) – Yoast SEO for WordPress training
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    Yoast SEO in WordPress (classic editor) – Yoast SEO for WordPress training

    In this module, we’re going to dive deeper into the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin. And in this video we’re going to see all the locations where you can find elements of the Yoast SEO plugin. And the first one we’re going to look at is the WordPress dashboard. So if you’re on the WordPress dashboard you can see the Yoast SEO posts overview meta box at the bottom and there are three elements to it. First of all, you have the published posts SEO scores, which is subdivided into three separate categories. And these categories are called “needs improvement”, “good” and “OK”. And this is very convenient because it…