• Let's Make Stuff

    So true. I have just started a new channel I have 4K on my main channel and include a link to my new craft channel cross promote the 2 I have managed to get 350 subs on my new channel in 4 weeks which is pretty good. Looks like I will have to watch a few more of your videos to keep the ball rolling.

  • AndyInput - FPS Strategy and Tactics

    Sounds good Tim. With this in mind, I may put more time into changing the structure of my videos to influence the viewer into sticking around to the end.

  • Jonathan Guzman

    Great information from @Tim Schmoyer on YouTube #SEO, it is very similar to average time on pages and social signals on traditional online content.

  • muwen360

    Great advice Tim! Building a subscriber base and also making engaging videos that people will want to watch will definitely boost your watch time, therefore making your videos ran higher in search results.

  • GoJo Geoff

    Thanks Tim. Yes, keeping the audience watching is so important. Not always easy to do! I think content is king and will attract those subs you talk about, and keep them coming back for more.  

  • Digital Tour Bus

    We definitely have experienced the positives of having a good first week with being ranked high in search results and whatnot. One of our newer videos was so well received that YouTube still ranks it very high when searching for the artist's name that we pair up with for the feature.

    Definitely agree with you a lot on this subject. It definitely helps to have an established audience to help you push a video during it's first could days of being posted.

  • Chad Wild Clay

    I too have noticed some really good placement during the first week, but it definitely does a lot of juggling. It might be #3, then an hour later on page 25, then later back to #3. 

    I still would like to see YouTube place even more weight on Watch Time. Search results still seam too heavily influenced my number of views. I'd like to see the Viewer Engagement to Total Views ratio more of a factor as well.

  • Rediche

    Quite funny. I was watching the beginning of the video and just thought "Watch time, Watch time, Watch time" and of course, it's the watch time.

    I am kind of sad however about the Hummingbird update, because it has forced more people to use long tail keywords which gives me more competetion to rank for those, while having a good Watch time.

  • Gamebrewtv Strahz

    So glad I found this channel!  Thanks for all the pro tips.  Just started my own channel recently and all of this is great advice!  Keep it comin!

  • Steve C

    Thanks Tim. You just solved a huge mystery for me. I do the SEO for my wife's channel and lately her videos have been having falling off in search rankings after the first week. It's been frustrating to say the least. And now I know why. Keep up the great work.

  • Wild Goose Chase Productions

    Question for ya Tim: Is it even worth it to monetize videos anymore? Even videos where I don't use any music or use YT audio library don't go through (even when I provide proof of commercial rights)…

  • JackBmxc

    Seperate the serious parts of your videos by adding a funny moment or blooper between them. You can also use quick and short edits (half second) to throw them off and have to rewind (to see what hsppened), giving you extra watch time.

  • Feelios_One

    I make videos that I would watch, even though I don't have many subscribers it's just fun for me to upload what I want. Plus the good feedback I get from posting my video link on other websites or apps really helps too.

  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

    Thanks for the great tips, Tim.  Learning so much from you to improve my channel.  I always comment back when someone comments on my channel and try to ask a question of the viewer to increase engagement.  Also join G+ communities and build relationships with people there. 

  • Brad Fish

    Great video! I would agree with the importance of subscriber base. Annotation or pattern interrupts will keep people watching and interested. You have to be carful and not over due them as well. Can have a negative outcome if to much.

  • pharaway05

    My channel is primarily let's play videos of me playing a session of gaming.  Would it be better to have smaller playtimes of say 5-15 minutes or larger times of 20-30?  Is it a percentage of watch time versus the total video time or number of minutes watched?

  • Carissa Lee

    Thank you for the valuable advice. I have a channel that I am wanting to launch soon & I'm very excited to get started on it.

  • TheBearzy

    Great video, your videos are helping me out a lot and my ideas. I so far have a few subs and about 20 views. Thanks so much for all the info in your videos, I'll be sure to use them and grow my channel and subscriber base 🙂

  • Guess This Price!

    Tim, nearly all of my uploaded "on demand" videos on one of my other channels are less than 5 minutes in duration and have an audience retention (Average percentage viewed) upwards of 50%. I also stream Live Events on that same channel quite often and of course YouTube records and archives these as well. The average duration of each of these videos is 1hr-1hr30min (or longer), and the Average percentage viewed of these videos is less than 10%, bringing the total audience retention for the channel down to around 18%. Do you think these longer videos that previously were streamed as Live Events are hurting my channel?

  • Just JamesyJames

    Hey Guys so im just starting out with my YouTube channel im still a noob and getting the hang of it with editing and using the tools ect.

    I mainly want to do reviews on mods and play mini games on MineCraft but i also want to do vlogs aswell!

    please go check my channel out and like and maybe subscibe:P

    if you watch any of my videos you will see that im rather useless and a complete noob but please help me out with growing!

  • Paola Alvino

    Hi Tim – what if I post a video as unlisted, then make it public a week later – does Youtube start analyzing from when I first upload or only from when I make the video public? I'm new to this! Your videos are a godsend 🙂

  • Monkey Blue

    I really love your videos Tim 🙂
    Is only the accumulated watchtime important or also the percentage, so if viewers watch the videos till the end or only the half of the video?

  • subscribers82

    I found the youtube keyword tool at least! it uncovers untapped niches on youtube, shows search volume and ranking difficulty…

  • Video SEO Service - WERANKVIDS.COM

    Thanks for the great content Tim. Always enjoy the quality tips and techniques you put out on your channel!

  • Express Banners

    Hi Tim, I have watched a few of your videos now and picked up some great advice, just wanted to say thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  • 2Legit Gaming

    Had to subscribe, 5 minutes of watch time and I'm already learning so much, Looking forward to viewing more of your content, Thanks!!!

  • WingArt

    Hello Beautiful people! Ive just started a Awsome gaming channel. please check it out, i bet u will like it! im kinda crazy but i think its funny to watch. it would mean alot to me! Thx guys and btw, Great video. i learned alot from u!

  • The Health Nerd

    Thanks for all the tips. Your opt in didn't work the first time btw. You might want to use a different service? I've had good results with click funnels if you're in the market.

  • The Bootstrap Boutique

    I haven't put any strategies into place yet, I've just been focused on putting out content. Settling into a rhythm with that now so it's time to GROW! Thanks Tim!

  • Ashley Blood-Halvorsen

    Brilliant content Tim. I'm currently building a YouTube channel (not this account) and your content has proven to be priceless. I click on those ads as a thank you 😛

  • You Can Do it

    Hi,Tim,I'm new on YouTube.can you please check my channel and give me some suggestions of what thing in my video I have to improve and help me grow

  • E&R Solutions

    Thank you very much for this tip!

    I have a question:

    How strong ist the influence of a good
    YouTube video for a Website if
    it is embedded on this Website?

    Best regards!

  • Jonny

    Hey Tim, you said that new videos have some kind of 'grace period' for about a week where its promoted higher than normal, but my question is if i upload my video set as private when does the 'grace period' begin??? does it start straight after uploading or as soon as i set the video to public???

  • Kunes Country TV

    Hi Tim, thanks for all the great vids. Is watch time judged by the total time watched, or the percentage of time watched in relation to video length? For example, if I have a bunch of 5 minute videos, and on average people watch 3 minutes of them, is that still a good number because they watched 3 minutes? Or is it a bad number because they're not watching all 5 minutes?

  • Aimless & Abroad

    Love all of your videos! Thanks for helping me get in the right mind set for improving my channel! I will be sure to recommend your channel to others!

  • Starr Phann

    Hi, How do I keep a hacker from suppressing my video views and subscribers. I have a stalker who is a prosecutor that wants to ruin everything I do. They especially don't want any of my YouTube videos to go viral. This guy, Aaron Morrill and his wife, creator of Fizzy Lizzy sodas, don't want anyone to see videos of their employees stalking and harassing me. when you view my videos, the number of views are slow to increase even when you have a group of people like…200 people watch my videos around the same time. The numbers are very slow to increase. my hacker erased some of my videos before then put them back after I wrote "they're hacking me right now" in one of my video descriptions. Any suggestions?

  • Frog - Tech - Tips

    Watch time is most important I can see that on two of my video as watch time go up every day and view for that go up daily about 200 with for channel like me mean so much

  • Bristol Aerial Productions

    Thank you so much for your videos. I watch them all the time. I'm spending a lot of time to get the SEO up (VidIq). Help!!! Thanks for your videos!

  • iFoodieTV

    The average time of my video is 16 seconds. It is more like a commercial for my app. Should I focus on more functionality of the app or just make bla blah commercials for the app?

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