The 7x Types Of Keywords To Increase Search Traffic
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The 7x Types Of Keywords To Increase Search Traffic

There are 7x types of keywords that you can
use to grow your search traffic strategically and each one of them comes with their own
pro’s and cons. But it’s important that you pick the right
types of keywords to focus on or you are going to loose a bunch of time and money, so I am
going to tell you how to choose the right keywords for your business in a moment but
first let’s take a look at the 7x types of keywords you can target. “Generic keywords” are general terms like
“shoes” that aren’t really specific. These types of keywords typically have the
highest search volumes but also have the lowest intent because you don’t really know what
people are looking for – are they looking for running shoes or formal shoes? Generic
keywords are typically very hard to rank for and offer the lowest conversion rates so should
be the last type of keyword you attack. Next we have “broad keywords” where the
searcher is getting a bit more specific, instead of searching for just “shoes” they are
now searching for “running shoes”, “basketball shoes” or “dress shoes” BUT we still
lack intent – are they wanting to learn about these types of shoes or buy them? That brings us to “exact keywords” that
give us clear signals of topic and intent. Things like “best running shoes” or “basket
ball shoe reviews” leave no room for interpretation and the searcher usually has a clear idea
of the product, service or content they’re after. BUT we can get even more specific with “long
tail keywords” which make up around 70% of all searches. They typically have less
search traffic but the highest levels of intent for example “which are the best running
shoes for marathons” or “which basketball shoes will help me jump higher”. Long Tail
keywords are one of my favourite types of keywords to target because they typically
have the least competition but bring the highest converting traffic. ESPECIALLY if they fall into the “buyer
keywords” type where people are primed and ready to hand over their money and buy a product.
These keywords include terms like “buy running shoes” or “basketball shoe deals” or
“nike basketball shoes coupon” or “marathon shoes discount”. These are typically the
last searches someone will make before handing over their money and often include brand terms
so pay close attention to them! And that brings us to “tyre kicker” keywords.
These are the exact opposite of buyer keywords and are made up of people that are just looking
to get something for free with searches like “learn how to play guitar for free” or
“how to start a free blog” or “book torrents” . Tyre kicker keywords often have
high search volumes but they usually deliver the lowest quality of traffic, now that doesn’t
mean you should ignore them completely but you need to have an intelligent reason to
target them – for example my free SEO tools has seen over 100,000 visitors and delivered
thousands of new subscribers but these people may grow to a point where they buy something
in the future as they move through my email sequence. So you are probably wondering:
Which types of keywords should I be targeting? Well honestly there is no single best type
keyword for you to target because each business or even piece of content, will have its own
purpose. And with each purpose a different type keyword
should be used, but in general you should be focusing on long tail keywords that fall
into the informational or transactional categories that we talked about in the last video. These tends to hit the sweet spot between
traffic, competition and intent which will help you to grow your business efficiently
or you could just use my free spreadsheet to look at precisely which types of keywords
your competitors targeted to grow their businesses. But for 99% of people watching this video,
you should always target keywords based on their intent rather than their search volume.
This is the quickest way to grow most businesses UNLESS the vast majority of your income is
generated from banner advertising like BuzzFeed – in that case search volume is the most important
metric because your purely looking to serve as many banner ads to as many people as possible. But for the most part it’s always better
to attract 10 people that buy from you than 10,000 people that leave your site immediately. Stay focused on long tail keywords with high
levels of intent that fall into the informational or transactional categories. If you are struggling
with that you can just steal all of your competitors best keywords by using my free spreadsheet
but please make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel first because I’ve got some awesome
keyword research tips to share that you won’t find anywhere else!


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